Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'Selamat Datang' and farewell, Your Excellencies!

I would like to wish 'Selamat Datang' to three new foreign envoys to Malaysia, who presented their credentials to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, at Istana Negara today.

They were Angolan Ambassador Antonio Da Costa Fernandes, Brazilian Ambassador Sergio De Souza Fontes Arruda and Ghana's High Commissioner, Stephen Osei Tutu Kyerematen.

I have known Costa, 66, who used to serve as Angola's ambassador to India and Thailand. Souza Fontes Arruda, 65, was ambassador in Kingston and Nassau while Kyerematen, 57, was a French language teacher.

Similarly, I would also like to bid farewell to three envoys who had completed their terms here.

They were Argentinian ambassador Alfredo Raul Morelli, Namibian High Commissioner Neville Melvin Gertze and Lebanese ambassador Khalid Mustafa Al Kilani, whom I met in Sidon in 1986.

To Morelli, please accept my sincere gratitude for that wonderful 10-day trip to your country in 2006.


dr kholel said...

i remember when u were at business times, your column 'diplomatically writing' was made as reference by some learning institutions.

i was a lecturer at university malaya (foreign studies) then and i found it easy to educate students by applying your articles.

unfortunately you stopped in 2001 (if i am correct). i heard that u left.

however, you should go back to this diplomatic art as it not only helps students but also our your diplomats.

adik, UM said...

bang bujai,
mana peginya tulisan diplomatik abang dulu?

boleh pinjam untuk tesis tak?

si pitak said...

ambassadors come and go, bro... just like leaders.

the only thing that separates them is borderline

bujai said...

dr kholel,

yeap.... i remember. thanks to you for the few invitations to UM then.

bujai said...


dah berapa kali bagi fon no. kata nak cal tapi tak jugak. kalau nak, datang sendiri, ek?

bujai said...


you used to served the malaysian embassy in new delhi... i bet u know better laaa...