Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Tony Blair at University Malaya

AHAAA…! Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will deliver a lecture on the Rule of Law and Good Governance at the University of Malaya (UM), on Friday, in conjunction with the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture. Blair, who was Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007, currently serves as Middle East representative for the Quartet, namely the United Nations, United States of America, Russia and European Union, in helping the Palestinian people to prepare for statehood as part of the international community's effort to secure peace.

Sounds a bit funny there for he was one of the Western leaders who strongly condemned the Palestinians, describing them as ‘terrorists’. Working alongside US president George Bush, Blair, too was vocal towards Sudan and North Korea. Both were often chided by many world leaders as ‘the devil advocates’.

'Till the last drop of blood'

DEFEND your country's sovereignty 'till the last drop of blood, says the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin in his Warriors Day 2008 address via RTM1 last night.

He said the exemplary conduct and sacrifices of past soldiers in defending the religion, race and country should be a source of inspiration and an example to present day soldiers.

"Although our country believe in peace and harmony, and have good ties with other countries, we still need a strong security forces in meeting threats to the country's sovereignty," he said, adding that the people must appreciate the undivided loyalty of the security forces as their sacrifices had created a peaceful and prosperous country.


However Tuanku, our country is becoming a laughing stock. Our politicians are clawing at each other. Sodomy, regarded by Islam as one of the most disgusting element, is being toyed around. Cross-accusations of murder, graft and other non-Islamic wrongdoings are widespread.

Defending the country should include upholding its good name, the judiciary and serving the rakyat without bias. We salute the army and other security forces for their loyal service but who is safeguarding the country's integrity, morale and dignity?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fair fare this time?

The government has agreed to raise fares for express and stage buses, but not up to 100 per cent as proposed by the Pan Malaysia Bus Operators' Association (PMBOA).

Fine… but what about school and factory buses, lorries and taxis? Normally, when we push up fares for certain bus operators, the others will cry foul if they, too, are not allowed to do so.

Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar said the ministry had appointed a consultant to look into a suitable level of increase and the new bus fares would be announced before Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The increase was unavoidable following the bus companies' higher operational costs, including the diesel price hike from 71 sen per litre to RM1.43 per litre, since the last bus fare increase in 2005.

The higher operational costs were also due to the increase in the price of tyres, engine oil, batteries and spare parts.Don’t other busses, lorries and taxis have tyres too?

Bank Negara 'saves' Maybank

The decision by Bank Negara to revoke its approval for Maybank’s proposed acquisition of 100 per cent equity in PT Bank Internasional Indonesia, was timely.

Being the largest bank in Malaysia, the decision is seen to save the bank from incurring unnecessary losses due to the new regulations imposed by Indonesian Badan Pengawas Pasar Modal and Lembaga Keuangan (Bapepam).

Less than 12 hours after BNM announcement, Maybank’s shares rose sharply on Wednesday morning. By 10am, it was up 6.0 per cent at RM8.0 ringgit after opening at RM7.80.

In March this year, Maybank entered into a share sale agreement with Fullerton, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd, for the acquisition of the entire equity interest in Sorak Financial Holdings Pte Ltd for about RM4.8 billion.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Come back to 'home sweet home'

About 30,000 Malaysians are overstaying in the United Kingdom, says deputy High Commissionner Rustam Yahaya in London.

Bernama reports, this prompted the Malaysian High Commission to appeal for them to leave whatever they are doing there and return to Malaysia.

He was commenting on recent reports that Britain was considering expanding visa requirements to citizens from 11 more countries, including Malaysia.

Nationals from more than 100 countries, equivalent to three-quarters of the world's population, need a visa to come to the United Kingdom but following a "Visa Waiver Test" of all non-European countries, the government said there was a "strong case" to add 11 more.

At least, Malaysians know best when it comes to choosing a better place to 'overstay'. One thing for sure, they were never involved in any criminal activities, unlike some foreigners who overstayed in Malaysia.

Anyway, its time for them to come home and look out for opportunities here, rather than leaving it to others.

Normally, when we leave home for too long, some 'hantus' may take control...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Now you know why Umno is losing supports

I was in Melaka on Saturday afternoon. To be exact, I went to Rockybru's kampung, SLN which is much nearer to KJ's constituency of Rembau (mine is 2km further south of SLN).

Responding to a call, I was at the Balai Raya at 3pm where an Umno branch
meeting was about to start. About 100 people attended it (SLN population is just about 300, excluding Rocky), so, it was considered a good attendance.

SLN comes under Masjid Tanah constituency. Datuk Wira Abu Seman is the Member of Parliament. There are 5 state seats, namely Taboh Naning, Ayer Limau, Tanjung Bidara, Kuala Linggi and Lendu. Only 2 state assembleymen were present.

The event itself was very interesting and quite tense. The scent of durian was all over (its durian season in SLN, anyway that provides extra income for the population).

But what I want to highlight here is for Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, and the rest of the Supreme Council members, to understand just one thing --- why Umno members are beginning to hate their leaders (not the party).

Read very carefully. I believe Datuk Wira Abu Seman, too, wants to know and he may sue me for libel... BUT I got every proof and tangible evidence. For your info, I am an Umno member too (just that I've forgotten to pay my fees).

The meeting was called to order. Ketua Umno SLN, (call him Din) was challenged by his buddy called Abang.

Throughout the meeting, some odd things took place... like a person named Cikgu Bahaman claimed he received a telephone call from division head, Abu Seman, not to support the contender but to ensure the incumbent's victory.

Is it true? This shouldnt have happened. How could a division head do that? Party elections should be conducted in a very democratic manner and all factions vying for any position should not resort to dirty tactics.

Even the JKKK chairman, known as Jalil (who has held the position for 4 terms, just like Abu Seman as a parliamentarian) sent an SMS to Din's challenger 'jangan kacau SLN...(dont disturb SLN).

Adun for Ayer Limau, Amir, whom I think knows nothing much about SLN, took Din for 'a ride in the kampung on the eve of the branch meeting.... for what purpose? Din wont be in SLN if not through marriage.

