Sunday, January 18, 2009

They wanted you to lose, Farid!

I was trying my best to support Wan Farid. However, he lost, BN lost, Paklah lost, Najib lost, Ahmad Said too...

A simple conclusion - they wanted you to lose!

On the eve of polling, the Terengganu State Stadium were closed to members of the media. Why? Najib, Hishamuddin, KJ and a handul of Umno senior leaders were enjoying their Pentarama concert.

Among the artistes were Saleem, Amir Spring and Anis Suraya. The pre-defeat celebration also saw hundreds of Puteri and Putera Umno members enjoying a fiesta of songs and dance with about 3,000 others. The organiser was the Information Dept.

What a gala! No wonder the Press were denied entry because they were treated of 'NO CLASS'. Even the Press Centre situated at Jalan Pejabat (facing Wisma Darul Aman) didnt get much visit from BN leaders. Farid came once, and so did Ahmad Said.

Outside the stadium, PAS party workers were still roaming the city with their flags and banners, wooing supporters. Not many BN workers were on sight as most of them were at the stadium or hotel lobbies with their clingy attitude.

Gosh! I am an Umno member, too. I went to Kuala Terengganu on January 5th at the invitation to help manage the State Govt's election buletin, GANUkita. My partner was Razali Yahaya, former editor of Harian Metro/Ahad, a polific political writer and analyst.

Our duty was to write some good and positive things about the state's economic development. One of my articles was about the unity among the Malays of Kuala Terengganu, whom irrespective of their political ideology, remain very cooperative in many aspects of life.

Jan 6 was nomination day. About 10,000 BN members from all over the country were in the city. Putera, Puteri, Wanita and Youth. The very next day, half of them were gone. On the 3rd day of campaign, another half of the remaining half, left too.

Putera and Puteri members clad themselves at separate camps. They didnt move much, except on certain days when Najib and Paklah were here. They followed wherever Najib and Paklah went.

The lobbies of leading hotels where senior leaders put up, were flocked with Wanita, Pemuda, Puteri and Putera personnels. They came with big envelopes containing letters of application for certain jobs. As the ministers were there, they found it timely to get signatures for contracts on the pretext of 'ini untuk Wanita', 'ini untuk Puteri' and 'ini untuk Putera'.

At State Umno level, there was no sight of Datuk Rosol Wahid and the rest of his gang who teamed up to defend Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as the Mentri Besar after the 12th general elections last year.

Around town, they jamned up the streets and parking lots with their Mercedez Benz, BMWs, Jaguars, Alphards and other luxury cars. A clear signal that party officials are made of well-off and rich members.

You dont find these people carrying under their armpits posters or flyers to distribute. Neither can you find them at warungs or gerai to have tea with the grassroots.

On the opposition camp, university professors, doctors, lawyers and other professionals joined forces with party workers to walk some kilometers to hang up posters and distribute election pamphlets. They didnt mind the sweat. Will any BN or Umno lawyer work in similar condition?

Most of the party workers were youth aged between 16 and 25 who carried out their duties without proper logistic and facilities. However, they were happy managing their operation centres round the clock. On BN side, you couldnt see them after 11pm or after midnight.

Some BN workers were complaining about not being paid as promised. I heard the State Umno allocated about RM5 million for the by-election. Central BN and Umno headquarters must have allocated some too.

PAS strategy served them well. Their ceramah started immediately after Subuh prayer while Umno chose after Maghrib when it was cooler. Still, PAS ceramahs won the hearts of many.

As for BN, the attendance of sourgrapes like Ezam Mohd Nor and Roslan Kasim was seen as spoilts. Their disparaging and harsh statements about the opposition were backfired. Character assassination didnt impress the Malays of Kuala Terengganu, including some Umno members.

KJ did a good job as he spent plenty of time on his house-to-house visit with his team. However, too many Youth members and 'ball-carriers' accompanied him for their own motives and hidden personal agendas.

Wan Farid himself talked too much when he was already given a pre-empt advise not to take part in so many ceramah. He should leave it to others.

However, he was also too busy tailing Paklah, Najib, Hisham and other BN leaders. When almost everybody in BN and Umno camps were at the butts of their leaders, the battle field were left open to the onslaught of the opposition propaganda machinery.

That's what I meant. Dont you believe me? I wish to write some more but I am worn out!

