Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pakistan slams US over missile attack

"We believe (Barack) Obama's administration will be worse than that of George Bush," said Nuzzerat Javed, a senior journalist with the Pakistan Times in an e-mail to me early this morning, hours after US-unmanned aircract launched missile attack which killed about 30 in south Waziristan.

Javed, who was one of my classmates for the South Korean Press Institute fellowship in 1996, said another 45 were injured while some houses were demolished.

"If this is how Obama' administration deals with terrorists, they are just like the Israel. If they can easily attack peaceful territory in Pakistan without discussing it with us, he can do that anywhere on earth.
"This is not the right way. This is Pakistan territory. Our government is doing all the necessary to thwart insurgency on our own soil. When the US did this, it dampens such efforts."

Pakistan spokesman Rehman Malik said the Pakistani Government was doing everything possible to suppress militant activity around the border with Afghanistan and such US attacks violate Pakistani sovereignty.

"All the upper houses and the lower houses, they have unanimously given the advice 'please stop these drones. They are hitting our sovereignty and our government is doing everything possible to stop it.

"I hope that America listens to the advice of the people of Pakistan and I believe America is a big champion of democracy.

"However, if they are after the Taliban, they should cooperate with Pakistan. Launching pre-emptive attacks can strain our relationship,'" he said.


JESUS LIM said...

bujai, who says obama will be better than bush?

he has yet to take s stand on the palestine-israel issue. he just said that the dialogue must continue without outlaying his peace plan.

of course obama will be on israel side as to keep the US as its ally forever.

nothing will change in his external policy. many believe obama will not see the middle east conflict as the most to be solved.

what concerns him now is to revive the american economy, whatever it may take.

what happens offshore seems to be none of his business!

Anonymous said...

i think obama was not briefed on the attack as it was launched from a nearby country.

pakistan, too, was harboring terrorists.

SUDU LAMA said...


it is time for islamic countries like pakistan to review its relationship with the US. being bullied all the time will not bring any good to the diplomatic relations of these countries with the US.

obama will continue with US' harsh foreign policy and will still adopt to its pre-emptive strike anywhere it wants.

the whole world have seen how the Israelis wanted to kill all palestinians. what did the US do? what did the european countries do? they were very supportive of israel.

this is a war against islam and the muslims, nothing else.

why? they are afraid of the muslims' capability to develop their own war supremacy, just like iran who is being accused of wanting to be a nuclear superpower where in fact it was only developing it for power.

Anonymous said...

bang, aku tak suka orang pakistan ni. datang malaysia asyik jual karpet je!

KOLOT, melaka said...



Leman, KL said...

ini membuktikan betapa dasar luar amerika tidak akan berubah. ia merasa berhak menyerang sesiapa saja dan di mana jua untuk memelihara kepentingannya sendiri. apa yang jadi pada pakistan atau afghanistan, bukanlah keutamaannya. yang penting ialah mengukuhkan penguasaannya di seluruh dunia. beginilah angkuhnya yahudi amerika dan yahudi di mana jua.

adik, UM said...

bang, nuzzerat tu lelaki ke pompuan? sedap nama tu.

apa pun, amerika memang suka buli orang lain. tak kira la siapa jadi presiden, dasar luarnya akan tetap sama.

yang paling dijaganya sudah tentulah israel!

Anonymous said...

obama has the potential to be the worst US president if he hires wrong advisers, bro.

similarly, our local leaders also should look into this. having wrong officers will lead to their downfall. i have seen too many of such cases.

obama can also be a better person if he recognises the rights of the palestinians and the afghans and the iraqis.

anis, KL said...


so, you are jailani harun. remember me? we met in kyongju's cilla hotel in november 1996? i was a student there.

i will e-mail you something. really want to meet up with you again.


profos, bangi said...

tidak ada sebab untuk kita terlalu mempercayai barack obama. masih terlalu awal untuk mengukur sejauh mana keikhlasan kata-katanya untuk memperbaiki hubungan luarnya yang selama ini musnah di tangan bush.

bagi malaysia, kita cuma dapat berharap agar amerika di bawah obama tidak akan terlalu bergantung kepada pendekatan 'pre-emptive strike' yang setakat ini sudah memusnahkan iraq dan mengorbankan saddam hussein secara sia-sia.

obama perlu banyak belajar daripada sejarah amerika sendiri. jika beliau terburu-buru dalam apa saja tindakan, beliau tidak ada bezanya dengan bush

USHA said...



why must we care too much about the strike in pakistan? they were involved in mumbai bombings as well.

americans are terrorists, and so are the pakistanis!

budak lubok chino said...

apo la nak dibisingkan pasal bom ni. negaro kito ni pun dah macam nak melotop dah ni. segoban karpal makin bosa tapi orang melayu masih tak soda-soda.

agak eh pado pilihangayo akan datang, kito akan lantik PM bukan melayu yang pertamo, samo macam obama di amerika.

elok yo...

SUIIIIT88 said...

obama ni boleh jadi sama taraf dengan osama, bang.

tengok je la. mula2 dah serang sempadan pakistan tanpa dapat kelulusan. suka ati dia je.

bila pulak kita nak serang amerika, bang?

Anonymous said...


Have you heard the latest about Hishamuddin Aun, the Group Chief Editor of NSTP? Apparently, he has asked Jamaluddin Jarjis to talk to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to retain him as GEIC.

It is disgusting as to how low he can stoop.

Last week, Berita Minggu carried an interview with JJ and this week it was the Sunday Times, all by Hishamuddin's instructions.

I almost puked reading his column on Najib today. He is carrying balls lah.

Last week he even kissed Rosmah's a*se. And this is the same guy who has been going around saying that Rosmah is the actual Prime Minister-in-waiting. He has even said that Najib is being queen-controlled by Rosmah.

And guess what Hishamuddin has even dyed his hair black...

p.s. Kenapa takut sangat Hisham? Kan kau dah banyak bagi bisnes pada isteri kau, owner of Casa Impian. You are part owner of the company. Takkan sampai nak jilat ju**r Rosmah, Najib dan JJ. Malulah sikit...

Hang Lekir