Saturday, November 8, 2008

Of money politics, power and contracts...

The new Umno President and incoming prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said Umno MUST reject leaders mired in money politics. Nothing new as more and more leaders and people are saying it.

Money politics is for those with cash, enabling them to 'buy' nominations and votes. Its nothing new already.

On the other side of money politics is also an 'old' issue. What about leaders who give away contracts to their cronies, friends and family members, building a business empire which was meant to be distributed to Malaysian ailing contractors?

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad used to write in his blog about a wife of a senior minister being awarded a 15-year supply contract to Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN), about someone close to another key minister changing the LA (letter of award) already given to a Perlis guy for an aquaculture project, and some other instances of 'direct nego' involving contractors who are called 'the ministers' and politicians' friends.

Should someone out there wants to take me for task for this posting, I am more than ready but I will have to refer to Tun... I believe he and God will be on my side.

Many say that getting an LA for a government project is not a guarantee that the project is already yours. LAs can be manipulated to change hands. 'Under table' money being flushed to a minister's camp, too will not guarantee you of even a small Class C contract.

Some projects are publicly called for tender in newsapers advertisement while some are not, especially the big ones. Sources from the Works Ministry once revealed that even some open tender projects already have got its 'bin' or 'owners', means some tenders were advertised to enable the JKR to make money out of tender forms and build of quantities (BQ).

What do you call this? Money politics, too? Or what?

We want Najib to be more transparent when he takes over from Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in March 2009. Only a resilient and transparent administration will gain public and business confident.

Most of our leaders are already rich (at least they live comfortably) after serving the government for at least two terms. Maybe as to appreciate their service, its okay if they have 'something' for the good terms they have served. I think Malaysians will agree to that.

However, to secure to many for their friends and families prior to retirement, will be seen as greedy and denying others of their opportunities.

Malaysians are a 'give and take' society... or are they not?


SADIK RABUN, chemor said...

uu la laaaa, bro! how dare u insult some of our leaders!!! hehehehe!!!

but u are very BETUL! i am a contractor myself, having doing bsness for the last 25 years.

u know what? i had spent almost RM1 million in 3 years to lobby for projects, including yang ditender.

what did i get? NOTHING!

last-last, project tu dapat pada orang yang rapat dengan ORANG DALAM!

if the trend ORANG DALAM continues, how will other contractors like me can cari makan?

Anonymous said...

yup! what do you call that? not money politics, it seems.

then what? politics of empire?

Anonymous said...

inilah sbb kenapa DEB gagal. Melayu kencing Melayu.
well said, nothing new.
Take a look at AP issue. Since when Yap Auto, Ming Heng, ChinTar Auto became a Melayu?
Melayu jual AP terang2an, tiada tindakan dibuat, at the same time depriving budding Malay car sellers to improve their lifelihood. Saban tahun kuota AP diberi kpd Melayu bangang yg sama.
Tak meniaga pun, jual AP je.
Kalau nak maju, ramai lg blogger Melayu patut persoal kes2 begini.

used car melayu

Anonymous said...

A big thank you for shining some light into these dark, immoral dealings.

What is worrying is that these kind of corrupt behaviour may be so deeply embedded in the culture of the UMNO-led government that it is impossible to eliminate without at the same time eliminating the present government also.

Yang ikhlas,

Omong said...

materialism will be the downfall

heard the astronaut charges 8,000 for an hour's talk

time to go back to being poor in wealth but rich in 'amanah dan jati diri"

Omong said...

"reject" as in ignore, isolate?

or 'reject' as in SACK THEM

if a sore is festering and can deteriorate to the extent of affecting the whole body's function

then i say "amputate" as in EXPULSION, period

rescind their membership pronto with no recourse to send a STRONG signal

3 year suspension is kid's play, they can recover within a short time upon reinstatement

that is, if you are sincere in exterminating the disease

azlan said...


Good idea and hope gov will promote 'give & take society'.

My Raison D'etre said...


Abdullah pun bercakap nada yang sama.

And we know how Abdullah never ever give favors to his menantu, anak, saudaras and what not.

Najib pun serupa la agaknya.



Malaysian Tigress said...

yes, we give...politicians take and keep!

adamharris said...


Sometime I really pity you on your naivety or perhaps for behaving like one.

The question you asked of anyone as to why he want to enter politic, he will answer you that, to grasp on power and make money. Be it the opposition or the government.

