Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fukuda's last e-mail...

I was actually shocked when Japanese premier Yasuo Fukuda resigned abruptly last week. After a series of e-mails, I finally got a simple explaination from him, probably his last e-mail as a Prime Minister.

"There is a saying that I like very much: Dragons do not have snake scales. A dragon is covered with hundreds of thousands of scales. But if even one of them is a snake scale, then that is no true dragon. It is merely a snake that has turned into a false dragon. My take on this expression is that no matter how excellent a certain policy may appear to be, if it contains a single lie, you will not be able to trick the people into buying into it. I believe that politicians must constantly feel and fear the sharp gaze of the people on them. Unless the people are able to be certain that the political realm is safe, they cannot be reassured. Only when the people feel safe and reassured will they definitely come to place their trust in politics. Safety, a sense of reassurance, and trust. I will say no more. Thank You"

I pray for his success and health in his new undertakings... and I still remember a John Howard's (former Aussie premier) e-mail to me about two years ago... "every leader must subscribe to the right liberty..."


asean diplomat said...

bujai. i think you are the only blogger with such a dplomatic connection. keep it up. we also need to know what other leaders say about their country and about us. its good to share opinion and thot

zentai said...

bro, fukuda is one of japan's shortest-serving prime minister but at least he already made some good impacts. he was at his best when he introduced a policy to keep consumer goods prices at bay during the fuel crisis.

thanks to you for bringing us with something different from the rest of the bloggers.

KAWAN LAMA said...


i hope you will keep on track with the fukuda's successor. also, give us more international news. i remember when you were with business times, they called u an 'ambassador at large' for being the only journalist to have access to all foreign missions in malaysia.

PS... bila nak tambah air?

Anonymous said...


I heard that, the will be changes in the top post of Petronas and Maybank.
If it is true than, your home town neighbour, the snake has turned into Dragon. But surely this snake/dragon will drag us all into hell.

I think Singapore through Temasek Holding will now control the economy of Malaysia.

BTW, our currency is falling, I rarely hope AAB will realised his flip-flop policy to appeased the people will backfired. How I wish he emulate Fukuda and resign accordingly.

What say you?

bujai said...

i will bring more diplomatic postings from time to time. not an easy task to get them but i am getting more, in progress.

Me... Only Better said...

Bang bujai,

Just look at the quality and sincerity of the leaders in other nations. And ours are Muslims. Lim Guan Eng the non-muslim, subscribes to Umar's style governance.

Our Muslim leaders subscribe to Firaun's.

They remain blind and arrogant.

Would you please post here your interviews with the world leaders which were not published by those (bulan posa tak leh maki) editors of yours?

Would love to read them.

bujai said...

to ask AAB to emulate fukuda's, is not ours. he got his pool of cadres for the job.

hoping for the best...

bujai said...

me...only better,

thanks. i will... ni tengah punggah fail-fail lama ni...

thanks again...and again... and again

Me... Only Better said...

bang Bujai,

only three times?

10 times thank you lah...heh heh

bujai said...

me...only better.

arigato gozaimaz 1000x
shukran gazilan 1000x
salamat pok 1000x
kamsa hamnida 1000x
timo kasih 1000x
em-kor-sai 1000x
nandre 1000x

apa lagi, ek? hehehe

Me... Only Better said...

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