Saturday, December 13, 2008

Five PMs in less than two years...

Najib will take over the premiership from Pak Lah in March next year. If he is okay, he will be fine. What if he's not okay? What will happen if people take to the streets, demanding for him to step down and calling for fresh general elections?

His deputy, most probably Muhyiddin, will take over. The government will have to flush a lot of money for fresh elections.

If Muhyiddin is okay, he will survive. But what if he's not okay? Again, the people will take to the streets and even to the airports runways, too. Muhyiddin will have to step down and whoever his successor is, will face the same turmoil.

Imagine all this happens within the span of 24 months or 2 years. Can we afford such a political scenario? How do we attend to having 5 prime ministers in less than 2 years?

This is what exactly happening in Thailand. Come December 15, they will go to the poll again to elect their fifth prime minister in 24 months.

Their legislators are all geared-up to vote for a new premier after the king approved a royal decree for an extraordinary session of Thailand's parliament. The opposition says it has enough support to take power.

British-born Abhisit Vejjajiva, who heads the opposition Democrat Party, has said that most of the minor partners in the former ruling coalition have now joined his side.

But Thailand's former ruling party, the People Power Party (PPP), which a court has ordered to be disbanded this month, also claimed it can muster enough seats to win on Monday.

The prime ministerial vote will elect a replacement to Somchai Wongsawat, the PPP leader who was barred from politics in the same ruling that ordered the disbanding of his party.

The vote follow months of protests by demonstrators from the royalist People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), which accused the PPP of being a corrupt front for Thaksin Shinawatra, the exiled former prime minister who was toppled in a coup in 2006.

The protests disbanded after a court ruled against the PPP in a vote fraud case. Supporters of the government called the verdict a 'disguised coup'.

The decree by King Bhumibol Adulyadej said the parliamentary session had been approved 'because the house speaker said the prime ministership is vacant and one third of the lawmakers have asked for the extra house session'.

Under current constitution, which was introduced by the military government that followed ousted Thaksin, the new prime minister must be elected within 30 days.

Exciting, isnt it? But again, can we afford it? Think about it...


JAWA PUTIH said...

sekarang ni pun dah susah nak ingat nama-nama menteri kabinet... sebab dah takda minat macam dulu...

kalau tiap2 tahun dapat PM baru pun, apa faedahnya....

ACE, KL said...

yucks! you got a bad but an interesting posting there.

i just want to imagine how malaysia would be if it really happens...

Anonymous said...

it wont happen to us here in malaysia.


malaysians are tooooooooo STUPID in politics!


bujai said...


kita tidaklah serumit itu lagi. takkanlah nama menteri kabinet pun kau tak boleh ingat?

berapa umur kau?

bujai said...


thanks for visiting.

we talk possibilities here... lots of possibilities.

of course we dont it to happen to us!

bujai said...


you are too strong with such a comment. malaysians are well-known for their tolerance. that's why they wont go to that extreme to remove a government or a leader... God willing