Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who actually owns gambling dens?

Najib said Anwar used to apply for a gambling licence for a Sabahan company when he was deputy premier.

Well, nothing shocking as many people, including VIPs are doing just that - Magnum 4D, Toto and PMP licences.

If Najib made such a revealation to swing votes for Anwar during the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election, I dont think it will work.

Just like Ezam's statement that Anwar had awarded projects to some companies during his tenure as Finance Minister.

Look! There are members of the Parliament known to be good gamblers. Please refer to Osu Sukam case, for instance. If they dont go to casino, they will at least 'play' numbers or participating in any horse race.

I dont take side in this issue but hammering Anwar for this gambling licence issue is not proper.

There are lots of gambling dens in Malaysia. The Ministry of Finance is the one responsible in issuing such licences. I dont mean the 4D, Toto and PMP alone.

In most major Malaysian cities and towns, including Keningau, private clubs (which are also open to non-members) are abundant. Slot and jackpot machines can be found anywhere.

Who are the owners of this clubs? If you can do a little bit of 'diggings' and investigation, the truth would be shocking enough.

So, what's wrong with Anwar then?


JIB, KL said...

yea bro.

who approved all the licences?

si pitak said...

if what anwar did then was wrong, is it right for the finance ministry to issue more licences?

i think najib made a mistake there. he knows very well who are among his friends are owners of such licences

Anonymous said...

the owner of the biggest gambling den in malaysia, is of course genting.

however, more licences are issued to private clubs you mentioned, sprawl nicely in the klang valley, ipoh, penang, melaka, johor baru, labuan, kota kinabalu, kuching, keningau and other towns.

some of the licences were warded via political channel, no doubt about it.

if the finance ministry can deny this, we can produce our own facts

irene, kuching said...

u are right. gambling comes in many forms.

some are with and others are with lincence.

no big deal. najib should know better

DOMAM, rembau said...

bang bujai.

loteri tu bukan judi jugak ke? yang saya tau, kerajaan sendiri menggalakkan dan menghalalkan judi loteri ni

bujai said...


loteri tu cuma halal kan malaysia je kot...

konabaring said...

owned by tokpeks, who just dont understand why living nedd to be earned honestly.

VIPSportsbook Review said...

Gambling/Casinos should be kept legal. It somehow boost the country's economy, hence, if licenses are given to other small time gambling dens which seem not sustainable and beneficial, it should be close.

SIAMANG, teluk kemang said...

lesen judi ini keje kementerian kewangan. yang control kementerian kewangan ni pulak, siapa?

kalau anwar mintak lesen 4 ekor dari sabah pun bole jadi isu, apsal tak jadikan isu bekas menteri, bekas MB dan orang melayu yang jadi pengerusi magnum, genting dan sebagainya.

najib ni pandai cakap je tapi tak serupa bikin

Anonymous said...

najib got reasons la to say bad about anwar.

that also u dont know ka?

najib knows nothing about gambling, i guess....

he gambles people arses!

KLONT, kuantan said...

gambling such as casinos and private clubs are tourist attraction. we dont deny this.

however, the government should control the issuance of such licences.

not easy to get one, actually but politicians normally can be a good platform for application

anwar is just an example. he tried to get one for his friend. so, nothings wrong with that, maaa!!!

Anonymous said...

what anwar did was not against anything. all he did was to ask for the licence which in the end was not approved.

why najib made a fuss out of it, is beyond comprehension. to gag anwar's election campaign by making that as an issue, made najib like a fool.

saidin, KL said...

bro, is it true that any application for a gambling licence costs rm2 million? i went to the ministry few months ago with a chinese friend who wished to apply but he was told by 'orang dalam' he must pay that amount for processing.

hasanah, kuantan said...


najib tu iri ati sebenarnya kat anwar. dia pun dah takda modal nak lemahkan pkr, sebab tu dia amek isu kecik ni masa kempen.

lagipun anwar tak salah mohon lesen tu. ramai lagi pemimpin yang ada kepentingan perniagaan memohon lesen yang sama, cuma dapat atau tidak je.

najib tak bolehlah melampau. mungkin ada keluarga dia sendiri memiliki lesen numbor ekor tapi dia tak sedar.

Anonymous said...

apa la lu tanya sapa ada lesen dan pusat judi ni, bro?

lu tanya la paklah ke, KJ ke, najib ke....

anwar mohon lesen tu, itu dia punya pasal lah.

mana ada pemimpin yang tak mau buat duit?

kalau setakat keje tak dapat habuan, bodohla namanya!

azlan said...


Tu belum masuk mereka yg pakat2 snook kat bilik hotel. Yelah, masing-masing dpt duit dr langit, apa nak kata...

donplaypuks® said...

Most of you don't understand what's happening.

Anyone who wants to operate a casino or have 'One Arm Bandit' machines in clubs & hotels etc must get MoF approval or licence.

But they all must buy the machines from the suppliers who also maintain them as they need frequent servicing.

Guess who are the few who have a virtual monopoly on manufacturing or importing gambling/pin-ball machines etc?

Why has this not been questioned by our MP's in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

You may think that this issue seems to be out of place, but to the people of his constituency, of which majority is muslim, it is very serious. If they really buy the claim, they might think again before voting.

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