Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ISA should be cautiously reviewed

I agree with Rais Yatim when he suggested that the government should cautiously review the Internal Security Act (ISA) which saw Raja Petra Kamaruddin slapped with a 2-year detention today.

ISA, dubbed by many, including those of the Western leaders as a draconian law, may contain too many loopholes and should be amended into something else which is in tandem with present humanitarian context. However, it may take time.

RPK is very unfortunate to be another victim of the law but he still deserves to be punished for what he has done. As to how the government categorise his 'threat' to the country, it is not important as nobody should feel 'too free' to say or write anything that may jeopardise the national stability.

This is not a cowboy country where everyone is entitled for 'a free for all'. We live by the set of law which secures everybody's interest. Should the law contains unfavourable act, it must be reviewed.

Many objected to my earlier posting about RPK's detention but not few supported it. If Malaysians are opinionly-divided over the ISA issue, then the government should do something about it.

I am not talking as a Muslim or a Malay but as a Malaysian who favors a peaceful place to live and 'cari makan' without having to resort to dirty tactics to survive, socially and politically.


Anonymous said...

"Malaysian who favors a peaceful place to live and 'cari makan' without having to resort to dirty tactics to survive, socially and politically."

All this while M'sians at large, villagers and urbanites alike did not resort to dirty tactics to survive, why should you?

Those who resort to dirty tactics are only politicians, rent seekers, the scumbags.

Doesn't the UMNO led govt is doing it now with aplomb?
BTW, a god fearing M'sian Malay Muslim will never inclined and resort to dirty tactics to survive. rezeki ada dimana2, usaha dan doa tangga kejayaan.

Go back to basics.

mat kelantan

BlueMoon said...

We can't wait to have chaos or uprising first before invoking the ISA. If this happens it may be too late. More so if this is result of one figure with demented personality. Look around us and we will notice that countries like Pakistan and to the extent Thailand are what they are today because their leaders believe that their internal problems can be dealt via democratic means. Just like Pakistanis or Thais, I think the Malaysian public in general is not ready for "agreeing-to-disagree" connotation. We just can't take it if someone equated 'azam' as noise pollution, or labelling someone arriving in this country during pre-independent period as "squatters". Judging by recent happenings then what it takes is just a little spark to cause a fire.

Nasariyev Usovich said...

Hi Brother,
Do you mean you can stop being Muslim temporarily to defend some pragmatic idealisms you profess ? Is Islam running counter to many issues we are facing now ?

Omong said...

yeah freedom comes with responsibility.

Social responsibility is everyone's duty whether in voicing opinions that causes friction or offence or in production of edible items like milk-based goodies (the recent China-melamine scare).

Because the impact is WIDESPREAD.

One man's freedom is another person's trauma, agony and suffering ...

no absolute freedom in this world!!!