Sunday, November 23, 2008

The end of yoga for Muslims...

In my earlier posting, I did argue about the 'yoga' issue - that Muslims are not allowed to practice it.

And today, I have to abide by the 'fatwa' issued by the National Fatwa Council that Muslims should stop practicing YOGA as it is HARAM.

I cant say more. As a Muslim, I still believe the Council must look at other practices, too, like some of the silat camps that contain a lot of mantras and 'unislamic' elements. Many 'bomohs', are of the same practice.

RockyBru is of the opinion that such a fatwa has hurt the Hindus. I personally believe we should not mention 'Hindu' in the fatwa as it will bring about uneasiness atmosphere in the country.

What else can I say...


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Rocky's Bru said...


Aku tak cakap penganut Hindu rasa terguris dan tersinggung dengan fatwa mengharamkan yoga ni. Yang cakap begitu ialah Hindu Sangam. \

Diorang kata "many Hindus are deeply disturbed ..". Maksudnya "terganggu perasaan".

Bacalah dengan teliti beb, kalau tak gua pun disturbed jugak sama lu.

thank u.

khairi anwar said...

hahaha. abang baru je buat blog, tolong link kan abang punye ngan abah...please... thanks.

kay-rie said...

tolong link kan blog abang ngan blog abah... hehehe

Nasariyev Usovich said...

Hi Jayy,
Rocky is crossing the line in defending HINDRAF over the "fatwa" on the practice of yoga by Muslims. HINDRAF has no bloody business to comment on what is wrong or right according to the Islamic teachings. Is he saying that the non-Muslims must first be consulted in matters pertaining to Islamic laws ?
So now, the floodgate is wide open for the non-Muslims to question the Islamic virtues of forbidding liquors and pork (& many others)!!!
Observe what the Quran says : "...your religion is yours, my religion is mine....".

Hikayat Mamak Bendahara said...

Hmm.. Yoga memang suatu masalah besar yang merundumi negara kita yang tercinta

Singapore, Singapore – Dato’ Bendahara forgot about Singapore’s role in Malaysia Today!

adam harris said...

Hi Jai,

I am supporting Rocky on this issue since Hindu Sangam has no right to question the decision of the Islamic Majlis Fatwa. It got nothing to do with the Hindus!The fatwa is only for the muslim to adhere.

Perhaps, the Hindus's Yoga instructor may lose some Muslim customers/practitioner but that does not compelled them to interfere in the Islamic faith.

Well, for the Muslim, you can still practise YOGA on the exercising portion but you are not suppose to use the mantra. So what the big deal?

Please let the Ulama and the Majlis Fatwa to do their job, because as a Muslim, once must always try to remind your fellow muslim to do the right things. (ingat-mengingati sesama muslim)

I am in the opinion that, we Muslim has been to tolerant, but bear in mind, we have limit...please don't push us....

Anonymous said...

sorry .. im waiting for you to say something ..

Nasariyev Usovich said...

Dear Jayy,
I have misquoted HINDRAF in my comment on the yoga issue. It should have been HINDU SANGAM instead. The error is very much regretted.

bujai said...


yeap! dah baca dah... not quoting u butu the sangam (or sanggam, the 70s movies)...


bujai said...


thank a lot...

gimme it to me NOW!

bujai said...

khairi anwar,

lu memang cun! nanti abah linkkan.


bujai said...


thank you.

yes, its 'lakum dinukum wali-yaddin'.

by the way, when are we meeting up?

bujai said...

mamak bendahara,

bukan masalah besar jika kita tak 'besarkan' yg 'kecik'

bujai said...

adam harris,

damn right. rocky was right. nobody should question the fatwa... unless for further explaination.

bila nak main hoki lagi?

bujai said...


say what?


balan said...


There's nothing to be sensitive about this issue.

While to ban or not to ban Yoga is for muslims to argue and decide,I found Hindu Sangam statement silly if not stupid.

They are not the official body or authority nor the moral guardian for Hinduism in Malaysia. They are just an NGO. In Fact there is none in India as well.

In my opinion, there's nothing for Hindu Sangam to complaint about.

The word 'Haram' is aptly used to describe the action which is clearly meant for muslims.

There's nothing to be 'terguris'or 'tersinggung' here.

Hindu Sangam is hardly respected by Indians in the first place. They are no guardians of Hinduism as far as Individual Temples and their committees concerned. Even samy vellu hardly listens to them.

I did have an interaction with their president on what constitutes hinduism and issues faced by Hindu's in Malaysia,
You can see the reply here

The president stuggle to answer my questions and concerns.

Hinduism has no rules, bounds or limits. Indian Malaysian Hindus practise the religion according to their whims and fancies with absolutely no distinction made between religious and cultural practise and tradition. Eg they even pray to a living person.

There are also pockets of deviant practises, rituals, and mimi cults disguised as Hinduism. I have seen all this, attended some of them including sacrifice of chicken goat etc.

The only thing that I have yet to see is someone being sacrified in the name of religion. They may get there soon.

Where does Hindu Sangam stands in amidst all these issues -- NO Where . Their excuse,"we are no JAKIM, therefore we can't act".

Then they should just shut up and not interfere on something not relevant to them.


kay-rie said...