Cikgu Bahaman told Abang that ketua wanita SLN, Melah Tahir got 'an order' from Adun Taboh Naning, Latifah, to ensure that the branch head position stays with Din.

This is a small conspiracy, right? How about a division head who only chose candidates of his taste for the last general elections?

Why cant we leave who should head a party branch to the rakyat who really know their own leaders? They know who is best to lead the party. If a small Umno branch like SLN is faced with such conspiracy, what about the rest of branches and divisions in the country?

At the end, I noticed discontentment in almost all attendees, including this poor Kak Timah and Along Mail.

The ssshhh-sssshhhh about putting the blame on Abu Seman, the hatred for local leaders and the show of disgust on the face, reflected how Umno is easily losing its support if the members' domain is being hacked.

And, of course, the best thing they said was 'takyah undi Umno lagi pada pilihanraya akan datang (do not vote for Umno again in the next general elections). Dont you think it is serious enough?

If one branch has responded such, what about others?

What's more? The SLN meeting, I believe, was not conducted accordingly to the party constitution. The present committee was not dissolved and a temporary chairman to service the meeting and election was not appointed.

Umno Disciplinary Committee - you've got a task.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

KJ should be OK... by himself

I met KJ in Rembau yesterday. Although not the first time (we usually shake hands at the Parliament), it was when it comes to meeting him at his constituency.

Regardless of what others may think of this young and vibrant Member of Parliament, I see him as a hardworking 'wakil rakyat'.

Prior to that 5-minute meeting, I observed how he gave out donations and contributions to about 100 needfuls from his constituency. The smile never eluded his face.

A simple guy, said one of my friends. "He's a good Parliamentarian. A lot of people dont like him because he's the son-in-law of the Prime Minister. Being in that position, many thought he holds the key to all government contracts.

"They are wrong. What if he is not the son-in-law of the Prime Minister? Would you believe if a President's driver, too, can sign on behalf of him? That's absurd!"

I dont know although it makes sense. I have been following KJ's political development since 2004. There wasnt any tangible evidence being produced so far about any of his wrongdoings, as some parties claimed.

Nonetheless, I agreed with my friend that KJ can make a good politician. He already makes it a point to come back to Rembau on every Friday.

Watching his schedules yesterday stunned me. This young man has got a good future if he manages it well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another US intervention in our affairs

LAST month, it was Tom Casey, the State Dept spokesman. And now, in Singapore, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday continued the unfriendly American policy by urging Malaysia to be transparent and follow the rule of law in dealing with Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case.

When is Bush going to speak up on this issue?

Why can't these Yankees leave our law & order alone and study theirs, which is never better than any other coountries.

As usual, Foreign Minister Rais Yatim accused Washington of meddling in our country's domestic affairs – nothing more, nothing less. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi has yet to comment on Rice statements.

Whether its Anwar or Najib or anybody else, it is our domestic affairs. Others can comment but DON'T teach us what and how to address it.Another thing.

Rice spoke in Singapore, a neighbour already turning into 'pain in the ass'.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tourism 'traitors'... WHO?

I laughed at a statement made by Tourism Minister Azalina Osman that there were traitors who tried to bring down the country's tourism industry.

Who could they be, YB? The travel agents? The rakyat? The Press? or your own staffs...

Dont act like a kindergarten girl la, sis, who only knows how to find someone to blame for each time she loses her pencil or sharpener.

Look at your ministry first, the tourism catalogues and other forms of promos your pals produced. Is it compatible, at least to the sets produced by Botswana or Croatia?

Making general accusations will not help the industry, neither will it boost your popularity. Why not arrange a special tourism symposium among travel agents and operators, the Press, hoteliers and other related sectors.

Listen to what they've got to say and ask..... but of course no questions like 'bila mau kawin?'

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boss! Our economy is heating up!

ALARMING! Our annual inflation rate notched its highest level in more than 27 years in June.

At this very moment, our leaders are busy attending to politics – who should take on who in Umno elections in December; who to sue for libel, sodomy, grafts, etc. So much so, our economy is being left to only a few experts.

It stemmed out from the 41 per cent increase in fuel prices recently and the hike in consumer goods tags.

This new figure does apply a lot of pressure on Bank Negara. Of course, the market and the public are already contemplating its respond this week on the first interest rate rise in two years.

The jump in inflation to 7.7 per cent will give another headache for the government, now facing mounting pressure over the rise in cost of living.

What to do now? Together, we shoulder the burden, right? Like it or not, we might become another Brazil should no effort is taken to overcome our heating economy.

Taxi permits: A monopoly business

Taxi permits, anyone? The government is offering individual taxi permits again, in stages between July 15 and Oct 14, the Dewan Negara was told Tuesday.

Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister Noh Omar said the offer was bound by several conditions, one of which was that the applicant must be a Malaysian citizen aged not more than 60 years at the time of making the application.

Age limitation is another thing here. Unless a medical report gives clearance to those above 60 to drive cabbies, consider them out. This is, of course, for their safety and of the passengers, too.

So far, more than 22,000 permits were given to companies, which hired it to individuals for between RM38 and RM50 a day. At this time of the economy, many taxis are left without hirers as they cant afford to service the high daily rate.

As for the companies awarded with this permits, they only care about money.

P/S… any idea who got the most taxi permits since 2004?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Makan, Mencekik or Mentekedahgah?

DISGUSTING is how I describe it!

It really spoilt my 2-nite stay at a Tioman resort hotel recently. Why? There was this group of Singaporeans (no offense...), about 40 of them, also stayed at the same resort.

Each time when breakfast, lunch, tea of dinner are served, they automatically turned into professional rugby players. They scrammed each and single dish - enough for about 100 guests - walloping everything within minutes.

So famish, they were! From kids as old as 7-years old to grandpas as old as 80, their leftovers at the end of every meal could feed another 2 or 3 adults!

Few plates hit the floor, some chopsticks broke into two.

To latecomers, sorry!

I wonder how these people were brought up...

To revive Proton, FIRE some of the executives!

I WAS so happy with calls made by a government’s minister for Proton to come up with an electric hybrid model as an alternative to save high costs on gas and fuel.

