Friday, September 12, 2008


Thank you, Pak Lah for lifting the blockade on 'Malaysia Today' and with the promise that all website and blogs will be 'block-free'. I personally believe the Government is becoming more blogger-friendly as what I have observed recently in an Asian Republic. This friendly approach will, of course, lead to the hatch of more blogs and website about Malaysia - the good and bad ones - but the good ones should be treated as contributary in ideas and feedbacks. Nonetheless, we still need to be cautious over 'unwanted' elements. Being free doesnt mean that we dont have to pay the price for what we write...


azim, fukuoka said...

sdr bujai,
website dan laman blog memang tidak dapat disekat di mana-mana negara pun. di amerika, terdapat lebih 10 juta penulis blog. di filipina pun lebih 3 juta.

bagaimanapun, penulis blog mestilah bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang ditulisnya. jangan ada pembohongan, fitnah membuta tuli dan tulisan yang boleh mengancam keselamatan negara serta keharmoniann kaum.

memang ada blog yang mampu menyumbang kepada perjalanan lebih baik sesuatu kerajaan. pemimpin juga harus meneliti kandungan blog yang baik untuk dijadikan bahan yang dapat membantu mentadbir negara dengan baik.

saya sudah 8 tahun tinggal dan bekerja di jepun. saya dapati penulis blognya banyak yang menegur kerajaan. kerajaan pula mengambil banyak cadangan bernas daripada laman blog untuk memperbaiki mutu perkhidmatan.

cara inilah yang kita mahu di malaysia.

semoga kerajaan kita akan lebih terbuka keperluan wujudnya blog ini.

selamat berjuang

elaine, KL said...

i hope the government will be more open towards bloggers. yes, there are some good ones from which the cabinet members can take up positive points as to how to enhance the administration.

somehow of rather, we have to sideline the bad ones as there is no way to stop them, just like the porno sites.

KETIAK said...

you should ask paklah to blog too. i read your posting about a blogger-friendly nation you've been recently. i think it will augur well for both the governmernt andn the rakyat. take the good ones, of course!


Anonymous said...

why do you become a blogger? is it for self-satisfaction of simply want to join the rest of them?

bloggers should answer this. the must be held responsible for what they write.

good bloggers can be very constructive to the nation.

bujai said...

kalau paklah blog, memanglah bagus tapi dia ni terlalu busy dengan orang keliling dia...

bujai said...

sdr azim,
terima kasih kerana memberi input yang baik dari jepun.

adalah diakui bahawa banyak blog tidak menepati kebebasan internet.

namun begitu, blog yang baik mampu menyumbang kepada kebaikan.

terima kasih sekali lagi

bujai said...


its a waste of time to control what appear on the internet. the choice is ours...

My Raison D'etre said...


I don't mean to rub things wrong on the phenomena of blogging, but you have to admit that except for some sites, the rest of us are using it to express what we cannot otherwise do.

I cannot understand the govt reasoning of the need to enforce for racial, obscenities etc. when it is essentially a private space opened to a private few and some walk in public who could choose to NOT READ the blogs concerned if they find it distasteful or affronting their sensibilities.

Is this not true?

I do not condone things which are outside the realms of :gentleman conduct" but then again, as I said: it's someone's personal space.

Look at the language used by Amir "The Malay Male" Hafizi for example.

I can never write obscenities in such an entertaining way, and enjoy his postings.

There will be those who don't and they can opt to not click on the link or type the blog address.

I do realise that some will read and flame ( a fav expression of netizens) but to equate what's in blogs to the overall sentiment to the general public is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

To date I have not read (maybe I am not looking hard enough) any blogs that can be said to be racist in its content (although postings-wise; masyaalah :) ) but I have read newspaper with far greater reach and impact carrying racial-dangerous tones.

These should be of greater concern to the government, shouldn't it?

Sorry just letting of some steam and Selamat berbuka puasa.


Better in Time said...

Hahaha...bang bujai...spoke too soon!

Blogger tu suda kena ISA bang oi...heh heh

Depa takut la tu dia api2kan lagi agenda Sept 16 onwards.

Anwar tu tak pikir panjang, dia pikir nak jadik PM ja...terkencing2 dia dalam spendar dia...tak sabor2 dah...

Biar rakyat mati di tengah2.

So are we supposed to stock up on essentials? Will we face darurat? Chaos? Bloodshed? Umno will not give up so easily...bakar kelambu2 sekali dak?

Always the pessimist (only when it comes to men in all shapes and sizes and speech and postion)...

The former Me... Only Better....

Better in Time said...

And now they have arrested the sin Chew reporter for merely doing her job. Reporting on Ahmad.

Why had Ahmad not been slapped with anything?

Selective persecution!

Masih tak sedar2 lagi. Who was the one who incited?

Why kill the messenger???