Frankly, to be in politic, you need capital ($). Who will pay for the activities carried out by the cawangan, division, if not from the contract accorded by the government or for PAS, DAP from ceramah hand out.

So money politic is rampant in potical parties, I doubt it if Najib can cahnge that, barring in mind that, he is one the culprit practising it.

Perhaps, TDM should announces who the senior minister wife who get the PLKN contract!

With regards to awarding tender, being in business development fraternity, sad to say that, most contracts were awarded based on who you know rather than the economic reasoning (cost factor and reliability.

I would like to confirm that, when I was the business consultant for Overseas Telecomunication vendors, we usually do "spec in"- i.e. we will give our product spec in advance to the GLCs or government agencies so that, our companies will qualify for the technical committee evaluation.

(Most of the evaluators are not qualified to evaluate since either they are too lazy to acquire the knowledge or just too busy to receive commission)

We will then asked to used Approved Local Vendors (mostly bumi companies but supported financially by Chinese Taukeh). Most of this local companies has political contact, either via political sec, SIL or special assistant of minister.

We will then implored a portion of let say 30-45% of our cost, to take care the local portion ( marketing and business development expenses) and the cost will be embedded in the contract.

as such, who will actually losing-the answer will be the tax payer.

So bro- thanks for trying to change the world-god bless you.

Want to go teh tarik with me? I can give you more...

pistolair said...

Mukhriz Lantang Biadap, Bodoh Macam George W Bush ~ Malaysiakini

Dalam wawancara bersama akhbar The Star yang dipaparkan hari ini, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir mengeluarkan beberapa kenyataan yang tampak agak janggal. Barangkali sungguhpun menjadi anak Tun Dr Mahathir, Mukhriz belum cukup ilmu politik kerana sesetengah keterangan dan jawapannya menonjolkan seorang yang kurang matang dalam pemikiran dan rumusan terhadap sesuatu fenomena mudah, inikan kebijakan politik mahupun intelek untuk memimpin pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.
Pertama sekali, Mukhriz menyatakan bahawa orang yang memberi wang atas namanya sebenarnya bukan ejennya, cuma orang yang mahu memburuk-burukkan namanya. Masya Allah, kamu ingat bodoh sangatkah kita ni Mukhriz? Di Ipoh Timur di mana Khir Toyo berjaya mendapat pencalonan KP Malaysia, Tun Amar (adik kepada Tun Faisal, antara penyokong Mukhriz yang kalah di Putrajaya kepada Dato’ Zaki Zahid) telah memberi ‘peluru’ kepada para perwakilan, tetapi malang buat Mukhriz, peluru Khir lebih hebat.
Dan di Tanah Merah, ejen utama Mukhriz, Sazmi Miah berbuat sepertimana Tun Amar di Ipoh Timur dan berjaya mendapatkan pencalonan untuk Mukhriz. Mukhriz adalah anak Mahathir, darah daging Mahathir, dibesarkan oleh Mahathir, dan ramai memberi sokongan kepadanya pun sebab Mahathir. Dan Mahathir inilah bapa kepada politik wang UMNO. Manakan logik Mukhriz ini bersih?
Yang peliknya, Mukhriz berani mencabar sesiapa sahaja membuktikan bahawa dia ada terlibat dengan politik wang dan jika terbukti beliau akan menarik diri. Wah, lantang sungguh. Tapi lantang yang angkuh dan biadap. Umum mengetahui politik wang memang wujud dalam parti UMNO, tetapi memang amat sukar membuktikannya kerana calon akan menggunakan proksi atau ejen untuk menghulurkan rasuah kepada para perwakilan. Maka sebab itulah Mukhriz berani berkata sebegitu. Yang selamat dia berani lah, isu yang ada risiko sedikit kepadanya, Mukhriz tidak berani - debat pun tak berani! Slogan Mukhriz wajar diubah dari Berani Berubah kepada Berani Bertempat.
Kenyataan janggal kedua dalam wawancara adalah apabila Mukhriz berkata bahawa jika beliau kalah di Mac nanti, maka suara akar umbi tidak akan tercapai kerana “jelas sekali akar umbi memang nakkan saya, ”. Mentang-mentang mendahului pencalonan, Mukhriz sudah cukup bongkak. Kini Khairy sudah 52 pencalonan, dan Khir Toyo 62 pencalonan, adakah bagi Mukhriz lebih seratus bahagian yang tidak mencalonkannya bukan merupakan ‘akar umbi’? Mengapa Mukhriz begitu sombong cuba mengatakan beliaulah suara sebenar akar umbi?
Dan jika pun orang yang mendahului pencalonan itu adalah suara sebenar akar umbi, Mukhriz sendiri mengakui bahawa ada orang yang memberi rasuah atas namanya. Jadi sudah pasti kalau pun orang-orang tersebut bukan ejen Mukhriz - yang memang kita tak percaya - keputusan para perwakilan di peringkat Bahagian sudah dicacatkan dengan politik wang atas nama Mukhriz Mahathir. Jadi, apa maksud kau Mukhriz?
Mukhriz perlu banyak belajar lagi. Sudah lah SPM dulu Gred 3, hujah dan pemikirannya seakan-akan budak sekolah. Hujah yang tak konsisten, yang tidak masuk akal dan tidak selari antara satu sama lain wajar merisaukan para perwakilan. Ketua Pemuda UMNO sekarang ini perlu hebat dan bijak, bukan yang penakut dan kelam kabut. Tapi bagi kami seronok pula baca wawancara Mukhriz ini - macam seronok tengok George W Bush sebab kelakar.
Tempoh hari, Mukhriz ada ditanya soalan “Apakah pencapaian anda yang boleh dibanggakan?” Jawapannya, “Saya ada kilang fiber optik; semua fiber optik di Malaysia ini kilang saya punya”. Sudah la jawapan itu tidak ada kena mengena dengan perjuangan politik Pemuda, jawapan Mukhriz itu juga ‘mengkantoikan’ dirinya sendiri. Sebab bapak kau PM dulu la kau dapat monopoli bisnes macam tu! Kah kah kah.