International Trade and Industry Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, in making such calls, also said Proton needs to hook up with a foreign company if it is to compete in the automotive industry.

"I don't think we need to be too nationalistic in supporting Proton without taking into consideration what the business is all about," he said Sunday.

I believe Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who mooted the ambitious national industrialization plan in the 80s, is a bit happy too although Proton, which was formed 25 years ago saw its market share slump over the years as it faced difficulties coping in a new deregulated market.

The government has urged it to forge a partnership with a foreign automaker to give it the expertise and economies of scale that it needs to survive, but talks with Volkswagen and General Motors have collapsed.

Muhyiddin recently said the National Automotive Policy which was introduced in 2006, will announce new initiatives later this year to support the domestic automotive industry. Just hope that Proton will be on the list.

Proton suffered a net loss of RM32.92 million for the nine months to December 2007 due to the issuance of so many import permits for foreign cars and its failure to introduce new models to the market.

As for now, the government should find ways to revive Proton and put it where it was during the late 80s and 90s. After all the effort by its founding fathers, we should keep the pride and not to let it go down the drain.

We must be drastic enough. Should there is a need to replace of remove some top executives, JUST FIRE them.

Apa.... takut ka?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dear Shahrir, lets do other things first!

The announcement by Domestic Trade and Consumers Affair minister Datuk Shahrir Samad that the authority will build petrol kiosks for foreign vehicles at the towns bordering Singapore and Thailand, was a good one.

But why must we build this special kiosks for them. Why not let them queue up with the locals, pay at our price and drive off? How many special kiosks do you have in mind? 100? 200? Wow... such a special treatment for foreigners!

By the way, have you every considered other dominant issues which our own people are being beseiged with now, like the unbearable spiraling prices of consumers' items, the lack of gas stations for taxis that led to massive jams along some major roads in KL, hoarding of some controlled items and the lack of supervision for the distribution of consumer's items?

Do you know that many places in the country are still out of cooking oil supply? If there is any, the price is doubled! Please go the rurals of Pahang, Terengganu, Melaka dan Kedah to find out.

Do you know how many wholesalers and retailers are adjusting to the government's guidelines on putting a price tag on their merchandise?

You dont know? Better still.

Come on la, Datuk. Let's attend to our domestic issues first. I dont think the locals will complaint if foreign vehicles are in front and at their rear at the petrol kiosks.

Aren't Malaysian the courteous lots that simply let their future to be in the hands of the government's ministers...?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Locals vs foreign workers - a prolonged dilema

The government will TRY to reduce the number of foreign workers from about 2.1 million currently to 1.8 million by 2010, the year Pak Lah plans to handover leadership to Najib.

Now, everything is about 2010 (except for Samy Vellu who wants to stay on until 2012).

I believe that Najib, as the chairman for National Foreign Workers Committe, will be less worried to see that figure drops by 300,000 two years from now.

OK, fine. As Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S Subramaniam says all parties, including government agencies and employers must work hand-in-hand to reduce the number of foreign workers in Malaysia.

This include preparing the locals with sufficient technical know-how in various skills, namely construction, plantation, manufacturing, etc.

The ministry, too, is coming up with several measures to enhance Malaysians with related knowledge by setting up more training centres such as the Advance Technical Traning Centre (ADTEC) and Industrial Training Institute (ILP).

However, its not going to be that easy, Subra. I know your ministry well enough. A big chunks of your development progammes which are already under implementation, are not well-equipped.

I have been to some ILPs and ADTECs, some of which dont have many enrolments, some are under-utilised and the rest are not fully-equipped with the right machineries.

Emphasis must be given to hi-end trainings such as automotive, electronics, aviation (what happened to the plan to set up an aviation training centre in Kedah?) and others. Maybe former minister Fong Chan Onn got some answers.

To woo locals to enrol, is no problem, I suppose but to provide them with proper training, especially at diploma level, should be a main focus.

Some aspects of the ministry has been politicised to the extent that in some parts of the country, which already got similiar facility, was given and will be given another one - to the interest of politics.

Locals should not compete with foreigners when it comes to job-acquiring. Although it is a fact that many Malaysians are choosy lots, many more are still jobless due to the intake of foreign workers by the private sector, on a lower salary.

Salary is another aspect that has been denying the locals with such opportunities. Should the government regulate that the private sector gives priority to the locals, and with tangible wages, it can be a successfull effort, eventually.

Nevertheless, we do need the foreign workers as part to fulfil our 2020 vision. The only thing lacking here is government's attention towards training.

No doubt that there are so many training centres, most of which belong to the private entities - but nothing can secure them the right jobs when students completed their studies.

Why? Some government's training centres are being treated like 3rd class institute. NO CLASS!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


To all Malaysians, I believe its time to stop paying much attention to Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case, Altantuya and other sickening political batterings.

As we are all sick and tired of it, lets concentrate on other matters that bring us benefit. Letting our mind to be sucked into these dramas will only grow hatred among us.

While most bloggers give insights on Anwar's 2nd sodomy case, I would rather chose to decline. Whether he is right of wrong, 'long or short' and either Najib was involved in Altantuya's murder issue, DON'T GIVE IT A DAMN ANYMORE.

Most Malaysians are already in difficulty after the hike of fuel and daily goods prices. Let us stay focus on how to make ends meet. Leave these filthy matters to the hands of law and God.

As our Composite Index keeps on declining, we should ponder what is going to happen to the country should our economy takes a slump.

Even the US economy is in bad shit. Its adverse impacts are already eating up to the economies of most countries. Ours is of no exception should our top leaders continue to bicker over personal and political agendas.

Let's look out for new avenues to increase our income and to weather this difficulties. If our politicians want to go on with their dramas, let them and dont vote them again in the next general elections!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Petronas' profit soars, we are still sore...

THE good news is, Petronas posted a profit of RM61 billion in the financial year ended March, an increase of 31.5 per cent. Revenue jumped 21 per cent to RM223.1 billion, said chief executive and president Hassan Marican.

The bad news is, Malaysians can expect another hike in fuel prices as the world crude oil price is seen to breach its US$150 per barrel by September.