However, let's have another Pentarama...


politikus, KT said...

sdr bujai,
saya rasa banyak duit ditabur untuk piliharnaya kecil ni tapi banyak pula duit yang disonglap oleh mereka yang dipertanggungjawab untuk mengagihkannya kepada pekerja parti.

ini menyebabkan umno tidak dapat mencetak walau sehelai pun kertas untuk menyangkal dakwaan dalam setiap ceramah pas.

pas pula amat cekap. tiap kali ada tuduhan dari pihak umno, malam tu jugak diorang cetak satu atau dua muka 'flyer' untuk diedarkan ke seluruh kawasan pilihanraya.

si pitak said...

they deserve to lose, bro.

pity you, after all the effort, including appearing on blog@1 RTM, they lost.


NOBISHA said...

Yeah, lets have another Pentarama! Why not, lets celebrate the defeat that everybody in UMNO is praying for!

Setujulah, kita boleh tolong sana-sini. Tapi kalau UMNO sendiri tak mahu menang, apa nak buat?


bujai said...

sdr nobisha,

kita sayangkan parti tapi ada pendokong parti yang tidak dapat menilainya... kecuali kalau kita ada duit...


tks bro

mut said...

Duit tak dapat mengatasi segala-galanya, tapi kalau dah nama pun UMNO, mereka pasti akan bagi solution berbentuk duit ni peluang kedua dan seterusnya.

Media diperkudakan sepenuhnya. PR tak diberi ruang langsung.

RO pun baruah UMNO. Sampai kena resign pasal ada report. Saya percaya penggantinya pun baruah yang sewaktu dengannya.

Siapa dah nak percaya SPR dengan keadaan sekarang ni? Ada puak UMNO mengatakan dah PAS menang, takder la dengar cerita pengundi hantu. Kalau begitu, apa penjelasan SPR terhadap nama yang begitu banyak salam satu alamat di KT?

Diam jer la beb, pastu melalak pulak dalam media arus perdana kata PR tak komplen pasal pengundi hantu pasal dah menang. Walhal benda ni dibangkitkan sebelum KT lagi. Apa penjelasan SPR dalam kes ini? Ingat, lepas Yong Teck Lee hilang kerusi di Sabah akibat pengundi hantu dan rasuah (kes didengar oleh YA Mohd Kamil Awang yang menceritakan Eusoff Chin cuba menekan beliau agar menggugurkan kes itu), BN pinda undang-undang pilihanraya dan menyebabkan senarai pengundi yang diwartakan oleh SPR tidak boleh dicabar dalam mahkamah (walaupun terbukti ada pengundi hantu!)

Adakah UMNO akan berubah? Jauh panggang dari api. Sindrom kontrek, con-sultan, duit-tak turun-aku-tak-kerja dah sinonim dengan UMNO dan akan berulang dalam pilihanraya seterusnya. Di kawasan saya di Penang, dah 2 kali GE 2004 dan 2008, saya lihat sendiri bendera UMNO/BN tidak dinaikkan kerana "duit tak turun." Ni dia perjuangan untuk masa depan Melayu. Walhal bendera PR dah naik selepas sahaja penamaan calon. Kita tengok senario yang sama. Sindrom perut ni dah lama menular dalam UMNO.

Rasanya apa yang Najib cakap bahawa KT bukan Permatang Pauh ada betulnya. Banyak penyokong PR macam saya pun terasa begitu. Lagipun tercatat rekod dimana turnout pengundi 99% (satu figure yang mind boggling!)satu masa dulu di KT (tahun 1999?) mencerminkan macam-macam boleh berlaku di sana.
Taburan duit berjuta-juta (sama seperti di Penang pada GE 08) tapi keputusan tetap berulang.


Biar kalah di dunia,jangan kalah lagi di akhirat.

A bad start,is a bad finish.

awi.prt8 said...

aku pong tak paham la,bila umno nak dengar apa yang rakyat nak..nak menang PRK ke PRU ke mesti menangi hati rakyat bukan buat rakyat meluat tengok balaci-balaci umno.

aku pong sayangkan umno..ikuti luahan aku dlm blog

Anonymous said...

Sdra Bujal,

your blood must be boiling eh! i sense you are terribly upset at the defeat, especially when u had a hand in some of the work there. sometimes dunia memang cam tu has to get worse before it gets better! take a slow ride to KL and stop for roti bakar at Hai Peng in Kemaman. Or satar and otak2 at kula kemaman. do it and your trip to KT would not have been in vain..salam!

pahit manis

Jam said...

