Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raja Petra DESERVES it!

The news that blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin aka RPK was slapped with Section 8 of the Internal Security Act (ISA) which allows the government to detain him without trial for 2 years at Kamunting, did not trigger me any alarm. In fact, I do support the move by the Home Ministry.

Sorry fellas! I am a blogger, too but I am for what is right and against what is wrong. I am living in Malaysia, one of the most delicate countries on the globe. If one tries to incite racial, religious and economic chaos with the intention to bring down the socio-stability of the country, I will be among the first to protest.

RPK is a good writer with thousands of readers and supporters. I like his style and his postings. He got his own class to woo support and sympathy and I personally believe most bloggers, readers and those of the opposition parties are upset with the Home Ministry's decision.

Had he not incite public uproar (especially the Malays and Muslims) over his postings which insulted the religion, the Prophet and the Malays, I would also join the bandwagon that opposes his detention under ISA. The government cannot take him in just because he posted too much 'slanderous' materials on his website. Afterall, there are still many other bloggers, including politicians who also posted similar articles on their weblogs.

I have my own stand and opinion... and I deserve to speak my downrights. When most people in the country, including ministers voiced out their views - some were against the ISA - that the draconian laws must be scrapped, I personally believe that in a country like Malaysia, the ISA is still relevant.

After what happened during the communal riot in Singapore in 1964 (that led to its Independence a year later) and Malaysia in 1969, we cant take chances anymore. Its true that thing were quite okay after that but it is building up again. Even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi admitted the fact recently that the 'muhibah' spirit among Malaysians are at its lowest now.

The Malays, the Chinese, Indians and other races have been contributing well to the development of the country. Should there be minor misunderstanding, it should be well addressed by our leaders and their representatives. This has been the best way to manage Malaysia since 1969.

However, this harmonious atmosphere was slackened by some people who either tried to take advantage of a few 'incidents' or for their own political objectives. The Hindraf movement was the result of discontentment among a few politicians. It was then turned into a platform to pressure government and to challenge the law. The Malays were adamant about it but there were few occasions when there were calls by Malay 'leaders' to launch a backleash against the Indians. We are happy when the government (although a bit late in its action) detained some of Hindraf leaders before things went out of control.

And then came the Bar Council - a body supposed to be non-political and most fair to Malaysians - with its Social Contract and Embracing Islam forums, which openly challenged the law and the Muslims for its 'unconstitutional' moves. The organisers, maybe, failed to recognise and consider the sensitivity of both issues to the country, as a whole.

Now, Bukit Bendera Umno division chief (now under suspension) Ahmad Ismail should be the next to be taken to Kamunting for his 'racist' statement during Permatang Pauh by-election. Had he not liken the Malaysian Chinese as 'passengers' and immigrants in Malaysia, the Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter wouldnt be held by the police for her stories.

Calling the Chinese 'pendatang' was like spitting on our own ancestors' grave. As most Malays and Indians, too, are descendents of Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and some other countries, we cannot simply labelled others as 'pendatang' just because the Malays form the majority of Malaysians.

Malaysian history is very colorful. Almost each and every one of us came from somewhere... few hundred years ago. Let us share the history in our nation-building. At least, we are proud to have such varieties.

I maybe wrong to liken RPK as another Sulman Rushdie but as a Muslim himself (married to a convert Chinese), he should be well aware of his religion and its path. Insulting Nabi Muhammad SAW is the first thing that will spark anger to any other Muslim who hears about it. Unless RPK is a Shiite, then I think... I think... its okay as the Shiites only recognise Saidina Ali and Imam Mahdi as their sect leaders.

Come to think about it again, ISA is still relevant to our country. We cannot let anybody else to cause public chaos that will lead to uneasiness, bloodshed and economic collapse. We should have learnt enough from the past.

Please bear in mind that any issue on race, religion and culture can be very erruptive. We cannot let Malaysia to become another apartheid nation, neither can we allow her to be fall apart under racial and religious riots.

I have observed wars, riots, lootings and killings in some countries. It taught me a lot of mutual respect and mutual recognition of rights. I dont want to imagine Malaysia plunging into racial and political turmoil. Even a political and power struggle is bad enough to put the country into chaos. When there is no legitimate government of power, we will place the nation at uncertainty. This will halt economic development as no foreign investors are willing to come in.

