Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't be so clingy la, Datuk Seri!

What else can MIC president Samy Velly do to make his presence still felt, to ensure that his role in Barisan Nasional is very much needed and that his attention towards the Indian community should remain well-appreciated.

So, he keeps on making statements about the need for the government to give more priorities to the Indians, help them to prosper and protect their rights.

Who is taking away their rights, anyway? In fact, the government is doing what's best for the Indian community to be more Malaysians rather than being Indians of Malaysia.

Dont be so clingy la, Datuk Seri. We know that you are no more in the Cabinet but you dont have to be rhetoric about things.

We are Malaysians and we very well acknowledge each others' rights and responsibility. You have your team in the Cabinet. They are doing just fine... like you before.


Anonymous said...

ahyoyo. what did he do when he was the government.

BlueMoon said...

The fact that Samy Vellu lost the election and rejected by the same community that he is now claiming to represent tells everything. He's more like a cowboy riding an old horse shouting and accassionally pointing his gun aimlessly. Poor Samny, he's feeling so dejected because noone is paying attention to him now. As the saying goes the beggar cannot be a chooser. Samy can go on begging until the cow comes home but the public had certainly had enough.