Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello from Taro Aso

Hello, this is Taro Aso wishing you well. As the Cabinet has been corresponding with you regularly since Junichiro Koizumi was in office, I am happy to carry on.

On September 24, 2008, I assumed the office of Prime Minister of the 92nd Cabinet of Japan. The grave responsibility of the premiership has fallen upon my shoulders, and I feel its weight keenly.

In particular, I have taken sternly to heart the fact that we are in the midst of a crisis encompassing the people's anxieties about the economy, as well as their daily lives and the future, and moreover, their dissatisfaction with politics that have failed to assuage these anxieties.

I believe my mission is nothing less than to revive Japan, making it once again a strong and bright nation. To rebuild the Japanese economy and to increase the prosperity of the people are issues of utmost urgency.

I will immediately take measures to revive business activity and to cope with rising prices. The Japanese economy needs three years for a full recovery; in three years, Japan must break out of its mold. I believe in the latent power of Japan. We are a hard-working people with technological prowess.

The Japanese economy has boldly met countless severe challenges, and each time it has emerged stronger. There is absolutely no reason to be pessimistic. I will devote myself to ensuring politics that do not shy away from the tasks at hand but instead carry them out responsibly.

I am determined to build a strong and bright nation -- a nation of which we, the people of Japan, can feel proud. Over the past year, I have toured 161 locations around the country in order to listen directly to what the people in the regions have to say.

This e-mail is not just to express my ideas; it also provides an opportunity to listen to your views, so that I can reflect them in the conduct of the affairs of state.

Thank you.


Malaysian Tigress said...

PM TARO ASO...please listen to this view....teach our politicians a thing or two about going to the ground and listening to the people?

Ah,and also teach them a thing or two about HARAKIRI? They know no shame or honor, PM TARO...

kilimanjaro said...

bro bujai,
i would like to see more of such stuff on your blog. its something different from the rest

si pitak said...

even taro aso is having problems now as support for him gets thinner. however, it is good for malaysians to keep abreast with developments in other countries, especially japan whom we do big tradings with.

tina, UM said...

TQ bang bujai for this latest posting. it helps us, students of the japanese studies, university malaya to enhance our knowledge.

thank you again

palani, lumut said...

i agree with malaysian tigress. we still need to learn much from the japanese. i remember the 'look east policy' adopted by tun mahathir when he was our pm. it worked well in inculcating a positive work value among malaysians. it also helped our industrialisation process.

i am happy that a blogger like you have such a good contact with the japanese cabinet.

pls keep it up.

adamharris said...


Taro Aso, email is just a blatant marketing strategy. I see this in Anwar Ibrahim website, if you subscribe to his website, he will send you all this marketing gimmick.

What the big deal of this marketing gimmick. Datuk Ali Rustam did better, one of his marketing gimmich is to award Shah Rukh Khan since his wife adore Shah Rukh Khan. (Hati isteri kena jagalah)

So Taro aso is a marketing guys, I predicted he won't last that long as PM, perhaps the most 3years. Take my word for it.

bujai said...

bro adamharris,

your prediction for taro aso... 3 years... could be a bit tooooooooooo long. looking at the current japanese politics, he can only withstand the pressure by mid-next year.

Malaysian Tigress said...

ceh...i thought was personal acquaintance...hehehe

gimmick jugak bujai..