Sunday, November 16, 2008

The KING in Samy Vellu

Samy Vellu said on Sunday he wouldnt mind a contest for MIC presidency during the party's general assembly in March next year. In fact, he would like to see 100 candidates contesting for the seat.

And then what, Datuk Seri? Leave those trying to unseat you on the sidelines? It happened in the past.

I dont want to comment on behalf of the Indian community. I would like to say something from a Malaysian perspective.

For this 'longest-serving MIC president so far' (I dont like to be superlative as who knows, there might be another longer-than-Samy's term in the near future), we would like to see him passing on the baton to someone else.

Time is changing. The Indians have demonstrated it in some ways. Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, too has relinquished power which opened MCA to contests which saw Ong Tee Keat becoming No.1. Datuk Seri AbdullahBadawi is leaving in March 2009 and Najib is taking over.

If Samy wants to stick to his decision to step down only in 2012, it will be a long wait. Why 2012? Is he waiting for the 13th general elections as to enable him wrest the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat? Or is he having problems to find a good man to replace him?

Cant he realise the tussle between Rafidah and Sharizat for Wanita Umno chief post when the latter received overwhelming nominations to contest against her 'boss' who will only bow out in June 2009, that the 3-months wait is irrelevant!

Many MIC members even attributed BN poor performance during the last general elections to Samy's failure to detect the 'repelious' Indian community against him and his style of administering the party.

The problem with being too long at the top is the tendency for one to feel like a king, and that nobody else should dare to unseat and challenge him. When this happens, you only see the blue skies and not the deep blue ocean beneath.


Anonymous said...

You don't understand "Indian" leaders like Sammy the Pambu. If 100 contest, they will split votes of his real rivals (maybe one or two only) and give him a chance to suck the blood of Malaysians of Indian origin again. Samy is smart, as smart as a serpent. Of course you have no right to speak on behalf of "Indians". But they are all in India and theya re set to reach the moon. In Malaysia, we have Malaysians, including those of Tamil origin in MIC, who have yet to achieve a decent standard of living even. The party has its "token niggers" like that Malaysian of Punjabi origin. But sadly even those are not "Indians", merely your common garden variety but sad Malaysians. So please do comment.

NOBISHA said...


saya telah memasukkan blog tuan dalam blogroll saya. jemputlah ziarah

balan said...

From the perspective of a neutral observer, it is sad that hear that people who are rejected ouright, still thinks they are needed.

In MIC, samy vellu is still reverred as a King. From my conversation with some Indian friends, he has also become irrelevant and yet claims otherwise.

People around him are equally irrelevant and the end of MIC is near. Those who were relevant were sidelined long ago. The same applies to IPF.

adam harris said...

Hello Bro,

Dei, whatlah you, parachit.., Samy Veloo don't touchlah, he is the untouchable? You make noise then he will leave Malaya, go Chinnai.

BTW, Samy King not afraidlah, he welcome 100 people to fight him. He no need to consult Master Ji, like Mama-Mia since Samy's queen also kaki mendram.

You want to mendram come to Brichfield. Ah yo..yo warning no toch Samy wooriat?

Anonymous said...

kah kah kah. i luv samy vellu for his guts... but he never luv me.

you should appreciate what he has done to the country, macha.

attacking him will only make him a maharaja.

SHANKAR, KL said...

i am an indian. samy got his rights and wrongdoings.

his family has established an empire that nobody can deny. when many indians are still finding it hard to make ends meet, he and his clans are already throwing away leftovers from their plates.

yes, he contributed well to the country but not to the indians.

i dont blame hindraf for trying to fight their own cause. why? they know what actually are bugging the minority indians in estates and kampungs.

samy was good as a minister but a dictator in MIC. he couldpnt be bothered if the indians in the estates are without rice and dhal to eat.

he's a good talker but not a good implementator.

suresh said...

uncle samy,

pls go when the atmosphere is still good...

bujai said...


thanks a lot. i will pay u a visit.


kudin, melako said...

alo melayu,
lu komen pasal umno sudahlah. apsal nak komen pasal MIC dan MCA pulak.

tapi kan.... lu memang besssstttt!

Anonymous said...

i believe its time for samy to go while his ranking is still high.

hope he consider this

ananda said...

down with SAMY!

let us go back to subra!

Anonymous said...

samy poochi, ah yo yo.. hindraf leader must take up the samy's challenge to contest. otherwise don't talk about improving indians' luck. pambu or no pambu you bring the bamboo.

Anonymous said...

What you have written is absolutely correct. Please continue to voice out your opinion on what is not right or what is unjust in this nation. As a citizen, as a patriot, this is your right, maybe even your responsibility.

It's like knowing that a small child is being abused and tortured by the people next door. It would not do to just ignore it and pretend all is well. One is expected to get involved to stop the abuse, or at the very least report the abuse to the authorities.

Yang ikhlas,