Monday, December 1, 2008

Aren't you proud of Westport?

CONGRATULATIONS to Westport for its amazing performance in notching two world records. We should be proud of such achievements.

According to Bernama, Westports' operations team recently set the new records for productivity despite heavy rain and wet conditions.The first record was the speed of 665 moves per hour in the first hour of operations. Westports was able to do this by using nine cranes and the latest technology of lifting two containers simultaneously with twin lift cranes, the port operator said in a statement Saturday.

The previous record for this was 456 moves set in June 2006.

Westport's second record entailed vessel productivity by moving 4,427 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) within 10 hours.

The operations were on a new CMA CGM vessel called Orfeo, which can carry a total of 9,700 TEUs and which operates the FAL4 service, the latest in the FAL network linking Asia and Europe.

Seventeen Quay Crane Operators comprising 12 Bumiputeras and five Indians were the "centre-forwards" of the record high scoring team and they are amongst the best Quay Crane Operators in the world.

Westports said it currently stands among the top five ports in the world to have achieved such a remarkable rate of productivity.

Who say we dont have world class port operators?


suhaimi, KLANG said...

a lot of people were not happy when the idea to build westport was broughtup in the 80s. just like the opponents of proton, klcc, lrt, monorail, klia and the highways.

however, the founding members of this projects have proven how wrong their critics were.

i salute westport for the success. its not easy to manage a port which has taken such a heavy beatings at its initial stage.

as a malaysian, i am proud, of course.

Anonymous said...



ANTHONY said...

as an ex-staff of westport (i retired 2 years ago), i am proud of its achivements which was attained on hard work, dedication and support of its entire staffs and management.

my 15-year at the port taught me one thing - nothing is impossible if we stay united in many aspect of work, spirit and mutual respect.

K L said...

I have been to many ports (ocean liners) around the world including Malaysian. Sad to say that not a single port of others is like our West Port, North Port and South Port where the surroundings are so rundown. The housing areas around West Port are deserted, the business of Jalan Besar of South Port is so miserable and the North Port is just famous for a few seafood restaurants !

dannalli said...


Ini semua terhasil dgn sokongan dan dorongan kuat Dr MM serta usaha kuat TS Gnanalingam juga TS Nik Heng. Montori (Budak Boys)waktu tu juga kuat bori sokongan.

Den dok tunggu kok ado komen dari pioneer GM, Ancient Mariner (yang ni pulak Budak Kolet)dalam blognya atau tersinggah di sini.

Tahniah kepada 17 'crane operator' yang tergolong sebagai terbaik dunia.

Anonymous said...

Mungkin kejayaannya adalah kerana WESTPORT di tadbir oleh swasta???

NORTHPORT pun pernah gemilang dahulu...namun selepas WESTPORT ditubuhkan...sunyi aje..


Anonymous said...

What about PTP's ?The poorest busiest port....

si pitak said...

we are all proud, bro.

during the 70s and 80s, nobody gave a damn about our ports. we were the laughing stock, espcially to singapore.

it was only after we develop port of tanjung pelepas that singapore began to feel the steam of competition.

when maersk moved its opereation from singapore to PTP, we knew then that we were reaching the world-class status.

congratulation to westport!

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Yusuf said...

I happened to be a new staff in Westports