Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here's a comment...

Among a few visitors who posted their comments on No New Year's Day to celebrate..., one of them was a Palestinian, Son of Palestine who wrote this:

Your friend Tareeq is among thousands, if not millions of palestinians who lost at least a member of their family since the war in 1967. Since then, the world just stood still and abided to the American way of trying to settle it.

NO! The Americans are Israelis best friend. How could Washington make any decision that will lead to the lost on Israel?

I am also a Palestinian living in Malaysia. Maybe I know this Tareeq. I am from West Bank which also comes under Israel non-stop aggression.

What can a country like Malaysia contribute to the peace in Palestine and Middle East? Pardon me, even during your chairmanship of the OIC, nothing much was done to assist us.

Dr Mahathir was just becoming its chairman when he had to step down. He was the only Muslim leader who dared to confront the superpower and Israel with his words. Unfortunately, we dont have another Mahathir after that.

The United Nations, too, is in the hands of America. Any draft resolution to condemn such attacks on the Palestinian soil will go down the drain when US representative applies the veto power.

What is the function of the Security Council then? Just becoming a watchdog for the American interest. When there are troubles in other parts of the world, they were fast to act by denouncing the aggresor and called for multinational forces to be deployed.

In Palestine case, the UN is afraid to act as it receives million of dolars from Washington every year. The question now - is the UN still relevant when it comes to protecting the rights of the Palestinians?


Anonymous said...


I was there when the World Trade Center in New York fell to the ground. Sometimes I can't help but wish that those planes would have hit the UN HQ instead. At least those poor people at the World Trade Center did'nt have anything to do with the fighting in the Middle East. But those at the UN all have blood on their hands.


Anonymous said...

blast the americans for supporting this atrocities

Anonymous said...

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