Monday, September 29, 2008

MCA to stay, Gerakan to quit?

Again and again, MCA sec-gen Ong Ka Chuan reiterated his calls for his Chinese-dominant party not to leave Barisan Nasional. Instead, he said MCA and Umno and the rest of BN components should work more cohesively to stabilise the coalition government. However, in another scenario, another BN component, Gerakan, has threatened to leave the pact should the government fails to resolve what it termed as 'racial discrimination'. What discrimination? Being a loser in Penang and now left dangling like a puppet on the string, Gerakan under Dr Koh Tsu Koon should find a way to address their problems in the Prime Minister's state that led to its downfall in the last general elections. First, you talked about consolidating the BN and now about leaving it. Even Ka Chuan has suggested for the merging of MCA and Gerakan, which in reality will be good for the Malaysian Chinese. Think about it, will ya.....


ibrahim yahaya said...


Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin daripada saya sekeluarga. Semoga hidup kita diberkati sepanjang masa oleh Allah SWT. Rayo ni ado kek Mastana.

Anonymous said...

good if MCA and gerakan merge into one single entity

Anonymous said...

bagus idea ka chuan tu. at least bangsa cina di malaysia bernaung di bawah satu parti.

macam mana pula orang melayu?

BlueMoon said...

The same goes to you bro: Salam Aidil Fitri.

On Gerakan quiting, I think this is good for the party. They should have done long time ago but powers and positions prevented them from so doing. Now they are powerless and to a certain extent positionless. Nothing stopping them from jumping the ship now. My opinion is that Gerakan should join DAP instead of MCA. Better still if MCA, Gerakan and DAP form a united Chinese party.

JomoSama `2 Are Run said...

Apa dah jadi ngan bangsa melayu kini... terlalu banyak bertolak ansur sehingga kemuliaan darjat melayu punah dipijak bangsa lain.
Sekarang.. mereka asyik nak review itulah, review inilah...tak habis-habis nak review.. review kat hospital pernah buat ke??
Dunno wat to say.....Melayu kian layu!!!