Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The "Code of TONGUE"...

Datuk Seri Najib said any differences within the Barisan Nasional must not be discussed openly or publicised.

Why not? The party members need to know. They, too, may have the right idea to cool down any heated sentiments among all 12 BN component parties. Letting it just to the top leaders to find amicable solutions would be time-consuming and unsatisfactory.

However, it is becoming a trend nowadays for leaders to speak up on anything sensitive without having to consider its impact later on. More and more leaders, be it from Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan or any party, including the Oppositions, are finding it easy to lash out at anything about religion, race, ethnic etc.

So much so, the whole political platform is turning into an arena for everybody to say whatever they wish. Forget about sensitivities as the leaders themselves are not advocating to what should be termed as 'the Code of Tounge'.

The rakyat is turning such a scenario into opportunity to launch personal, religious and racial attacks among them. What is there to worry? The police is always there to act should anything gets out of control. That is the general perception now.

Malaysians had all these while stayed numb over many boiling issues. They didnt dare to speak their downrights because of the 'leadership by example'. When the top guns didnt say anything, the rest will keep quiet too.

Unfortunately, things have changed. As to whether we should call it liberal or not, some politicians have set the precedent by launching verbal abuse at each other. Yes, it amused the people who often look up at the parliamentarians as a bunch of clowns for their misbehaviour at the Dewan Rakyat.

Maybe Najib got a point there. He didnt want the ruling party to be damaged by unscrupulous leaders who usually will admit that whatever they said did not reflect the true stand of his party, and that it was merely personal.

But the way they called up or looked out for the Press didnt reflect any 'personal account'. They will speak 'on behalf' of the party, that such an opinion already drew great response from the grassroots.

This are the people who will spoil our image and put Malaysia in an embroil. As the government normally didnt take any action but rather leave it to the president of each component party to settle it, such politicians tend to get more sharp with their words.

The worst scenario is for him to be 'forced' to make a public apology. Even that, few will still defend his words to the fury of those 'politically attacked'. Eventually, it will become a common trait in Malaysian politics. Finally, it will develop into time-bombs.

Are politicians hold any immunity against tough action, i.e the ISA? What's the purpose of ISA then if we fail to comply to its provisions? The ISA may not be that relevant anymore but those who were despatched there are mostly the results of politics, right?


siew, damansara said...

hahahaaha bro! you are funny, real funny.

but there's a logic to it. next time when someone's word causes religious or racial disorder, the only penalty is CUT HIS TOUNGE!

PENDITA said...

dalam islam, lidah adalah senjata paling merbahaya. lidah boleh mencetuskan rasa tidak senang hati, perpecahan kaum, konflik dan macam2 lagi.

sebab itulah dalam islam, kita diwajibkan menjaga lidah atau tuturkata.

orang yang pandai menjaga lidahnya nescaya akan selamat dan disayangi di mana-mana pun dia berada...

karim, YAN said...


karim, yan

ADIK, UM said...

bang bujai,
abang ada lidah ke? meh nak tengok... hehe

ok tak lidah tu?

kulup ludin said...


lu dah main isu lidah pulak ni. hebat!

jangan sampai tergigit lidah, sudah la bro.

sekarang ni dah mula ramai ahli politik gigit lidah sendiri sebab silap cakap.

jangan nanti kena jilat ludah sendiri, sudah laaa.... kan?

Anonymous said...

you are right, sir.

those who spead lies, rumors and slanderous things must also be sent for corrections.

in most cases, politicians are the ones...

PUTAT, ayer keroh said...


edan teringat lagi p ramlee... sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit.

pernah dengar ke ada orang tergigit lidah sampai putus? macam mana la sakitnya agaknya...

edan biaso gak tegigit lidah ni... sakit bukan kepalang. punconyo banyak cakap dan makan gelojoh.

Syed Akbar Ali said...

Sdr Jailani,

I have linked to your Blog. Thanks for your comments. I believe there will be no complaint against the ISA if it is used strictly for the purpose it was first put in place by the British ie to protect national security.

Arresting a young Chinese woman reporter for 18 hours and then ordering her police escort to make a U turn on the N-S Hiway to release her does not make sense.
That should go down in history as the shortest 'threat to internal security'.

And then telling the whole world that she was arrested to protect her own life (for 18 hours only) was just a display of IQ.

Syed Akbar Ali

adam harris said...


Well, how about people who have "double face" or two sided face like Datuk Ong Tee Kiat-Mca president.

Well, if you read what he said in Utusan, he disagreed with Dr Chua Soi Lek's statement about Ketuanan Melayu but in the Chinese dailys, he said that, he was happy that Chua Soi Lek brought out the matter and he fully supported the statement.This is what can be term as lidah bercabang.

Orang-orang macam nie kena hukum sunat je,sunat sekerat-padan muka..., what say you?

~PakKaramu~ said...

Assalamu'alaikum Wr,Wb

Lidah tu lebih tajam dari mata pedang

KONTOT, KL said...

yes! why didnt we put the outspoken leaders who caused racial uproar to kamunting?

why must we punish the reporter who reported the truth?

what must we detain bloggers?

there are many bad politicians out there who incite racial and religious sentiments.

whether they say in the dewan rakyat or not, they should be taken to task!

Anonymous said...

Melayu selalunya salah eja perkataan Inggeris, terutama penulis dari akhbar Melayu. Tongue, bukannya tounge