Thursday, December 18, 2008



A reliable source with the property conglomerate just called me, saying the National Heart Institute will be managed as a private, high-class hospital. In other words, the hospital will be just like Pantai Hospital, Gleneagles, Damansara Specialist Centre, etc, whose owners reap hefty annual revenue over sick-and-dying patients.

I dont think the founding father of IJN, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be pleased with such an idea as its main purpose then was to provide affordable heart treatment to the rakyat.

After reading Rockybru and the Star on this subject, I took a drive to the IJN with a friend who used to seek treatment there, only to see that almost 85 per cent of its patients were from the middle and low-income groups.

The government's idea was not a good one. To let go of its 99 per cent stake in IJN was okay but to turn the institute into another goldmine for Sime Darby was beyond comprehension.

This will deprive the poors of their rights for better and cheap treatment!

Whose idea was it, anyway? Why must we take away the only thing that the rakyat has been clinging on to all these while? Sime Darby may find other avenues to fatten up its directors tummies but not in a manner where the poors will be suppressed.

The government should review its decision immediately as the motive of the takeover was unclear. Datuk Seri Najib should seek advise from those who understand the whole issue rather than wanting to please a certain quarters of the business community.

There are many other ways to become popular, sir but not to the extent of sacrifising the legitimate rights of the rakyat.

It will be unbelievable to assume that Sime Darby will run the IJN like a general hospital. For what purpose? If that's so, just build a general hospital in Shah Alam as it is the only city without one at the moment. Then, they can charge patients at minimal rate...


ketam said...

i'm with all of you,who disgusted over this issue.

betul tu kalau SIME DARBY nak sangat terlibat dalam bidang perubatan SURUH DIA URUS HOSPITAL yang baru di bina si SHAH ALAM tp kenakan bayaran paling minima (tanpa subsidi).

Sekarang ini pun pengabungan Guthrie dgn GOlden Hope pun masih huru hara..

A Voice said...

I've written this piece entitled Najib Statement On IJN Doesn't Jive.

Would appreciate if you or anyone could double check and confirm the insider info exposed.

Anonymous said...

ijn has been the HEART of our people seeking cheap and efficient service treatment.

once it is privatised to a property giant, it will be turned into a money-hunter for the company.

the rakyat will be made to pay high charges for the services.

it is not a good idea at all...

SOYA said...

janganlah kerana mengejar keuntungan, rakyat dijadikan korban pihak tidak bertanggungjawab ini.

sudah tentunya ahli politik yang mencadangkan perkara ini untuk melonjakkan kedudukan mereka. bagaimanapun, mreka lupa bahawa cara ini akan mengundang padah.

rakyat sudah bosan dengan sikap tidak rasional pemimpin hari ini. kalau tak percaya bahawa keputusan ini akan membawa padah, tunggulah PRU13 nanti...

bujai said...

A Voice,

thank you...


bekas menteri kesihatan, chua soi lek sendiri menentang cadangan ini yang menurutnya tidak akan membawa faedah kepada sesiapa.

jika sime darby hendak mengekalkan kadar lama untuk rawatan, ia tidak akan meraih sebarang keuntungan.

jika kos rawatan dinaikkan pula, sime darby akan melanggar syarat2 yang ditetapkan kerajaan.

jadi, lebih baik jangan buat hal, sime darby!

Anonymous said...


do you know whose idea was it?


Anonymous said...

isu IJN akan menjadi modal pilihanraya KT bagi puak pembangkang.

untung nya al jub kerana ada musang itam ngan kj utk supply isu politik bagi mengalahkan BN di KT dlm bentuk IJN takeover.

Dahlah calon BN adalah geng inner circle kj n LowLah yg terlibat dlm wang ehsan terengganu.

Tak nampak mcm mana BN akan menang di KT.

Najib is fighting alone there in KT.