Thursday, February 19, 2009

You better read this, FAM!

Let's share something about the pride of the nation - football. Reading news about our standard of soccer really thrills me in the sense that amid all the initiatives and incentives, they plunged into the ravine!

Funny, uh! Sitting at the 161 world position should make those in-charge of our soccer development grinning sourly or satisfied. Be proud of your efforts, pals!
Gone are the days of 70s and 80s where Malaysian football was at its best. Not much money then but the players were truly dedicated. Despite poor facilities, they became the real Malaysian Tigers!

I remember the days when it wasnt easy to get a ticket to watch football at Stadium Merdeka. It was always packed. Tickets were oftenly sold-out. You could even hear the roaring crowd from a few kilometers away.

We were a few levels above Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others. We used to be No.1 in Asia. Each time when Malaysia took to the field, they sent shivers down their opponent's spine.

However, we are 5th at Asean ground today. Another achivement, I suppose. He he he... and please take a look at the stadiums around the country during a soccer match nowadays! So pathetic!

I remember talking to an old pal, Rashid Yusof in Bangsar Coffee Bean last week. I asked him to tell his boss that the training system and players selection should be changed.

How? This is just my idea. Choose players of 16 years of age and above, average height should be at least 1.75 metres and with a lot of interest in soccer. Most of all, each and every one of them must be able to play with BOTH LEGS.

Make them to kick the ball from the spot. Right foot first, then the left. See how they can benefit from equal skill of their legs. If they can kick, stop or pass the ball with only one leg, get rid of them. Eventually, we will get a team with 'dua-dua kaki hidup'.

Why not give it a try, FAM? Either you try or you cry...


JomoSamaTuaran said...

Kalau kita bawa Sir Alex Freguson pun jadi coach Malaysia... tatap tiada hasil juga, buang duit saja bawa jurulatih `world' ke sini kalau pemain tempatan kita semua `lebih sudu dari kuah'... gaya saja lebih.. main macam pemain estate....!!

Yang perlu kita naikkan taraf adalah pemain-pemain baru kita, yang ada dalam national team sekarang ni...raject semua, suruh mereka main dalam liga tempatan sahaja...kita majukan anak-anak kecil dari semua pelusuk tanah air...bukan dari sekitar Selangor atau Kuala Lumpur sahaja...!! Lebih baik kalau pemain tersebut bukan dari bandar besar.. cari yang dari pelusuk kampung, yang punya keinginan untuk keluar dari kepompong kehidupan kampung.. ingin memajukan diri dan keluarga.. kerana semangat beginilah, kita dapat melahirkan wira-wira seperti mokhtar dahari, james wong, hassan sani, Zainal abidin, dollah salleh dan ramai lagi pemain-pemain dari kampung, yang mencipta nama sebagai pemain negara yang punya kelas tersendiri.

Lupakan pemain-pemain dari sekitar bandar-bandar besar itu... kerana mereka bukan main untuk negara, tetapi untuk wang semata-mata..!! Lupakan mereka...FAM perlu pergi ke penjuru-penjuru kampung, tengok pada setiap petang....mana-mana ada kawasan lapang...budak2 bermain dengan gigihnya...tiada kasut adidas, nike atau reebok...hanyalah berkaki ayam. Tetapi... perhatikan skill mereka, keinginan mereka untuk pasukan mereka yang sering bertukar pada setiap sessi permainan... DISANALAH KITA AKAN MENDAPAT PERMATA BOLA YANG NEGARA INI PERLUKAN.

Fazrulls said...

Salam Tuan,

Saya amat setuju cadangan tuan dan jomosamatuaran tu... amat benar, saya sebagai peminat bola sepak tempatan satu ketika dulu.. di masa zaman kegemilangan skuad pulau pinang.. hampa dengan prestasi skuad bola kita sekarang...

saya dah meluat tengok bola sepak tempatan.. taip2 hujung minggu saya akan lepak di kedai mamak untuk menonton EPL sampai ke pagi.. jika ada games..

Nak tengok liga Malaysia?>>> dah tak ingat nama permainnya dan siapa jurulatihnya..dari mana asal mereka...

Marah benar.. tapi apa boleh buat.. jika bola pun dipolitkkan macam terjadi di Perak.. payah lah macam ni... bila nak maju?? semua ikut kroni2 ja kan..


donplaypuks® said...

Get rid of all the HRH's (and most of the Dato's as well, I think)from our Sports Associations. We will see a massive positive change in results.

Note how one HRH, having screwed our FIFA soccer rankings to its worst ever in our history (No.182), has now taken over the Hockey Association, recommended by no less than the Perak HRH.

No doubt he will achieve similar (un)brilliant results in Hockey too and then move on to Badminton, Bowling or Squash to really screw everything up. Daulat Tuanku!!

LazerJuan said...

Dua-dua kaki hidup...but in the modern game, need the footballing brains too...but the local scene is blessed with `small brain but besar kepala' type.

Just look at the way these so called `stars' strut after scoring...people like Torres pun has much more humility than the local `stars'!

Anonymous said...

masalahnya ialah, mereka yang duduk dalam FAM pun kaki bangku. macam mana nak ajar orang lain main bola!

sotong said...

most important aspect of an association is how we manage it, the players and the officials.

in europe, they dont make kings or politicians as team manager or president of any soccer club.

when you have so many protocols to follow, u will find it difficult to do your job. even players are bound to this ridicules.

anti-FAM said...




bola lisut said...


kita kena rombak semula cara kita mentadbir FAM dan melatih pemain.

cadangan bro tu memang elok dikaji dan dicuba. saya rasa kalau kedua-dua kaki pemain tu hidup, saya rasa pasukan bola kita akan jadi lebih mantap.

bagus cadangan tu

justicenequality said...

Royalty & Politicians who craved for positions in FAM only for the perks that come with it.

They have no ideas[good ones] on how to IMPROVE the standard of Soccer. In this age & time there are a whole lots of materials[videos, courses, books,etc]. Also there are foreign coaches who are available for a right price. Spoilt for choice with EPL,Spanish, Italian leagues, etc easily available compare to the 60's & 70's.

So how come Msia can be beaten by S'pore again and again?? S'pore have ONLY about 3.5Million S'poreans to choose from. Also Chinese S'poreans are reluctant to take up soccer as a "cari makan".