Having said this, let me declare that I have nothing personal against RPK or Ahmad Ismail or Teressa Kok or anybody else. I still hope for the government to reconsider the decision on RPK as Aidilfitri is near the corner. I am not pro or against the government. I am an ordinary Malaysia who stands by what is right.
What I want to point out here is MALAYSIA'S STABILITY AND PEACE. I still support ISA in some ways. It wont be easy to 'correct' someone with racial and religious hatred to change his/her perception in one or two months. Sometimes it takes many years.

Remember, this is our country. For a country like ours, where freedom of speech and expression is in practise, we still cannot take full advantage of it. Let's look before we take a leap. It wont be easy to mend a broken family. This is a BIG family!


anak bugis johor said...

new generation of malaysia is well feed and exposed not like 50-40 years ago. They know what right and wrong. Detaining RPK or a like does not make any different. The majority will not go in a way for May 13. So stop the bull shits

KongKor said...

Hahaha...you agree with the Home Minister. Then I will roll out the red carpet to welcome you to the world of 'clowns'.

ISA in itself is an outdated act that need to be reviewed.

I am not a Muslim, but I believe in that if RPK have insulted the religion, he can be tried under the Syariah court and let RPK argue his case. Fair play lah.

bujai said...

anak bugis and kongkor.

good that u gave your views. its okay... and good.

my views is that, the govt should review some clauses of the ISA, maybe change it into something else and skip the 'without trial'.

my concern is more about those who incite racial hatred. if you understand what malaysia is, then you will understand how difficult it is to take care of many sensitivities of each race and religion.

kongkor. tks for the red carpet.

si pitak said...

what do u mean u support the detention of rpk and supporting isa?

the govt should disband isa and change it. its wrong to detain people without trial

bujai said...

i expect that for the first time, will not agree with me. thats fine, bro.

i gave an answer to anak bugis and kongkor already.

tks again

arabco, penang said...

i agree with u that rpk must be 'corrected' but not under ISA.

either he is a muslim or not, he shouldnt have played with such sentiments.


CHUA, KL said...



Anonymous said...

National threat?? If RPK deserve it ... then that big mouth Ahmad Ismail should deserve it more.

You're entitled to your ideas, yes .... but it stinks. It reflect a bigotry Malay's!

hashim harris said...


I am with you on the stand. Well, RPK has been making it up and distorting the facts. Perhaps its a legitimate tools of a propagandist but not as a free thinking Muslim blogger.

We do not want the government to come up with law similar to the USA Patriot Act, a law to contain subversif and terrorist.

RPK may provoke terrorism such as the the jihad bomber-Marriot Pakistan due to his touching of Islamic sensitive issues.

I reckoned that RPK is like Salman Rushdie. So I am in favour of the government in holding RPK for two years.

Anonymous said...

ISA is against Islam, no two ways about it. If you're a Muslim and you support ISA, i feel sorry for you. Maybe you should reflect upon your 'faith' in the month of Ramadhan. It is not only wrong in Islamic jurisprudence but also wrong in natural justice. Even Ali the 4th caliph got his case thrown out due to lack of evidence...he went to the courts and he didn't use the ISA to send the Jew to jail. But, maybe that's why God made heaven and hell...some people just love hell even though they know the consequences.


pogadai said...

yes sir....

i'm too agreed with you bro...

That b@#$s%@t deserved it. Damn Rascal.

Some people like to talk C#@k and think he can feel nothing....WTF

Go to HELL RPK....

Ahmad Hanis said...

Agreed what kongkor said..

maybe RPK naive in Islam..he's opinion in Islam resulted from lack of knowledge and should be put to Syariah trial..Let him argue and see what's wrong. We as Muslim must correct any misunderstanding but not by using ISA which will lower the dignity of Islam which is the religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

It depends on how a Muslim read it actually.

I've never heard well learned Nik Aziz or Harun Din mentioned in any papers RPK is insulting Islam.
He only insulted UMNO Malays not Malays, not Muslims.
Are you saying those ulamaks are blind to the truth? Mind you, those are revered ulamaks.

