Saturday, January 17, 2009

You are a born loser, Farid!

As the PAS supporters took to the streets of Kuala Terengganu with their victory parade, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was making preparation for his trip to Qatar.

I have to congratulate PAS for their victory. Their did one hell of a good job. The party workers were all over the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary constituency.

What differed them from BN (especially Umno party workers) was that, they manned their posts round the clock.

As for the BN, their booths were left unattended after 10 or 11pm. Last nite, on the eve of polling, some BN leaders and party workers were flocked together at the State Stadium over a 'Pentarama' program, which was closed to the Press.

We could hear singings and 'dancing-like things' from outside the stadium when the opposition workers were still busy wooing supporters. What were they doing inside the stadium that it had to shoo away journalists? Karaoke? Or 'Joget Lambak'?

In the end, the result was damaging, not only to Wan Farid who 'lost everything' but mostly to Umno president-elect Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. As for Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said, it was 1-down for him.

Again, congrats Wahid Endut for that thumping victory. To me, the win got nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim or Pakatan Rakyat. PAS has its own strength.

PAS - 32,883
BN - 30,252
Bebas - 193
Majority - 2,636
Spoilt - 665

Farid, do you wanna know why you lost? Read my next posting in the morning. I just wanna have a cup of tea and a roti canai for the embarrasment...


NOBISHA said...


1. Well said. I agree with your observation.

2. Well done. I watched Blog@TV1. Congrats.

3. Nice meeting you and Hambali in KT. Kalau free, kita teh tarik di KL.

Macam2 boleh bahas mengenai kekalahan BN di KT.

Anonymous said...

The real reason is that Pak Lah is the loser. I really really hope he can pick up the message sent by his own people... but then ... pak lah is known to be stupid f**k!!

Anonymous said...

Apa pasai Farid kalah ? Sebab sombong ka Pak Jai ?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pentarama. NO reporters.
Must be one hell of a joget or dangdut session.

This is typical symptopm of UMNO. Syok and enjoy first before work. There is no idealism. Shower me money before i work. No honour or sense of duty.

Is it any wonder that Malaysia has all these problems.

kutu berahak said...


padan muka diorang! angkuh sangat!

Anonymous said...

betul ke malam sebelum mengundi, depa ada konsert di stadium negeri?

hebat betol orang umno ni. depa ingat dah menang kot

bujai said...


thanx a lot.

teh tarik, no prob!

bujai said...

sila baca posting terbaru saya mengenai punca kekalahan ni.

t kasih

Anonymous said...


the umno propaganda team was part to be blamed as their didnt perfom well.

i was told few million ringgit was allocated for that job but the people in-charge of the funds didnt give it away

Anonymous said...


saya orang KT. saya kenal famili dia.

ayah dia bekas DO yang sombong,
mak dia bekas guru yang juga belagak. farid sendiri pun jenis hidung tinggi.

dia patut sedor yang orng KT tak terima dia

zamri said...

I disagree with the Anwar factor here. He is said to have recieved news that Umno was catching up and this is why he spent 3 consecutive days in Tgnu with a punishing campaign and Ceremah day and night. By the time he washed his hands on Friday evening, the tide was for Pas. Pas people acknowledged this. Check at:

fecto said...

win or lose - that's just the way it goes for any competition.what more for an election.BN have to face the music that they lose this time..again.but that doesnt mean that BN had already lose all their supports since there are thousand voter who are still loyal to them.they have to see it at a bright side.

on PAS side,they have to proof that they can manage KT well after least until the next general election.

pancaroba said...

this has been a really good experience for Wan Ahmad Farid.yeah who knows that he might make it in the future.there's almost nothing certain in politics as we all knows it.just accept the defeat as just another phase in life.for sure there's must be someone who have to be this case Wan Ahmad Farid had to accept the fact that he's the defeated one.but i hope that's not for long.

there's still hope as long as the light is still on.

hafiz said...

Hi uncle.
we can salute to Pas & all of pakatanian for this victory!
Surely these 'trends' will continously to sarawak! hope so!

Tak dapat dinafi lagi, umno semakin meereput dalam jiwa rakyat malaysia apatah lagi orang muda mcm saya ni! haha