While reaping much profit from this world trend, Petronas is assessing the viability of a proposed gas project in Iran following the pullout of French energy giant Total SA. However, no decision yet.

The country’s total oil and natural gas reserves only saw a minor decline.

As of Jan. 1 this year, Malaysia's total oil and natural gas reserves declined slightly to 20.13 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) from 20.18 billion BOE last year.

This was due to downward revisions of gas reserves in offshore Sarawak and higher production of crude oil and gas during the year. The decline in Petronas' international reserves also fed the trend.

Its international reserves stood at 6.24 billion BOE compared with 6.31 billion BOE last year. Crude oil and condensates reserves were lower by 5.1 per cent to2.42 billion BOE from 2.55 billion BOE previously.

Yet, its natural gas reserves overseas rose by 1.6 per cent to 3.82 billion BOE from 3.76 billion BOE.

Looking at these figures, the government can avoid making another fuel price hike announcement, at least for another year, analysts said.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Automotive policy - is Proton still in favor?

Minister of International Trade and Industry Muhyiddin Yassin says the ministry is studying the 2006 National Automotive Policy (NAP) before making fresh recommendations by end of the year.

Good move, sir. We just hope that Proton will be one of the agendas. For almost 10 years now, Proton is being treated like a second-class citizen.

Sad to say that Proton, once the pride of the nation, is now losing its grip on the domestic market. Should this situation continues, it will eventually become history.

Or, will one of the fresh proposals is to permit another KIA-like operation to start in Malaysia so that it, too, can be awarded the 'national car' status?

The government should give this a deep consideration. Proton is the heart of our automobile industry. We already lost Perodua to the foreigners.

Many Proton vendors, too, (mostly Bumiputeras) have closed shop due to mistreatment of market-share and the influx of foreign spare parts.

Please find ways to relive them, will you Tan Sri?

What else do we have to let go?

The GIANT KILLER is back

Former Marang MP and Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Bakar is back, this time as a Senator.

His swearing-in, together with 5 others, was done this morning at the Senate Room, Parliament.

Dropped by former Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh for the 12th general elections, Rahman - who defeated PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang in two general elections - was a cool politician until he received the official letter a month ago.

Dubbed as an outspoken leader, Terengganu was said to have lost a good Member of Parliament when Idris made the unexpected decision.

However, this 'bounce-back' man is now ready to shoulder his new post. The rumor is that he might be appointed either as a deputy minister or a chairman to Felda.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Anwar the biggest threat to the country?

The police has closed every entry to the city within 5-km radius of the Parliament.

Just because Anwar Ibrahim planned to lead a mass protest near the House, the government took it as if the capital city was under attack from foreign forces.

Foreign forces? Who subscribed to foreign elements?

That's how the government sees Anwar.

But is Anwar really the biggest threat to the government now? Pak Lah, Najib, Hishamuddin and the rest of Umno leaders have repeatedly advised Anwar to call off the gathering, lambasting him that he was only trying to distract attention towards a sodomy case filed againts him by his former aide.

At the same time, the Opposition accused the government of attempting to mislead the people of its own wrongdoings.

Just because of this Anwar's 'threat', the whole city was stucked in massive traffic jams over the past few days. The normally 20-minutes ride from Cheras to KL took more almost 2 hours.

Police checkpoints were erected not only within 5-km radius of the Parliament but as far as Semenyih, Kajang, Klang and Rawang.

That's how the government sees the threat in Anwar Ibrahim. From now on, anything coming from Anwar will be treated as ' ANCAMAN'.

Who leads the government, anyway?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 12, 1982 - I enter the Gulf War zone...

July 12 - I remember this date very well enough as today, in 1982, I was called up by my editor Adibah Amin to take up a 'small' assignment which was turned down by the senior reporters.

My mission - 3 weeks in Iraq to observe the Gulf War raging between two neighbouring countries of different Islamic factions, Iraq (Sunni) and Iran (Shiite).

I said yes without hesitation. Being young and 'gila-gila', I had my international passport (as a journalist) stamped-on with an Iraqi diplomatic special visa. That was my second overseas assignment, the first being a junket to Australia a few months earlier with Singapore Airlines.

I've heard about Utusan journalist Rosnah Majid being to Iraq a year before but never read any story about it, neither did I see any picture of it.
Iraqi ambassador to Malaysia then, Mr Mustafar al-Nakhshahbandi arranged everything (many thanks to him and the mission), including some Iraqi dinars.
That was the time I had missed Malaysia so much. That 3-week that ended up about 5 weeks was perhap the best physical and mental lessons I ever had....

Will continue...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Will Pak Lah, too, leave Umno?

Hmmmm... very, very interesting, isnt it? Najib said he was 'touched' by Pak Lah's decision to pass on the baton to him in mid-2010.

Well, time flies, bro Najib. The only question here is whether time permits you to reach your destiny. We hope Pak Lah is sincere. FULL STOP.

I would just leave it to other bloggers to comment on this melodramatic 'power transition' in process.

Lemme give you another scenario with regards to this development.

Two years from now (if the handover really takes place), Pak Lah will become an ordinary member of Umno, maybe holding positions such as advisers or chairman at government-linked companies... just like his predecessor, Dr Mahathir.

Fair enough, right? Pak Lah, too, has contributed well to the country, to Umno and regional cooperation.

Let us pray that 2 years from now, Dr Mahathir will still be healthy and very much active like what he is today.

We will have TWO FORMER PRIME MINISTERS by then. Would you like to imagine a scenario where both of them would meet up once in a while over tea of coffee, chatting in a very friendly manner and sharing views and perception about Najib's administration?

Waa haa haaa... wouldnt that be nice, right?

Another thing is that, will Pak Lah start to criticise Najib's government by then like what Dr Mahathir is doing to him now? Will Pak Lah eventually leave Umno like the rest of its presidents should he finds out that Najib doesnt reciprocate with his ways?

Hmmm.... possible? Let's see...

I am just being a bit naughty... that's all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bloggers are not 'Gobloks', sir!

Part 2 (final)

I dont want to discuss major issues here. I will not touch on issues pertaining to your son-in-law, the development corridors, double-tracking, who versus who in December, Samy Vellu, Scomi, Kali or other things.

