Saturday, December 27, 2008


Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election is about 3 more weeks to go. It is a normal fuzz that every general elections or by-election will see some party opportunists trying to gain something out of it.

I had a long chat with an entrepreneur from Bandar Tun Razak yesterday. He owns a medium-sized industry which supplies T-shirt, vest and other souvenir items.

He is also an Umno member. However, the party he loves is KILLING his business. The datas he showed me was shocking.

During the last general elections in March (forget about the previous ones), names like Abdullah Badawi, Najib Razak, Khir Toyo and other big names in Barisan Nasional are on the list of 'pemiutang' (debtors) to his company.

Whether their names were used by party opportunists as licences to place orders, nobody knows. However, I realised that this businessmen has always been made victim.

Why? BN opportunists placed orders for about 300,000 round-collar T-shirts, about 200,000 ordinary T-shirts, almost half a million BN stickers for motorbikes, about 200,000 BN vests, 120,000 towels, 300,000 pens, 380,000 caps and about 800,000 other items for the ruling party.

I dont know about other suppliers but I believe they were dealt with similar blow.

According to this guy, only 15 per cent of the placed orders were collected and paid. The balance has cost him about RM1 million as all items were either laminated or stitched with BN logos and hence cannot be sold to others.

It left him to no choice but to lay off 11 workers in order to sustain operations.

Just about a week ago, a few people from Terengganu Umno State Liaison Committee approached him for some orders. They refused to take the available stocks but demanded new ones at a cheaper rates and fast service.

The purchase order was for about 30,000 round-collar T-shirts, 15,000 collar T-shirts, 5,000 caps, 2,000 umbrellas, 10,000 ballpens, 2,000 vests, 3,000 bath towels and a few other items, all of which are meant for nomination days on January 7, 2009 and polling day ten days later.

They promised him to collect every single order without paying a single sen of deposit. That's the usual promises he got each time BN opportunists who 'cari makan' came to him, telling that the Mentri Besar, the vice-president or any high-ranking officials gave them the instructions.

There were times when everything was delivered, the payment came between 4-6 months later or didnt come at all, expect a phone call such as 'anggaplah ini sumbangan awak kepada parti' (just consider this as your contribution to the party).

So, this is how the ruling party helps nurture entrepreneurs...


Anonymous said...

(fury9) : 'no,no...NO to calun bn on the 17th & show bn , without our 11.6% votes = victory goes to PAS !!'

Anonymous said...

Sorry to nitpick:

The 'data' he showed me were shocking. (data=plural)

The 'datum' he showed me was shocking. (datum=singular)

Not "the datas he showed me was..."

Anonymous said...

UMNO must make it a rule that all
election materials, banners, flags,
pens and such must be made by a central office which will be held
responsible for procuring and settlement of bills.

But then, try doing it and you will
have a big time revolution by the
juak-jual Bahagian. Lubuk duit !


ilham said...

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaha heard this one from so many suppliers to umno, always go bust, remember datuk shah of SHAH'S village fame what happen to him, kena bunuh dari party sendiri, so more ask him to invest in orstrich farming lagi teruk , mati banyak kali hingga bankrupt can't pay his own supliers, its not easy to collect from umno, nanti kena blacklist, I know of a royal wedding at the sunway resort hotel in the late 90's when the bill was presented to the royal family, IT WAS SIGNED THANK YOU WITH A FLORISH SIGNATURE AND NO payment, the bill was close to 1 million ringgit. so the higher the hierachy the better the chance of not getting paid, ALSO heard of the case of a female minister who ordered italian furniture from a fare and demanded it sent to her house, when time for payment same scenario, so the company sent reposesers, polis also don't know what to do, ada court order mah, so property was totally damaged and returned back, and the company lost their operating license, by aily raids from all kinds of govt depts, in the end tutup kedai. inilah malaysia bolih

dugong_darat said...


what happen is very true...
all the contractor that attach with PRU-12 last march haven receive their payment especially those that serve at PWTC...

The reason...

Pak Lah hold any payment because wanted a good and large figure in Umno account when the AGM this March...

He don't want the member's feel his incompetent when they lose in 4 states... no money n no 'negeri'

Anonymous said...

stupid is what stupid does

Anonymous said...

padan muka supplier tu. dah banyak kali kena pun, masih nak tunjuk setia kepada parti.

kalau dah kena mamah macam tu, buat apa lagi... blah je lah... atau bawak je ke mahkamah.

meluat la sikap yang sebegini...

bujai said...


thank for d correction.

mengantuk la masa tu...

jorah, parit buntar said...

it keeps on happening, bro. bukan kau tak tau.

the people on top mungkin tak tau langsung ada ejen diorang sendiri yang jual nama pemimpin untuk kaut untung peribadi.

macam di terengganu ni, dah banyak supplier dapat order dah. bahagian KT berebut dengan perhubungan negeri mengenai siapa yang layak uruskan benda ni.

i think BN has to put a stop to this nonsense.

kalau nak tolong peniaga, kenalah buat betul2... jangan setakat election je

KUAN, kepong said...

sad to say that i am among the suppliers affected.

no payment until today...

how to survive?

Raison D'etre said...


Heard similar tales in the last GE, this time a kedai makan in Perak (won't say which one, though).

Owner receives a "contract" to supply bfast, lunch and dinner for the election workers, and of course, promises are made that he would be amply paid for it after the hoo haa is over.

Goes for broke in getting the supplies for the daily meals and since these are FOC, the turnout was brilliant.

Not the money.

The aftermath (can't remember if its because the candidate lost, though), all promises were forgotten.

He's still picking up the pieces.

Will he do it all over again?

I supposed that's the price you pay when dealing with a bunch of people whose main work is "talking cock." :)