Those lodging reports are UMNO ulamaks, the type that condones corruption, abuse of power etc of the govt of the day.UMNO goons so to speak.

Bujai, only this type of muslim got insulted , makan babi tak boleh, ambik rasuah boleh, sembahyang jumaat pakai songket lepas tu ambik rasuah, menghalalkan kezaliman etc. UMNO has never put Islam as their priority in 51 years.

This is selective prosecution and politically motivated. Ahmad was spared any punishment. As you put it, he incited racial hatred too but he got nothing at the end of the day.
So what now?

mat kelantan

donplaypuks® said...

You seem to have no grasp of the situation in this country at all.

All I can say to you is DON'T TALK COCK!!


elle said...

no one "deserves" ISA ... dont be so mean by saying that... no one should be sentenced or deserves any sentence without trial .. just put yourself in those detained under ISA.. you and your close ones will know then whether you deserves or not ...

BlueMoon said...

RPK deserves Kemunting - I'm in full agreement with you. Looking at the people who protested against RPK's arrest today is reminiscent to street demonstration by Hindraf supporters. They are all the same.

Jurublog said...

I truly agree with you.

In fact most of the things that you mentioned in this posting reflect my exact point of views.


confused said...

The irony of it all is that they are using an unIslamic law to put an individual away for allegedly insulting Islam.

Anonymous said...

Sebagaimana yang dikatakan oleh Mufti Perlis, tuhan yang berhak membuat apa saja tetap mengadili makhluknya.

Manusia, kalau ada kuasa walau sedikit, maka hendak dibuatnya lebih dari apa yang tuhan buat kepada makhluk Allah itu sendiri.

Mudah benar kita menjadi bongkak!


bzz said...

He deserve it long time ago...

batak rabit said...

I totally agree with you on RPK and ISA is still relevant.

JomoSama `2 Are Run said...

I agree with what the home minister did to RPK, even want 2 suggest to him to cancelled RPK citizenship and throw RPK to the SEA, let him swim with the shark..!!
RAJA PETRA DESERVES IT and ISA SHOULD STAY. Don't let this kind of human species destroy our nation,destroy our ancestor's `titik peluh'just b'coz they don't like UMNO..go to hell with those people who don't want ISA. ISA WILL STAY & RELEVANT UNTIL THE END..

badaksumbu said...

Ye I agreed, RPK deserves it. If not him, his commenter have humiliate The Prophet and being racist towards the Malay.

To ANAK BUGIS, YOU are wrong, there are many Malays who is not PENGECUT like you! Who are you to talk on behalf of the majority Malay? I suppose you are bullshit yourself!

seloka said...

taken from azizhassan.blogspot.com. x journalist who share your sentiments...

THE debate over the continued existence of the Internal Security Act has taken an interesting twist, with de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim saying that he basically doesn't agree with it except when it's used only against terrorists and is prepared to resign over this decision to break ranks with the government.

In declaring his position at a press conference yesterday Zaid also said that he didn't want to make it any more difficult for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and would try and meet the boss soon. Zaid stopped short of saying that he would resign immediately but indicated that he was prepared to be sacked from the Cabinet. I'm of the view that if Zaid feels strongly enough about this he should bring his resignation letter along when he goes to see Pak Lah. No ifs, not buts.

Let's not forget that it was Zaid who suggested that fellow minister and Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin should resign if he didn't agree with the PM.

I am one of those who accept the ISA as a necessary evil. Some people I know, a few of whom I count as friends, have been detained under this preventive law but I'm against it being abused and misused for any other other purpose except in matters affecting public order and national security.

Ideally people should be brought to court to be charged for an offence but the situation these days is made more difficult with cyberspace around. As we all know there is no way anyone can stop a blogger or a website operator who is so determined to proceed with an agenda the person believes strongly in. The recent brief and unsuccessful attempt to block the news portal Malaysia Today from being accessible to the public is a good example.

Let's look at this possibility of the ideal scenario. A blogger writes something seditious and is then charged in court. The trial may take years before it reaches a conclusion. Make it three years. He then appeals against his conviction. You have the Court of Appeal and finally the Federal Court. All in all the entire process may take five years -- and that's a short time by our standards. Many cases take six to 8 years, or longer in a few instances.