I just want to say that most bloggers are those who are very close to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Please acknowledge this fact, you people up there! Dont say that you dont know names like Kadir Jasin, Ahmad Talib, Ahirudin Atan, Ibrahim Yahaya, Wong Chun Wai and others.

This people (except for Chun Wai) have had their times during their stint at New Straits Times, Business Times, Berita Harian and The Star. Some had served during Tun Razak era before moving into Dr Mahathir leadership.

The reason I brought up this matter is that, we lost the best Malay journalists who had contributed well to upbringing the entity they served and also the government-in-place then. We failed to appreciate and recognise their contribution which prompted them to shift out.

And then, we brought in a Singaporean to head an Umno-dominated newspaper. This was also another issue at that time. Didnt we have good potential MELAYU to take up that position? Just because one of two of them didnt have 'good personal record', we shoved them into a freezer.

But then, why did the government 're-employ' those with bad track record back into the Cabinet? I wont mention any names but everybody is aware of it.

Back to our good, old, senior Malay journalist, whom during Pak Lah's tenure as a foreign minister and were together on any aeroplane, sipping coffee at the same table overseas and attending to his press conference - they are now being sidelined... rpt SIDELINED!

(My apology AKJ but I think its better to point out something here). When Kadir Jasin left (or was he asked to leave) NST and managed Berita Publishing, everything was going on very smoothly. Business was good.

However, when he was 'associated' with Dr Mahathir, he began to run out of favor. Some parties tried to boot him out of the business - the only Melayu in that particular business ever since the fall of Pustaka Antara in the 80s.

And where is Jaafar Hussein, ex-managing editor of Bernama who once was so close to Pak Lah and Umno leaders. Correct me if I am wrong - he was tipped for a state seat in Melaka during the 2004 general elections but was 'screwed' by Umno, the party he upheld in his many writings.

He 'saved' so many Umno personalities when he was the country's No.1 journalist but many deserted him after 2004. Can you guess what is he doing now besides feeding his big family from his pension?

No! This people are not sour-grapes. Like Jaafar or Jef, they are Umno members, too. What differentiate them from other Umno leaders is that, their contribution to the party went unnoticed. Why? They dont have that kind of money to spend on politics... and no back-ups too! Had they received some from the party, they would definitely make good lawmakers today.

Dear Prime Minister,

We admit that some bloggers post unhealthy materials. There is no way to stop them as the cyberspace is filled-up with so many substances.

Nonetheless, good bloggers are still there although sometimes they may give you a bit of 'rude awakenings'. I remember Tun Musa Hitam (as a deputy premier) said, '...sometimes we have to be a little rude to correct something...'

'Kecil jangan disangka anak, besar jangan disangka bapak'. Some people do not get any wiser as they get old. There must be a way for the government to collaborate with bloggers in some aspects of the administration.

Let's not fall bequeth to our own foray. 'Jangan marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar'. The government does not have substantial agents to listen to the rakyat. Most senior government officials wont have a cup of teh tarik at the stalls. We dont see anymore wakil rakyat spending a little bit of their times to wade the padi fields or rubber plantation just to talk to the people, at their own will.

After 50 years of Independence, many things will not be that relevant anymore. Umno, too, will have to work hard to safeguard its relevance.

After the 12th general elections, we already noticed the trend. When the rakyat wanted some changes, they will vote for changes. It is not that Umno or Barisan Nasional are getting less popular, neither do PKR or PAS or the oppositions were shown the sign of winning.

Take a look at the world trend. For any country which has gained Independence for more than 40 years and is also moving towards becoming a fully-developed nation, the ruling party will eventually has to bow out, share power of became the opposition. Any opposition leader will eventually become the president or prime minister.

Look at Solidarity leader Lech Walesa in Poland, Kim Dae-jung in South Korea, Sheikh Hasina Wajed in Bangladesh, Helen Clark of New Zealand and Kevin Rudd of Australia. Even the Republican and Democrat have to take turn in the US.

For BN to stay relevant, it needs just the right advisers, strategy and implementation. Pak Lah may feel that he's having a strong team right now to help him in many disciplines of work but their effectiveness are yet to be determined.

Dear Prime Minister,

As I wrote in my recent posting, 'THE ROAD TO RUIN IS ALWAYS KEPT UNDER GOOD REPAIRS'.

This unhealthy political drama about Datuk Seri Najib, Datuk Seri Anwar and few others have brought about anxiety among Malaysians. When local and foreign media give such news a prominence, then there is no way to control it.

When bloggers wrote something based on 'hearsay', there must be solid sources to support it. And when the rakyat get more cyberspace-oriented, they too began to speculate and contemplate. Nothing's wrong with that as the way regular media highlights it gives them the impression that we are now too busy attending to petty matters, rather than concentrating on their woos.

If Malaysian 'sensible' bloggers stop writing about it, sooner or later foreigners will take over. Dont be surprise if a rubber tapper, too, can come to the blog soon to voice out his dissatisfaction over the JKKK or wakil rakyat.

We hope the government can be a bit blogger-friendly. If Pak Lah feels some bloggers are a bit overboard, he is free to take any course of action. However, as long as they dont incite racial and religious sentiment... and no slanderous postings, then they should be OK.

Malaysia is not as big as the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Indonesia or Australia where bloggers came up with unscrupulous remarks about their leaders. The way they write can easily make you feel like planting a bullet in their heads.

But we a not such. If we as Malaysians are not allowed to pen our opinion for the benefit of all, cannot give ideas as to how to improve our life and got nowhere to turn to at the heights of our problems, may as well we become 'cowboys'.

Yes, you are right. We cannot satisfy everybody (except those in the Cabinet and their machais, maybe.... ooppsss) but at least we can put an end to politics of favoritism. Irrespective of who we are close to, equality of chances must be observed. Otherwise, we dont need bloggers to say it out. The rakyat will demonstrate it, instead.

Mr Prime Minister,


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bloggers are NOT 'gobloks'! - part 1

Sad to note how Pak Lah labelled Malaysian bloggers as 'liars, full of slanderous and irresponsible' lots.