Hahahaha, how difference is this post mortem compared to the previous by elections.

And Umno still got the the gut to say they still want to do a post mortem, when the obvious is damn obvious.

Well written Jai... wish i am a blogger instead a journalist with a newspaper that always try to twist ur story.

Hope Umno will at last insaf.

Regime Change must be a real change, bukan setakat cosmetic change... Itupun kalau kerajaan tak bertukar tangan la kan.

Anonymous said...

Ini adalah bahagian yang kami diluar terengganu tak tahu menahu.

Minta saudara Bujai terus mendedahkan perilaku pembesar2 Umno yang memakan duit dan harapan pejuang2 tanahair.

Mereka layak digelar pengkhianat bangsa.


I appreciate your sincere comment.Ini lah kerja-kerja orang-orang UMNO dari PRU12 lagi.They never learn, they never change.
Contoh yang terbaik apa yang UMNO mahu rakyat tidak mahu. UMNO mahu pemimpin(calun) yg korup manakala rakyat mahu pemimpin yg bersih.
Songlap duit pilihanraya bukan perkara baru, tunggu dan lihat selepas ini pemimpin UMNo mana yg bertukar kereta, renovate rumah atau melawat ke luar negara dengan duit pilihanraya.

alien said...

itu dalam tV semua tunjuk mende baik2.. yg buruk semua p kat pembangkang..

rakyat skang dah pandai pikir.. taktik lama dah xjalan..

bila menteri turun, baru nak tunjuk muka.. sampai bila2 melayu x maju..

Sra said...

Salam Sdr.,

I was shocked about this Pentarama. It was not told in any online news.

I believe your reporting but if you have a little evidence of this Pentarama. It would be very convincing as people like me from abroad.

Srazali Aripin

Raison D'etre said...


Nak buat camno. Dah makin ramai yang masuk Amno sebab nak project dan jadi kaya raya melana.

Tu yang dokkkk membontot "those that matters".

Yang tak masuk Amno pun ada yang cam tu: Lapaq ke duit. Saya tau pasai kawan2 reporter pun ada kaki membontot. harap sangat duit minyak.

Betul M. Nasir kata: "nanti bangsa jadi musnah!"


Anonymous said...

Doh nok wak guane !!!

nightcaller said...

Tentang duit pampasan tak turun ke peringkat akar umbi tu betul....

1. Oleh kerana penjanaan pengswastaan, sumer poster dan sepanduk telah di kontrakkan kepada syarikat. Akibatnya, budak2 muda yang menjadi tonggak UMNO selama ini telah kehilangan punca pencarian tambahan sepanjang tempoh kempen. Dah kalau tak dapat habuan/duit - buat apa lagi mereka bersenkang mata utk pemimpin yang lebih syok ambil komisyen pasanga bendera/poster/sepanduk....

2. Pada hari pengundian, kedaifan UMNO terserlah apabila di peti undi, pencetakan butiran pengundi di pondok2 panas ada yang tak jwelas kerana ribbon printer/printer rosak....tapi pemimpin masih boleh bersiar2 ngan kereta besar.

3. Pentarama yang diadakan pada malam sebelum mengundi merupakan titik permulaan kepada kekalahan BN kerana sebelum itu Najib berada di masjid Bukit Besar untuk menghadiri solat hajat....jadi jelaslah UMNO lebih memetingkan hiburan dan keseronokan dari berjuang untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

4. Oleh kerana pukulan pentarama, banyak dari pondok2 panas dikuasai oleh PAS dan perayu undi UMNO/BN nampak keletihan/lelesuan. Cam mana nak capture hati pengundi disaat2 akhir?

Banyak lagi faktor2 lain...

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...

rantong said...

Sekadar mengingatkan. Amalkan doa ini.

Dari Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286, bermaksud;

"Ya Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau hukum kami jika kami lupa atau kami melakukan kesalahan. Ya Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau bebani kami dengan beban yang berat sebagaimana Engkau bebankan kepada orang-orang sebelum kami. Ya Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau pikulkan kepada kami apa yang tidak sanggup kami memikulnya. Maafkanlah kami, ampunilah kami, dan rahmatilah kami. Engkaulah Pelindung kami, maka tolonglah kami menghadapi orang-orang kafir".

Anonymous said...

PAS won by 2000 undi. Going by your story (all negative), BN should have lost by 10 times more.

