Friday, October 24, 2008

Anwar got a point there...

Face the fact. There were truth in Anwar Ibrahim's counter budget proposals. Like it or not, the BN government should consider such an option if we want to restore foreign investors' confidence. The 2009 Budget in August was tabled by Prime Minister (also Finance Minister then) when the world crude oil price was still above US$120 per barrel and the Wall Street was still unaware of the incoming economic bashing which initially sent the Lehman Bro and Merill Lynch tumbling down. Its impact sent the world markets reeling, some to their 10-years low. Malaysia was not spared. Looking at the current economic trend, we need a lot of sacrifices to the original Budget proposal. We need to steer the country out of the economic turbulence, yes! I believe Anwar, too, is concerned about the economy and may consider not to become a Prime Minister (if he got the chance) at this time around. We can rest on our strong fundamentals but some big economies have not been able to face the onslaught without some revamps to their existing monetary, banking, investment and administration budget policies. Anwar, as a former Finance Minister, was seen here as 'sincere' in his counter proposal which include a cut to government expenditure, public open tender, reduction to projects budget and putting to shelve some mega projects. Being an opposition leader does not mean he cannot be allowed to come up with positive plans to save the economy. There are times when both sides - the ruling and opposition parties - need to sit down and discuss some urgencies. Economy is a big issue. It leads to inflation, recession and in some cases, food crisis. Malaysians, at large, will support any move to ease them on their expenditure costs. We have good economists around, be it from the government or the opposition. Even the Americans came together when it comes to finding solutions to their economic woes. Japan and South Korea, too. Malaysia is not as developed yet. And so, all sectors of the community deserve to give opinion and suggestion as to how some issues should addressed for common interest.


KUDITA, pekan said...




Omong said...

was that fruits of anwar's brainwork

or is it advice from a vested source

he was IMF and world bank disciple

thailand, indonesia and malaysia was targetted then

if not for Tun's timely damage control ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're dead right. This is a time for national reconciliation. Both among BN component parties, and also the opposition. It has to be Malaysia first and partisan politics put aside. And Abdullah Badawi exiting from the scene immediately if he truly love the country. And Anwar stopping targeting Najib, and work together.

Zul Sri Hartamas

cucupakkasim said...

the problem with umno/bn leader is...they wonn't accept any idea from outsiders...

tua lawa, PENANG said...

no politicians will want to do anything that will harm the national economy.

as an opposition, anwar may have his own logical set of economic planning for the country.

the best thing now is for every party to put aside differences and focus on our economic agenda.

the rakyat would want to live in a more comfortable atmosphere rather than having to be fed with bipartisan politics and its vendettas every now and them.

paklah, najib and anwar and whoever can come up with ideas to weather the economic crisis should respect each others' view and find a package to it.

kanang said...

bro, kau betul la.

buat apa nak bercakar kalau ekonomi kita makin merudum.

tengok ke la pasaran saham kita. walaupun ia mengikut rentak dunia, masih ada cara untuk mengelakkan ia jatuh mendadak.

semua pihak harus faham bahawa ekonomi ialah teras perpaduan negara. jika politik tidak dapat menyelesaikannya, maka dengan apa lagi dapat dibuat?

saya rasa anwar juga masih sayangkan negara dan akan berusaha membantu kerajaan membetulkan keadaan.

kerajaan pula tidak patut berkata bahawa apa saja yang ia buat adalah betul dan tidak memerlukan sesiapa untuk menegurnya. ini salah sama sekali.


hahahahaha! u are dreaming bujai! the government will NOT listen to anwar or anybody outside its foe. no matter how much damage is done, paklah and his team will only listen to their group, especially that 'mata lebam'!

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with OMONG. if anwar want to ruin the economy, he could has done that long time ago.

by the way, does he got tangible proof of his accusation?

bujai said...

durian tepus,

are u a male of female?

anyway, sooner or later, the government will have to listen to somebody.

rather than having to take advise from abroad (betul ke selama ini seperti apa yang didakwa?), better stay safe by taking it from malaysians, irrespective of their political ideology.

bujai said...

omong got his own argument based on what he knows.

try talk to him laaaa

bujai said...

bro kanang,
semua orang sayangkan negara. takda siap nak lingkupkannya kecuali kalau kita ikut telunjuk orang asing.

seperti yang saya kata, anwar mungkin ada sesuatu yang baik. walaupun dia bukan anggota kerajaan, setiap cadangan sedemikian perlu diberi perhatian.

kaji dahulu sesuatu cadangan sebelum kita terima atau tolak. ini lebih baik daripada menolaknya mentah-mentah

si pitak said...

maybe you are right and wrong. anwar may want to show off or really sincere.

the best is still for the government to give it a thought.

i dont side anwar but i believe paklah and najib and the cabinet should consider it.

Zahari S said...

I beg to differ. Anwar has lost it long time ago when he instituted an austerity measures that almost put the economy to a halt.

Ten years seemed very long but not long enough for those who have to pay almost double in terms of housing loan because Anwar subscribed to a high interest rates policy.

Anwar was also the one who reduced the non performing loans from six months to three months which caused banks to be almost paralysed.

Not to mentioned the ten percent minimum payment on credit cards which squeezed out consumer spending.

On top of that, did anyone remember the 25% down payment and 48 months repayment period on hire purchase to buy cars?

With all those policies that Anwar has subjected the economy to when he was the Finance Minister, I don't think he has what it takes to steer the economy from the impending recession.

What Anwar is proposing is something that come out from a text book and it will not work because in the real world, everything is dynamics and if you were to use Anwar proposal, the ecomomy would come to a halt, a halt and not just a recession.

For those who survived the financial crisis of 1998-2000, think real hard about putting your money in Anwar's basket.