Such was his adverse reaction towards us. In a much cynical words, the impression given about bloggers was 'we are all criminals'.

When I hit out at Minister at PMD Datuk Zahid Hamidi for making similar statements in Jakarta last week, I thought he was the only one. Obviously, I was wrong. Zahid actually carried Pak Lah's words.

Well... I dunno about the rest of my fellow bloggers but my stance is that, apart from becoming a worldwide trend, many governments refer to bloggers for some constructive inputs. I dont deny the fact there are 'nasty' bloggers out there but most of us here speak for the rakyat.

I believe many of us are members of any political party. Somehow, we are not politicians (some bloggers are, like Khir Toyo, Khairy Jamaludin and others). So, as ordinary members, dont we deserve to pen down any comment about our leaders and country?

Of course, we love our country. 'Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, adalah lebih baik di negeri sendiri'. How could you accused us of treason?

There is no need for me to speak for the rest of the bloggers. Personally, I believe some bloggers can make good lawmakers if they are given the opportunity. Their inputs on several issues are just the chronics that most lawmakers cant even solve.

Bloggers A Kadir Jasin, Ahmad Talib, Ibrahim Yahaya and alike are just a few examples of constructive bloggers to date. Their opinion is rather sharpens towards improving the administration rather than provoking.

Yes, Pak Lah may have a pool of advisers at his waist, telling him on daily basis on what to do, what and when to decide and how to act. However, we gotta admit the fact that nobody is perfect. Some advisers may give rotten ideas and some will do it with vested interest.

Similarly, some bloggers are such too but the rest can outdo certain ministers. Many bloggers are senior journalists with vast experience in domestic politics, social and business. Talk to Ahirudin Atan, Nuraina Samad, Fauziah Ismail, Wong Chun Wai and others. Ask them how many years have they been writing and what policies are applied to various aspect of the administration.

All these while, they wrote based on facts and figures, based on actual speeches and texts. Did they have the opportunity (or were they allowed) to report 'off the record' statements by the prime minister, his deputy and others? Were they free to give personal analysis on any 'administrative error?'

The answer is NO! Why? It is the policy of leading newspapers and TV/radio stations to avoid anything that will feed our rakyat with negative picture about our leaders.

A simple motto - 'SUPPORT THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT' must be observed at all times by editors and bosses of this organisations. And this editors-in-chief are normally political appointees. At anytime if they go overboard, they will be dismissed.

New Straits Times, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, Nanyang Siang Pau, The Star, Harian Metro, Kosmo and their allies are politically-controlled and monitored. Some news would be applied nice blanket either for political, economic or personal reason.

Mr Prime Minister,

Our population is surpassing that of 25 million now. Over the years and as Malaysia inches towards realising its objective to emerge as a full-developed nation by the year 2020, the demands and needs of the people are multiplying. So are their expectations for better corporate-governance, stability and a harmonious environment.

As new leaders take over a government, the challenges to meet such demands get stiffer and sometimes costs a lot. It is not easy to manage a mass population of diverse ethnics, religion and race. So special our country is that it is at the envious of many.

Therefore, any new government must have the right level of maturity to tackle such needs. As we subscribe to Parliamentary-democratic ruling, any provisions of law put forward to the Dewan Negara (House of Senate) must focus down to the rakyat.

Now, not all JKKKs, state assemblyman and member of Parliament are worth-voting for. Just like teachers, some only attend to classes for the profession and the pay. Some journalists are such, too. They only love to see their bylines at every assignment-based reports without putting extra efforts to dig out stories of their own.

We, the senior journalists, have been to the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara for almost three decades, and even more. We had identified good and lazy lawmakers. Some never took part in any debate, some just doused off while a few seldom attended seatings.

Yes, we are all human. To err is human but to put the blame on others is even more human, as the saying goes.

We have noticed wrong candidates being given full minister positions while the right ones were left out. Why? Again, the answer is mismanagement of politics where favouritsm prevails.

Dear Mr Prime Minister,
How do the rakyat voice out their discontentment? To this low-performing wakil rakyats? Maybe once or twice. Then, they preferred to shut up as their words fall on deaf ears.

In this Internet era, bloggers play a pivotal role in bridging the rakyat and the government. We cant deny the fact that as life gets more sophisticated, its solution gets more difficult.

We dont have a big government like India, Indonesia, US, Japan or Russia. How do you get feedbacks from the rakyat? If you rely too much on your 'representatives', then may as well you forget about helping them out.

Everything now is about money, sir. Dont tell me that your wakil rakyat works 100 per cent for the rakyat. I believe they do but only at 30 per cent rate. The rest is money. Just like our sportsmen now as compared with those in the 70s and 80s eras, the dont get that patriotic anymore. Did you say I am wrong?

Do I have to write more? Later laaaa....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Former Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka dies

FORMER Yang Dipertua Negeri of Melaka Tun Syed Ahmad Shahabudin died on Monday. He was 83, Bernama reports.

Melaka state secretary Datuk Omar Kaseh said Syed Ahmad died of old age at his residence at Jalan Burhanudin Helmi 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail in Kuala Lumpur at 7.45 am.

His remains will be taken to the Dewan Seri Negeri in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, for the people to pay their last respects, said Omar.

He said Syed Ahmad would be buried at the Melaka Warriors Mausoleum at the Al Azim Mosque after the Asar prayers.

Syed Ahmad was a former mentri besar of Kedah and the fifth Yang Dipertua Negeri of Melaka.

AL-FATIHAH. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang akan menghuni surgaNya........ Amin!

Note: Melaka never had someone from the state as its own Yang Dipertua Negeri. Nobody is fit for that position?

Drama... drama... drama

Samy Vellu said 'a man only dies once; a coward dies many times...'.

I guess that's why we got so many cowards in politics, so many liars in business.

If the crocodile dies twice (i remember reading this book), our politicians must have many life to spare should they fumble in one.

The rally organised by the opposition in Kelana Jaya to voice out protest against the hike in oil prices was smeared by an 'almost striking' episode when a male artiste tried to pull down his jeans.

