Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama or McCain?

The US presidential campaign comes to an end today, with either Barack Obama (Democrat) or John McCain (Republican) will go to the White House.

Americans who tuned in to the last round of campaign rallies yesterday will cast their votes with some false notes ringing in their ears along with the hurrahs.

McCain and running mate Sarah Palin, right down to the wire, persisted in distortions that were discredited long ago. Obama, who has been more responsive lately to being called out on his misstatements, did a rhetorical dance that avoided some of the bogus claims of the past. Even so, not all of his words bore up to scrutiny.

Altogether, facts took a beating in the campaign. McCain and Obama produced enduring myths that their running mates and supporters amplified and distorted even more.

However, its much awaited result gains world attention. US allies are pondering as to whether the new president will still adopt Bush’ anti-terrorism war or to make the country more friendlier.

While bombings and killings seemed to be out of control in Afghanistan and Iraq, most Americans are said to be against ‘terrorising other countries’, which was meant for Iran and Sudan. Luckily, Bush’ era is coming to a close.

Malaysia, too, will wait for the result although many Malaysians would prefer Obama to win, hence creating history as the US first non-white president.

"Having a black president does not necessarily change US foreign policy, with regards to protecting its interest worldwide,” said an analyst.


omar, kangar said...

i will bet on obama...

mickey, jakarta said...

for a change, the US citizens need to give obama the votes this time. i believe they have enough of white ruling at the white house

justine, KL said...

not important who wins.

what the world wants is an american leader who is sensitive enough towards the needs of the developing nations... no war and no discrimination.

however, my heart goes to obama

Anonymous said...

mccain dah tua sangat nak jadi presiden.

kalau dia menang pun, lagi dua atau tiga tahun, dia dah nyanyuk. susah la nak memimpin kalau dah jadi macam tu.

obama lebih muda dan berwawasan anti-dasar luar amerika yang dibenci kebanyakan negara.

jika obama menang, kita harap sesuatu akan dilakukan terhadap dasar luar amerika agar ia menjadi lebih bersikap setiakawan

bujai said...

setiakawan macam mana yang awak maksudkan?

selama ni, setiakawan amerika cuma ke atas negara yang ada kepentingannya saja...

Anonymous said...


Dalam banyak banyak presiden Amerika, cuma presiden Lyndon B. Johnson saja yang bermakna bagi kita. Sebab kawasan Felda Labu kat Seremban tu di tukar namanya kepada Felda LBJ setelah Johnson datang melawat tanah rancangan tu.
Itu pun Johnson singgah sekejap dalam perjalanan dia ke Indochina. Presiden presiden yang lain tu tak payah lah kita harap sangat. Mereka semua sama sahaja.

Mus, BT.

its just me said...

Having a black president does not change US foreign policy but having a president that does not have an ethnocentric view of the world will change the way the US deals with the world.

This country needs a change that is long overdue.

adamharris said...

Hello Jai,

Obama won with landslide. Well just thinking, why do they rate Obama as Black whlist he is half black-half white. (Father-Kenyan, mother white from Kansas)

Well, just cross my mind that basing on how people rate OBama racial heritage, then we have an Indian PM in TDM since his father is Indian, only his mother is Malay.

Oops, no offense intended? Frankly, what can Obama really do? Can he steer away USA from the recession? It will be uphill task for him. All the best to him and congrats.

adamharris said...


Latest news is Obama won the popular votes by a landslide. But I am not certain he will be the President elect as yet since he must wait for Jan 09-electoral votes.

If he win the electoral votes then he will be the President elect. This was what happened to Al Gore. He won the popular votes but lose out the electoral votes.

I wish Obama Hussien will win although he is a black and white race.(Rojak)

bujai said...


namo felda tu labu johnson sobab maso tu kasut jenamo johnson mulo2 masuk pasaran. tak ado kono-mengono dongan presiden tu...

memandai la kau...

Anonymous said...


Namo dio memang sempono namo Presiden Johnson la sobab maso tu president tu singgah Malaya on the way to Vietnam. Maso tu kasut Johnson yang pakai zip kat tepi tu bolum ado lagi.