While the case is pending the blogger continues to write seditious articles on race and religion. The people get very jittery and restless, police intelligence indicates that trouble is brewing and if not checked, may result in a riot. What should the authorities do? Charge the blogger again and again while the unrest worsens?

Which is when the ISA comes in. Not an ideal situation when you talk about the rule of law but does anyone has a better option?

As a former newspaperman who was there for something like 25 years in various capacities with four daily newspapers and a couple of magazines I'm not ashamed to declare that I believe in self-censorship and do not believe in absolute freedom of the press.

The press in any country operates within the confines of the laws of that country. A newspaper is governed by the same laws that govern citizens and residents. If it is seditious for someone to raise certain issues then it is also seditious for a newspaper to report what that person has said. If a man has slandered another then the newspaper that reports it can also be named a party to a legal suit. That's how it works.

Which means that the freedom of the press is no different from the freedom allowed to be enjoyed by the people.

But while the police must have their reason to detain Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng under the ISA, the fact that she was held for less than 24 hours has caused many to question what it was all about in the first place. Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar yesterday told a press conference on Saturday that Tan was taken into custody because her personal safety was under threat. If indeed that was the case why was she picked up about dinner time and released the following day, just after lunch?

Such an explanation would only be acceptable if someone responsible for the threat had been picked up during the time Tan was being held by the police but we haven't been told of such an arrest. Not surprisingly Syed's remarks have since been making the rounds as a joke to be savoured by all.

Anonymous said...

I hardy went to PRK website. Could you please quote which part of article RPK wrote is blasphemy.

We can print it out and distribute to masses who dont even know what's going on.

And then we see the response. Then only we can determine whether it is a threat or not.


Anonymous said...

a correction on your statement bro - the shiites would be the first to jump on anyone who insults the Prophet. RPK is no way one


Bang oi,
Detention without trial is INHUMANE. I have many friends in ISA...theirs husbands at least...the JI people (so called JI...another boogeyman for US) and their kids ARE SUFFERING AND LIVING IN POVERTY. I know the wives and the husbands were merely scapegoats. Kesian anak bini depa.

RPK is an idiot, disrespectful to Islam, but other laws can be used...give him a fair trial (then hang him..kah kah...just joking everyone!!!!!)

Fair trial lah!

cancan said...

This country does not belongs to two persons only!


Anonymous said...


We are with you, regardless of where you stand on the ISA . If PEOPLE not been educated on how the ISA became a law, THERE are missing a valuable bit of knowledge.

rozali uk

Farah said...

I 150% agreed with you bro... RPK deserved it.
I couldnt read his writings.. because I just couldn accept that he is Muslim and can accept comment which I can say insulting other Muslim as well..
Right now I am not sure is he Muslim or not.. Maybe someone can clarify his religion's status.

Anonymous said...

Any good religion would be able to withstand the test of time, and not worrying about the insults hurled against it.
The one who really insulted it would have to answer it come the 'decision day'
Hamid/BN is using ISA on RPK to serve as a threat or warning to many others, and shut up RPK's mouse from revealing even more should he be given a chance in a court of law.

Omong said...

pak lah's era of openness

yeah right, he did open a can of worms!

an agitator needs some reflection time ...

the fault lines in a multiracial and multicultural society is very real and fragile

already people are over-reacting

molotov cocktail, street protests, tearing of photos, targetted sarcasm even in schools, gatecrashing a celebration ...

wanna still wait ??

Anonymous said...

Zaid Ibrahim says it OK only if used against terrorist?
Why Shouldn't they also be given a trial?
Why be selective?
A suspected terrorrist is one who will disrupt the country through supposed violence.
An RPKist is one who will disrupt the country through supposed sedition.
So why double standard?

Anyway, I think it is a good tactic to fight without putting my men in danger or having collateral damage. ISA is good tool for that.

Anonymous said...

Religious matters are best left to the religious people.

Anyway, The ISA is important. It is only the way it is to be used that matters.

For that matter, I am sure Anwar does not want it removed because if he comes to power, he will need it more than ever to lock up his opponents too!