Days earlier, Balasubramanian who made 2 statutory declarations about Datuk Seri Najib's involvement in Altantuya murder case, disappeared with his wife and 3 kids. This prompted Bukit Aman to seek Interpol's assistance to locate him.

Either they went into hiding or someone was hiding them, its not important. A coward like him may as well dont show up in public again.

And then in Kuantan, Najib himself 'swear in God's name that me and wife Rosmah have nothing to do with Altantuya...'

God's name... I believe its worse than making a statutory declaration, dont you readers think so?

On the same day, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made a call to Malaysians to unite and stay focus on the nation's development programme, instead of listening to rumours and slanderous materials.

Yesterday, Tun Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog that Anwar Ibrahim was the playmaker for all political dramas in the country. While Anwar's RM100 million suit against him was still pending, the former premier said Anwar created such a scenario for his own political reasons.

A lot of drama; so many players. A good history for our next generation's future reference.

Sooner or later, we will have a porno artiste winning her first parliamentary seat... or an ex-convict for rape becoming a home minister (must he be bald?)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here comes the holy man

Ever since his appointment as a Minister at the Prime Minister's Dept, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi is becoming more 'holy', it seemed.

Taking charge of the country's Tabung Haji, Jakim and other Islamic-related activities, he is seen as much more 'cleaner' than Prime Minister Mr Clean.

He even took a bit of Ahmad Shabery Chik's (Information Minister) responsibility urging Malaysians staying overseas not to read blogs about Malaysia.

Making a statement in Jakarta, Holy Zahid said all political contents written by Malaysian bloggers are 'mere lies'. For real political news, he said they should read the official news portal.

* When he was Deputy Information Minister, he didnt do much to address this blogger thing. He was doing almost nothing then.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bala is just an ..........ole!!!!!

Less than 24 hours after making his statutory declaration, Balasubramanian has retracted it!

What's up, macha? Yenney soldra'?

Of course many parties are relieved with his retraction but can we just let people like this to make such a declaration as they wish?

First, he tarnished the image of the innocent (if they are). Second, you made fun of the blog readers, the rakyat and your friends (especially the police and the law).

Aiyoooo, kadawaleh!

We leave it to the authority to decide on Bala. He is a 'bala' (disaster) anyway!

Why did Saiful meet Najib?

WHY? Why in the first place Saiful went to Najib's office in Putrajaya and told him about Anwar?

The deputy prime minister didnt know him at all (as he claimed in his Press conference on Thursday).

Afterall, it has never been that easy to see Najib in Putrajaya or at Mindef. Why was Saiful given the space and time, knowing he was with the PKR adviser?

There were questions of doubts hovering this issue.

If Saiful was determined enough to lodge a police report, why must he seek Najib's advise? Intriguing, isnt it?

I smell something fishy here... what about you?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gosh! What are we arriving at?

Anwar Ibrahim has been accused again of sodomy, now with his ex-aide Saiful. This has gained prominence worldwide. After 1998, Anwar claimed that he was being framed for the 2nd time.

The US has shown a lot of sympathy for Anwar, asking the Malaysian government to attend to the case without prejudice.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi intercepted the US statement as trying to intervene in Malaysia's domestic affairs. Foreign Minister Rais Yatim said Wisma Putra will send a note of protest to Washington. Internal Security Minister Syed Hamid described Anwar as being a snitch to the US.


Another statutory declaration (refer to rockybru) by Balasubramanian is providing a new zoom-in to Altantuya murder case.

Najib Razak, the deputy premier (who had earlier denied any link with the deceased) is one of the names mentioned in the statutory declaration.

...That Najib was the one who introduced Altantuya to Razak Baginda. The trio then met in Paris. Prior to that, Najib told Razak in Singapore that he had been in bed with Altantuya and asked Razak to take care of her since he (Najib) was deputy premier and didnt want any sort of harassment from her.

Razak wed Altantuya in South Korea (to cover his boss backside, maybe). Altantuya was pressing for that US$500,000 in commission for a submarine deal in Paris (the Scorpene, perhaps).

Where are all this leading to?


Pak Lah said recently that he and Najib have reached an agreement as to when he will hand over the premiership to his deputy.

Agreement? Of what sort? Get Bukit Aman to apply a blanket on Altantuya's case? Then, set up another one for Anwar as to distract public attention towards Najib?

But Anwar already lodged a police report against IGP Musa Hassan and AG Ghani Patail whom he accused of fabricating evidence during his first sodomy case in 1998.

What's Next?

Bursa Malaysia buggered too!

EARLY trading on Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd has been suspended for the morning session from 9am to 12.30pm, following a computer glitch, Bernama reports. However, the derivatives market would continue to trade as usual.

Looks like so many things are being buggered of late.

Bursa Malaysia said that however, there would not be any underlying Kuala Lumpur Composite Index feed for the FKLI and OKLI trading. It said there was a multi-hardware failure in its core trading system.

Bursa Malaysia is investigating the problem and would notify the market of any update.

Meanwhile, there is no trading recorded for the three-month Kuala Lumpur Interbank Offered Rates (KLIBOR) futures contracts on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

As at 10am, KLIBOR futures has yet to pick up trade.

There was also no trading recorded for the five-year Malaysian Government Securities (MGS).

The three-month KLIBOR rate stood at 3.69 per cent.

What a dull market scenario!

Check this out, please!

Many thanks to one anon for directing me to a consumer's weblog. I was shocked!

Hope fellow bloggers, especially those with great concern for consumers' grievances, take a visit at and see for yourself.

You may be able to find ways to sort out this problems.

Most important is for us to avoid being the next victims.

About 'katak' and 'barua' at Dewan Rakyat...

JUST take a look at our lawmakers.

Yesterday was filled-up with temperament, heated argument and calling names.

Ibrahim Ali (Independent-Pasir Mas) and Karpal Singh (DAP-Bkt Gelugor) managed to bring some colors to the Dewan Rakyat with their overheated argument.

It all stemmed out from the suspension imposed on Karpal’s son Govind Singh Deo. The confusion was about whether or not Govind has apologised to Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia.

Amin informed the house that Govind had apologised but the first-term opposition member said he had merely shown courtesy, saying "Sorry to trouble you".

