Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where's the announcement?

The much awaited announcement on the new downward pricelists of some itemised goods, went dead yesterday. Domestic Trade and Consumers Affair Minister Datuk Shahril Samad did not make any statement as promised earlier this week.

What happened, nobody knows.

However, it is not going to be easy to revise the price downward as what the government did on the prices of petrol and diesel.

Itemised goods are under the control of wholesalers and retailers. In remote areas, the prices are exhorbitant. For the government to deal with them will take more than just what the enforcement unit could do.

Prices may differ from one place to another. If we have 200 consumer items under the controlled price list, it will take much time to conduct a study and a market survey before the prices can be lowered.

Even the Association of Petrol Station Owners claimed that most of its members incurred losses due to the reduction price of petrol and diesel. Wholesalers and retailers of itemised goods may concur the same thing. To them, anthing that goes up must not come down!


si pitak said...

do you know what usually goes up and then comes down? kah kah kah!

just joking bro. whatever it is, shahrir, in my view, was waiting for his boss to come back from china.

he cannot simply make announcement without consent.

itemised goods is a sensitive and a national issue. not easy for shahrir to regulate on his own.

rilex laa bro!

KEPUNDEN, muar said...

d announcemnt didnt come because shahrir himself did know what to do and where to start.

in other words, which consumer goods should be made top list, is it rice or sugar or flour or what?

he is not fit for that portfolio, anyway

bujai said...

si pitak,

what joke? nak kena kau ni!

yes, it was not easy

sentil tembakau said...


bukan senang nak turunkan harga barang yang dah naik. tiap kali kerajaan umum naik harga, sekelip mata je naik. stok lama pun naik harga.

bila nak turun je, masing-masing menggelabah, macam *(679%^9!!!!

kumar, PENANG said...

mr bujai,

i have been working with a consumers' assc for 11 years now and i find it not easy to bring down the prices of itemised goods once it go up.

the govt must first of all conduct a market study on each item and then make a suurvey on its ranking to customers needs.

it wont work unless the govt regulate the price and impose heavy penalties on those breaching it

bujai said...


apa yang kau tau pasal harga barang ni?

nak buat sentil pun kena beli tembakau dulu.

harga tembakau dah turun tapi harga rokok naik.

memang susah nak turunkan harga dan memastikan semua peniaga mematuhinya.

tak tau la cara mana kerajaan nak buat...

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