Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not now, Anwar?

So, Sept 16th is eluding Anwar and his team. Nothing happens. The gimmick about the list of BN MPs ready to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat (which he claimed was submitted to Pak Lah) was not very amusing either.
Or, will Anwar choose another date?
However, analysts are turning to 'happenings' in BN into indications that it might happen, if not today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
The ISA saga which prompted Minister in the PM Office Zaid Ibrahim to tender his resignation as a protest against ISA and some hard statements from among key Cabinet ministers who also opposed the draconian law, are well associated with 'crossovers'.
Even Hishamuddin's opposing to ISA has been established as a 'link' to PR. Too many parties are sharpening their knives on Pak Lah, it seems but the premier remains adament.
Let's see what's gonna happen next...


si pitak said...

not only NOT NOW, bro. it will never happen. trust me!

MAULUD, raub said...

sdr bujai,
jangan memandang remeh hal ini. ramai yang yakin anwar ibrahim akan jadi perdana menteri malaysia. jika tidak hari ini, tidak lama lagi.

bujai said...

sdr maulud,
saya tidak pandang remeh, cuma sudah terlalu menantikan 'pengkotaan' janji anwar.

jika dia jadi PM, sudah tentulah saya akan terima hakikat ini tetapi buat masa ini, saya tidak nampak lagi tanda2 ia akan berlaku.

hashim harris said...

Hello Jai,

I thought you are apolitical, don't have political interest? but why you always touch on politic such as UMNO election in your Kampung, secondly why you keep harping on Anwar issue.

Bro, let move on. Let focus on economic well being of Malaysia.
Most analyst forsee that, due to overheating of USA credit problem, Malaysia economic will definitely follow the trend.

So still dont believe Anwar is CIA Economic Hitman?

Ha....ha...Jailaini Harun is apolitical, kah-kah.... porahchit...buat malu SMSJ alumni.je.( 1E1 2E4, 3E4,4E5,5E5)

hashim harris said...


As I always mentioned to you, DSAI is a Master illusionist. But in 1998 when I was working in Phileo (Tong Kooi Ong's banking group @ DSAI proxy), I was told by a Chinese Feng Shui master, that he predicted DSAI will never be PM.

He mentioned this when DSAI was at his peak. as the TPM then, i laughed at his prediction then, but in Sep 2, 1999, this prediction was true.

Soo, the bottom line is, for those supporting Anwar, as was I for the last decade, please dream on.....

bujai said...

hashim, bro.

i am just a member of a political party but never wanna be leaders of any sorts. i am an observer who once in a while will point out any errors, should there be. so, i wont say more.

about anwar... hehehehe.... i've known him for sooooo many years, esp when i was a bureau chief in penang for 3 years in the early 90s.

btw... hidup lagi ke alumni kita tu?

hashim harris said...


Regarding SMSJ alumni, please get in touch with your side kick- Datin Aishah Manaf. She was your assistant head prefect when you are the head.

Or perhaps you can contact Audrey Yap, kawan kamcheng Datin Aishah.

Oh ya, their favorite meeting place is nasi lemak tang lin......

Anonymous said...

At least lots of people believed Anwar's gimmick or bluff compared to Syed Hamid's reasoning (or most of the Minister's clarification for that matter). The time has come for a change of guard...after 51 years, the nation needs a new force to forge it ahead. The old has run out of steam....R.I.P. Barisan Nasional.