Govind had insisted on speaking when asked to sit down on Monday. He was ejected with the help of house security staff. After suspension, he met the media in the lobby and made comments which backbenchers deemed belittled the chair.

The house spent 30 minutes to discuss the matter when Ibrahim demanded an explanation from the Speaker.

Then, the drama started with Karpal calling Ibrahim ‘katak’ (for his passion for party-hopping) and the latter shouting ‘barua’ (pimp) at Karpal.

Funny, huh? But that’s what our lawmakers are made of. No wonder there were calls for a full live telecast of the entire seating. Let the rakyat who voted for these jokers get to know them even better.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We pay RM233,041... How much did Singapore pay its international law expert? 2,000 times more?

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim told the Dewan Rakyat yesterday the average payment for the five international law experts hired to assist Malaysia in the Pulau Batu Puteh sovereignty dispute with Singapore at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a one-year period amounted to RM233,041.

HOW MUCH DID SINGAPORE PAY THEIR EXPERTS? Apart from these international law experts, who else have got 'some' from the Republic?


DSAI case - a filthy conspiracy or real scandal?

Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case - a political conspiracy or political agenda?

Many theories, lots of possibilities. Some say the Government mercenaries may have set him up since Anwar has avowed to wrest power from Pak Lah's Barisan Nasional between July and September.

Pak Lah has said such an evil conspiracy never crossed his mind. Najib, too, said the government will never advocate to such a political tactic to frame or bring Anwar down to earth.

What about Pak Lah's close aides?

Khairy Jamaludin, the Rembau MP and Pak Lah's son-in-law who has always been the 'bad boy' of politics in the eyes of the Opposition and some Malaysians - I dont think so!

KJ's allies, perhaps? Some say 'this Saiful' was offered a 'big amount of money' to frame Anwar, thus bringing his political career to an abrupt end. Who wants to give the money? KJ or his friends? Why must they waste it for nothing? Dont we think so?

Not fair to accuse him, anyway. On my part, I just enjoy riding possibilities.

Now. What if Anwar really did it? Another possibility, uh? We cannot discount on this.

What if Anwar and his friends orchestrated the whole drama, paying Saiful to do so in order to create an alarming and 'interesting' political scenario. In this manner, many would give their sympathy to him and his team.

Or, could there be another party? But who and why must they resort to such a filthy tactic? Why not... to distract attention towards Altantuya's murder case! Possible, isnt it?

Yes, leave it to the police to investigate.

It could lead to the unexpected findings also...

Mind Your Own Business, YANKEES!

WASHINGTON was trying to meddle in our domestic affairs!

That’s what Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi meant when commenting on a statement by US warning Malaysia against any "politically-motivated investigation or prosecution" into the sodomy case involving Anwar.

US State Department spokesman Tom Casey was quoted as saying that "it hoped there would not be a pattern" because Anwar had faced similar charges in 1998.

Abdullah said the US statement seemed to indicate that the country was "prejudiced" against Malaysia and the enforcement of its laws, and that it was not appropriate for a country, which is one of Malaysia's largest trading partners, to issue such a statement.

"The United States seems to harbour prejudice against us. The Government will not intervene in any investigation. The team carrying out the probe are professionals and they know their duties.

"They know what's permitted of them and what's not," he said yesterday.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak meanwhile said the police probe into the newest police case against Anwar "was never politically motivated".

"It has never been politically motivated at all. Washington had better get their facts right," he said.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Envoy ticks off S'pore 'TODAY'

HIGH Commissioner to Singapore, Datuk N Parameswaran yesterday ticked off at the republic’s tabloid, ‘Today’, for vilifying the character of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Bernama quoted the envoy as saying Singapore newspapers should treat with much more circumspection or prudence allegations or innuendoes that clearly sought to damage the character and reputation of important Malaysian personalities.

“It was personalities who determined the state of relations between Malaysia and Singapore,” he said in response to a news report published in 'Today' last Friday.

The report, headlined "Under fire - the "First Lady-in-waiting" and written by journalist Jessinta Tan, cited one A. L. Tan of Kuala Lumpur and another Agnes Teh of Penang, both as putting Rosmah in poor light. Today is Singapore's free compact newspaper under the stable of MediaCorp, a government-linked company, with a readership of about half a million daily. In a letter sent to the Editorial Director of MediaCorp Press, P. N. Balji, yesterday, a copy of which was made available to Bernama, Parameswaran said Rosmah was no ordinary person and "to attempt to establish a public opinion on her based on the sources mentioned above is surely a naughty line to take."

MY COMMENT: So much has been said about Rosmah, not only by regional newspapers but around the globe, pertaining to her statement on Altantuya’s case. Blunt and baseless personal attacks are so common these days. Electronic, print media and bloggers know what’s best in their very individual interest. I don’t support ‘Today’, neither do I stand on Rosmah’s side.

Gas price to stay, at least for now

A statement by the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister's Departments says the government has decided to postpone plans to increase the price of gas supplied by Gas Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Means that domestic and industrial consumers utilising less than 2 million sq ft daily do not have to worry about anything yet.

However, the postponement is temporary. Until when, nobody knows. The new price structure is suppose to go into effect today.

Just like the hike of petrol and diesel prices on June 4, we anticipate the new price for gas will go up by at least 30 per cent from the current retail price.

Just wait for the surprise!

The previous figures, please...

THE renovation for cabinet ministers' offices at Parliament House after the March 8 general elections, cost RM2.3 million, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

The direct negotiation tender (design and build) was given to Isbul Holdings Sdn Bhd, based at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.

The project also involved initial works (RM300,000), demolishing (RM25,000), build and renovate (RM670,609), furnishing (RM594,200), telephone wiring, SMATV and audio (RM258,501), electrical wiring (RM90,975), electrical wiring in souvenir room (newly built) (RM10,470), mechanical (RM38,945) and office equipment (RM311,300).

Not so much, I suppose. But what about a former Dewan Rakyat Speaker who ordered a renovation cost of RM3 million for his office, about 2 years ago? How about the rest of the ministers?

Luckily, his term as the speaker only lasted for a year…Padan muka!