Monday, October 20, 2008

Others should SHUT UP!

Let's not be sensitive or emotional about it. The Tun Mahathir vs Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi episode gets overheating. Both are our leaders, one being the former premier.

We should not add fuel to it like what some Umno leaders had done or are doing so. The party members must be sensible when it comes to attending to such an issue.

Nothing's wrong with Tun or Pak Lah. Both have their own credence and styles. Tun has left the Cabinet while Pak Lah will do so in March next year.

In my earlier posting, I used to point out something - will both leaders meet up as friends and old buddies when they are no longer in the Cabinet, or as to whether they will shake hands and sit down over tea or coffee...

We should find solution, instead of joining the bandwagon of vociferuous remarks. Aren't we Malays, known for our tolerance among each other and always courteous with our words?

For Tun to pass comments about Umno... well, it is his rights. For Pak Lah to chide at his ex-boss, it is his rights, too. However, let both of them settle their difference come post-March 2009.

Let us see if they will be together again...


donplaypuks® said...

You are a classic example of a study in contradiction.

You have not a clue as to what constitutes freedom of speech, by telling others to shut up.

And that is the attitude of a typical dictator and proponent of apartheid Ketuanan Melayu spiel -'Everbody else shut up, but me!!'

Ahmad A Talib said...

Makes sense! They should renew their friendship and still can agree to disagree.

pahit manis

Anonymous said...

semua orang patut diam, bro! tu yang terbaik

si pitak said...

bro, why not let them add colors to our politics.

on the contrary, yes, we must not add fuel to fire.

sooner or later, both of them will befriend each other again

ajinomoto, melaka said...

both leaders are to be respected for their respective contributions to the country. if other umno leaders have to choose which is the best, then it will belittle the other.

for now, i agree that others should not say or comment about this issue. let it subside... it will.