Monday, December 22, 2008

Hudud and Qisas ala Pakatan Rakyat?

Now... wait! Husam said PAS will still implement the Hudud and Qisas law if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general elections, the only issue that tore apart PAS-DAP-PKR pact in 2004.

Very intriguing, isnt it? Even at the Dewan Rakyat, PAS has never brought up the issue, neither had any of its Member of Parliament dared to speak about it.

In many cases, the PAS MPs were tight-lips each time DAP touched the issues about Islam and the Malays.

However, as to what extent will Hudud and Qisas law will be implemented (should they manage to form the next government), nobody knows but it already caused a stir to the PR.

DAP sec-gen and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said in Georgetown the plan by PAS will not be tolerated by DAP unless it applies only to the Muslims in the country.

What does Hadi Awang or Ustaz Nik Aziz got to say about this? Just wait...


WANG, klang said...

there is no way for pas and dap to work together in the next general elections.

the issue on hudud has bent them in 1999 and 2004.

they better go separate ways...

suchitra, JITRA said...

i think hudud is okay. although i am not a muslim, i do understand the law on hudud.

however, pas must make the whole nation understand what hudud is really about.

many malaysians (even the muslims, too) do not see the potential of hudud law in confronting crimes. i have studied its effectiveness in a few arab countries. this law managed to control any sort of crime at its minimal.

all laws are good. however, as hudud and qisas are more islamic, the non-muslim may find it discomfortable when it comes to gambling and alcohol, maybe.

otherwise, hudud is similar to other common laws...

Anonymous said...

nik aziz baru je sebut bukan pas yang mewajibkan hudud tetapi agama islam itu sendiri, sama jugak dengan solat.

jadi, apa salahnya jika ia dilaksanakan untuk kepentingan semua kaum?

yap ah loy said...




si pitak said...


i really respect your view. perhaps you are the only non-muslim who understand what hudud is.

i also understand... part of it...

BlueMoon said...

Excuse after excuse, isn't it? First winning the election, then forming the federal goverment. What next? Perhaps taking over the white house? PAS is firmly in control of two states. If they wish they can enforce hudud in Perak and Kelantan. Why so difficult?