Kalah by 2000 undi kira not bad laa, considering BN tak buat apa2 pun untuk pastikan kemenangan, banyak masa habis mengekor pemimpin saja dari berkempen.

Is it a case of "Melayu Ganu mudah lupa, masih tak serik2"?




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Omong said...

BN has become an employment agency for jobs, posts and contracts.

It has lost the grassroots touch. The members are so distanced from the ordinary rakyat unlike PAS.

The physical wealth has blinded them to the original vision and mission of "Perjuangan".

Sad ... so its better for PAS to win.

The only problem is that when the Malays are so SPLIT up, the other races will race in to exploit the political situation.

Anonymous said...


Kenapa BN ni, bila kempen janji projek macam-macam. Aku rasa kena ubah wahai YAB + YB. Macam kita bekerja juga, ada kerja - ada gaji. Sebab tu bila dah jadi pemerintah, kena laksanakan apa yang sepatutnya rakyat boleh nikmati.Itu kena laksanakan. Rakyat marah sebab, bila dah jadi YB.. tengoklah, kereta bukan main lagi(syahpaleeh) dan senyum pun macam dipaksa. Apa benda ni. Aku ahli UMNO gak, orang semua dah pandai. Kalu UMNO nak guna cara lama, tak payah buat sekolah atau universiti. Jadinya rakyat jadi tak pandai, dan boleh lah janji itu, janji ini.

Pandangan aku lah bro, macam EZAM tu, buat masalah aje kat UMNO. Orang dah ada akai dan fikiran.

Harap jadikan teladan.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Bujai masih sayangkan parti ? Hmm. Dah tak ramai macam saudara Bujai ni. Bukan di KT saja tapi di tempat-tempat lain juga sayang bertempat iaitu ada isi maka sayanglah sekejap. Sedih tapi itulah realiti UMNO sejak 25 tahun lalu. PRU lalu tidak mengubah apa-apa walaupun UMNO terhakis kuasa.


joe jambol said...

they thought they have already won, hence the extra-excited pre-winning-celebration.

little did they know, there is GOD, the much (times infinity) powerful creator than their old rotting tricks.


OTAI (Otak Tenang Akal Inovatif) said...


sebenarnya beberapa kali pr lalu pas tetap dapat 32,000. mac dapat undi lebih dan peratus keluar mengundi yang tinggi mac lalu sebab tu bn menang.

baru2 ini peratus keluar mengundi rendah tapi pas tetap kekalkan rekod dia.maka pas menang

kalah wan farid kerana sifir inilah...bukan pentarama dan sangka buruk saudara terhadap pemimpin umno yg hadir pentarama tu.

lagi pun calun kita tak ada x faktor.......

An-Nimr said...

Yo bro,

Hai...citer lama berulang lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan banyak dah jobless dengar kat radio...single mother with 8 kids wondering apa dia nak kasi anak dia makan lepas kena lay off bulan April. Depa dok tabur duit merata lagi...esok dah riot besar2an, baru tau.

BTW, tolong sain petition to ICC for war crimes by Israel and its lapdog US here:

Maybe later we can petition to prosecute our leaders for stupidity and greed.

Anonymous said...

'Ball-carriers', ha ha I like that. One born every minute in umno.

Anonymous said...

hah! padan ngan muker!

aku ppong keje kuat untuk w farid tapi tak dapat mende pun. janji nak hulur tapi senyap je.

KUDIS BUTA said...

pentarama is good, bro.

why must you complaint? i believe they paid u well.

anyway, its a good lesson for barisan nasional, esp umno

Anonymous said...

caya la bro,

berani kau tulis macam ni. silap2 kau kena pecat dari parti.

bujai said...

pecat dari parti?

hmmm.... kalau dah nak kena, kena jugak tapi saya buat ni sebagai a 'wake-up call'...

reporter KL said...




baik punya said...

aku hargai kamu punya komen mengenai pentarama jabatan penerangan tu. tapi satu perkara, aku rasa tak berapa ramai yang tahu apa tu pentarama. to be fair to the jabatan penerangan, why not you tell us what pentarama is all about kerana tpm dan beberapa orang menteri pun turut hadir pada malam tersebut. takkanlah tpm dan menteri lain nak sabotaj calon bn pula, tentulah tak logik. marilah kita ramai-ramai masuk ke laman web jabatan penerangan untuk mengetahui apa itu pentarama. berdosa kita semua kalau tuduhan kamu tu tak tepat.