Thursday, October 23, 2008

Musa Hitam wants a younger Umno team

Former deputy premier and ex-Umno deputy president Tun Musa Hitam said on Wednesday it was time for Umno to choose young bred of leaders who are vibrant, full or ideas and wise enough to lead the Malay-dominant party.

Somehow or rather, I do agree with him.

When you are too old and too long at the helm, your cadres and members at the grassroot may find it 'not proper' to tell you what you did was right or wrong. On the other hand, being too young for a senior position will open you up to simple criticism should you fail to move around 'correctly'.

So, Tun... what is the ideal 'young' age to lead the party? Those 35 to 60 maybe?

MCA has, in its just-concluded elections, saw a balanced mixture of veterans and youths. It was perhaps the best results the country and the party have seen in many years. Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek whose sex-scandal forced him out of the Cabinet, gained popularity by emerging as the party no.2 man.

We can say that MCA members were wise in chosing who they wanted, regardless of one's personal scandal or problems. To the Chinese, track record of service and the acceptance of party members are more important.

Umno has so many factions, a texture of old and old, old and young and the young ones. Which one do we prefer? Some veterans and seasoned leaders cannot deliver anymore but still want to hold on to their position. A few who realised that they cant even make the cut for Supreme Council and vice president seats, were still hoping for miracles.

What are the criteria and ingredients to become Umno leaders? Tengku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein, Tun Mahathir and Datuk Seri Abdullah have got their own supremacy elements as leaders, then and now. Najib is emerging fast while Muhyiddin gains so much support fron the divisions.

What about others? Some may get enough nominations and some may have to bow out. Names like Hishamuddin, Mukhriz, Khairy and few others are young leaders who can chart the party's next move towards becoming more relevant in Malaysian politics. Nonetheless, back-stabbing, money and all sorts of tactics are being used to gain that few seats.

The veterans and youth combination should augur well to stabilise and reconcile all factions in Umno. Many may say there were no factions, that no money was being offered to delegates and no match-making was involved.

It is time for Umno to wake up in the midst of post-12th general elections dilemma. Its leaders and members must realise that whoever they may choose for no.1, no.2, vice presidents and other positions MUST bear the responsibility to regain confidence from grassroot members, work as a formidable team and close ranks with everybody.

Yes, we need some GOOD young leaders, irrespective of where they come from and with whom are they close to. As long as this seasonal and young leaders can secure satisfaction within the party and uphold Umno to the ideas mooted 61 years ago, then there will be nothing to worry.



mat ghazal said...

any party will has to combine the old and young. what tun musa meant was if a leader is too old, it will be difficult to correct him. hope u know what i meant. heheheeh

Anonymous said...

umno memang mahukan adunan pemimpin lama dan baru yang matang, berwawasan dan disenangi semua ahli.

kita tidak mampu lagi melihat umno menjadi bahan ejekan pihak lain yang cuba menidakkan kemampuannya.

adalah diharapkan umno akan lebih gagah selepas mac 2009, tidak kiralah siapa yang menang pemilihan kali ini

Omong said...

usia bukan ukuran yang tepat untuk memilih pemimpin

seharusnya daya pemikiran dan jatidiri yang dipilih untuk menilai pemimpin umno

yang muda dan berpelajaran tinggi tapi kurang kebijaksanaan dan pengalaman akan membawa experimentasi yang mungkin mendatangkan keburukkan

kalau yang tua tapi masih cergas dan tajam daya pemikiran asalkan belum nyanyuk harus di beri peluang memberi pandangan dan pendapat

usia sahaja sebagai ukuran - kurang tepat

Anonymous said...

i think musa wants everybody to follow what he did after leaving the cabinet in the 80s...


Anonymous said...

When one is too old, it is too difficult to remove the musang in someone.

A Voice said...

Musa wants Zahid Hamidi and Khaled Nordin. Zahid as his cai dari dulu. Khaled Nordin for his TSR Synergy courtesy to pay for his expenses.

Poodah Musa ... ada ulterior motive.

Bung Karno said...

Age is not a factor in chooseing a leader or offering a service to country. A 59-yr old Shahril Samad may think he is old and going down but 80 year old Tun M can still take pot shots anytime, anywhere. A 34-year old KJ is obviously greedy but 60 plus Rais Yatim is a picture of contentment and experienced head.

Young leaders can be greedy, and if at 35 he starts treasure hunting, by the 60's he would have dried the country's wealth.

In fact many UMNO youth leaders are well-off and Datuks many times over. These make them arrogant, more greedy, become corrupted and corrupt the system, impatient, and disrespectful to the elders. In the process, they alienate the other young members of society who shied away. This is why the young voters are more inclined to group with the upstarts like PKR, who can identify with them.

Ministers and power-welders who are appointed at advanced age are less likely to be greedy or corrupted because they have already made it, just enough. Of course if the sons or son-in-laws are of special breed, this theory is reversed.

donplaypuks® said...

So, if you were in power, you would pick a team of perfect strangers?

JomoSama `2 Are Run said...

Ibaratkan kelapa tua, makin tua makin banyak santannya..tapi dalam soal politik, teori santan kelapa tidak boleh diguna-pakai.
The older we get, the wiser we become..but,we need to start from making silly mistakes before we go further in politics..Najib, Hishammuddin, Mukhriz, Khairy, Khir Toyo, Dr.Ahmad Zahid, and few more young leaders who can inhances UMNO future and lead the country to the glory...

Anonymous said...

I agree Musa Hitam ingat 52 hingga 60 tahun dah tua macam dia, dia patut ingatkan macam dia muda lagi kerana masih tak nyanyuk lagi

Org Tua Bangka

bujai said...


sometimes strangers may turn out to be better that those you rub shoulders with everyday.

either you TRY or you CRY

bujai said...

memang usia bukan ukuran. besar jangan disangka bapak, kecik jangan disangka anak.

bagaimanapun, gandingan tua-muda ni bagus untuk semua...

PS... bukan senang nak jaga hati orang tua ni

bujai said...

yup... we need both sides to complement each other. nobody can match dr m (so far) but god willing, we may find good leaders. the only problem is, being good doesnt warranty you of a top position...