sumber -

Anonymous said...

Would like to share this :-

Anonymous said...

sebab give and take la kita orang melayu ni menjadi lemah. kita cuma tau memberi dan brtolak ansur je tapi tak pernah cuba bangkit berjuang mempertahankan hak sendiri.

bujai said...

sedap mulut je kau.

anyway, u got my number... no prob for a cup of coffee....

shall i bring my old hockey stick as well?

bujai said...


kau memang hebat. bila nak jumpa aku?

BUDU, machang said...

i disagree for this give and take society.

why? we got nothing to GIVE... as mostly everything has been TAKEN UP by the politicians!

adik, UM said...

bang bujai,
saya setuju jika pemimpin yang sudah lama berkhidmat diberikan 'habuan kecil' sebagai penghargaan.

bagaimanapun amatlah buruk jika seseorang pemimpin itu cuma tau mewujudkan empayarnya selama mana dia pegang jawatan.

misalnya ada sebuah negeri di malaysia ni, ketua menterinya boleh dikatakan merembat banyak projek negeri dan diberian kepada anak, saudara dan kawan2nya.

patutkah tren sebegini dibiarkan?

AH KEAT, kepong said...

our leaders are already rich, some filthy rich!

i had the experience of lobbying for a government contract last year - when i was told that it was allocated for the deputy minister as to raise political funds.

is this their way to raise funds for their politics?

bujai said...

ah keat,
you should have gone to the BPR stright away rather than keeping it to yourself.

umno, i believe, has got its own budget for political means... not by BOOKING certain projects for such a purpose!

Anonymous said...

let's call it EMPIRE POLITICS!

those at the top will make money as their priority first, before thinking of their constitencies


ustaz tua, JELEBU said...

sdr bujai,
umno akan hilang arahnya jika mereka yang memegang jawatan dari peringkat cawangan, bahagian dan seterusnya hanya ingin memelihara kepntingan sendiri.

saya teringat posting sdr mengenai pemilihan cawangan solok limau nipis dalam bahagian masjid tanah beberapa bulan lalu, di mana ketua bahagian pun campur tangan untuk menentukan siapa ketua cawangan yang disukainya.

sdr ada membuat cadangan agar perkara ini disiasat tetapi anehnya ia tidak menjejaskan sesiapa.

mengapa? sebab cara inilah yang berleluasa sekarang. boleh dikatakan hampir semua bahagian dan cawangan menggunakan pendekatan busuk ini untuk memilih pasukan yang serasi.

jika inilah panduan yang digunapakai, nescaya umno akan hancur sebelum pilihanraya umum akan datang.

Anonymous said...

i have a simple question and I hope someone can enlighten me:

If money politics is so rampant all these years, doesn't that imply that all those who are held or are holding positions in UMNO are partakers of the same??

If not, how did they get the posts?