Friday, September 12, 2008

RPK should avoid another Satanic Verses

(Latest: The Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter whom Ahmad Ismail accused of misreporting has also been taken-in by the police. Waiting for details)

The arrest of Raja Petra at his house around 1.10pm today was well-expected and anticipated. Afterall, he was courting arrest. I dont really support the move if it was anything about the slanderous postings he made as the facts are yet to be ascertained. His accusations towards the government, too, should not be made into reasons for his arrest. However, my personal view is, his arrest under the Internal Security Act (ISA) is 'not proper'. If he was taken in for his 'un-Islamic' postings which insulted Islam and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, its fair enough. As a Muslim himself, I dont find it amusing at how RPK tried to win the hearts of the 'liberal Muslims' and non-Muslims by doing so. If his intention was to smear the image of Islam, then what he did was worse than that of Salman Rushdie, the author of 'Satanic Verses' wanted dead by the late Ayatollah Khomeini for causing massive Muslim uproar worldwide about 15 years ago. However, I hope he will be out soon and given a fair legal treatment. ISA is not that appropriate anymore.


ex-ustaz, BANTING said...

he deserves it, bro. being anti-govt is okay but to tarnish the image of islam, esp the prophet is something we cannot tolerate.

he maybe a liberal muslim but he still cannot change the conceptualism of islam.

KETIAK said...

ISA? why must the government apply ISA again?

Why not just detain him under normal order and get a good muslim teacher to make him come to his senses?

time and time again, the government flexes its muscle via ISA which is not applicable anymore in this modern era. it is similar to guantanamo!

Anonymous said...

we dont care if non-muslim disregard islam but for a muslim to do that, he should be hanged!

Better in Time said...

this is not about Islam. Umnorats could care less about Islam. A bunch of corrupt politicians, womanisers, looters, murderers, kaki toddy pun ade.

This is about protecting heir positions.

RPK is an idiot who thinks he knows better than even Rasullullah saw. Saya memang menyampah kat apologetic Muslim "liberals" (whatever that word means lah).

Ornag macam tu biar Allah deal je dengan dia, atau doa je dia sodar diri sket.

Tak yah nak campak lam ISA. Yang patut kena campak lam ISA tu, perompak2 khazanah negara yang misuse public office for personal gain.

Betui tak Bang??

bujai said...

better in time.

kau memang betul la!!!

Better in Time said...

memang aku selalu betul!

heh heh.

Better in Time said...


bang bujai, meh...jemput pi blog kite...tgk betui ke tak betui kite cakap pasal saudara Anwar...citer sodomy tak de...citer lain ade.

nanti tinggai komen tau...glamer sket bang bujai tinggai komen...

Anonymous said...

The Malays are the last race in the world to become Muslims. Prior to that they were Animists, Hindus and Buddhists.

The Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Africans in general were exposed and became Muslims much earlier than the Malays.

I do not know about RPK's personal beliefs on Islam, ie, wether he belongs to the "Al Quran Group", "Anti-Hadis Group","Shiah","Wahabi", "Sufi" etc, but I agree with him on his writings that led him to ISA.

The Malays at present generally do not know much about the religion Islam. Their understanding were better in the earlier days, say, Hang Tuah days.

I have stopped going for Friday prayers as the Khatib's sermon is no more soul-filling but at times even crazy political talk. Moreover, the Imams dont even know how to pray properly, though they may appear or have Masters in the field.

A contractor friend of mine who had to bribe officers of the religious dept to get a state mosque renovation job, got a shock during work-in-progress, the Imam asked him "Bahagian saya takde ke?". Holy ghost, I never will pray behind that imam guy.

Outside that same mosque was a billboard quoting the Quran, in short, " Sesungguh-nya sembahyang itu menghindar daripada perbuatan keji dan mungkar". How ironic when the Imam who leads the prayers is also a corrupt who worship money. Do you think he knows how to pray? If he had, he would 'menghindar drp perbuatan keji & mungkar', right.

Orang2 serupa ini yang menghina Islam, not RPK.


Anonymous said...

What did he do to be worse than Salman Rushdie?

God is the Judge of Judges, 'Ahkamil Haakimeen"


Anonymous said...

Campak dalam neraka aje RPK ni .
Botak gemuk nak mampus la tu