Monday, August 11, 2008

Vote-buying is rampant in Umno

Just four months to go before Umno party elections. At division and branch levels, meetings and elections are expected to complete by October.

At this levels, everything is heating up. Vice-President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's statement that vote-buying in the party is rampant, at least lend some supports to my earlier postings about some irregularities at branch and divisional elections.

Facts are facts, bro. This has been going on for years and years now and its getting from bad to worse (plse read my July 28 posting).

When many, including Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed gave opinions that Umno members are actually getting sick and tired of such a trend, the party top leadership seemed to deny it. What happened to Umno in the 12th general elections was a testimonial to this opinions.

However, we understand why no action is taken yet against anyone whose names were mentioned either in blogs, newspapers or direct reports to the President. Why? Because its getting so rampant that almost everybody is at it!

This is the tradition of Umno now. Whoever have the money will gain entry to positions like branch head, division head, delegates, Supreme Council members, Vice Presidents and so on. Remember what happened to Tan Sri Isa Samad and Datuk Zaid Ibrahim a few years ago?

So, how is Umno gonna take action against these wrongdoers if their senior office-bearers are also subscribing to such methods and tactis?

At least, Muhyiddin was so fair in his statement that this element may draw criticism from Umno members at the December General Assembly.

How to tackle this problems is up to the party Disciplinary Committee but are members of the committee are credibly trustworthy?

Umno is being treated like a cartel now. Those with money will get the power. How many of its Supreme Council members are just an ordinary person or in other words, came from a poor family?

Even at division level, the heads should at least be a Member of Parliament or a State Assemblyman. Those without this two position are chairman of at least 1 Federal or State-owned company.

Down the line, members who alligned themselves with this division head will gain support to sit at the branch committee, irrespective of whether the local members agree or not to their appointment through a 'fixed' branch election.

Furthermore, there are already dozens of police and ACA reports being lodged against party President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pertaining to his allegedly involvement in 'party graft'.

Where is Umno heading to?


azlan said...


Gua miskin tapi ada hasrat nak bertanding ketua, dia orang siap nak bagi hadiah cermin kat gua..... Sampai hati bro!

bujai said...


kalau miskin, kita bertanding jadi ahli je. sekarang ni pun dah nampak tren, kalau takda duit, tak boleh masuk umno.... UM-NO-MORE!

jom kita tubuh parti baru ke... mana la tau ramai yang nak join, termasuk bloggers...

TARBUS, rembau said...

setan-setan gondol dalam umno harus dicekup oleh BPR dulu (bukan BPR Rockers, haaa!) sebelum parti ni boleh dicuci dan bebas daripada dosa-dosa besar (dosa kecil sentiasa ada le).

selagi yang pegang kuasa masih berkiblatkan wang untuk meneruskan penguasaan dalam parti dan kerajaan, suatu hari nanti ada la yang kena panah petir... waaaa ckp lu!

bujai said...


kau ckp macam ustaz zahid ajo ni. kau maghah kek sapo sebona eh ni? lain macm jo bunyik eh... kau undi sapo padi PRU12 haghi tu?


umno will diminish within 5 years should it fails to resolves this vote-buying at every level. i have been with the party for 51 years now and i have seen many changes, many good and bad leaders and many ins and outs.

i dont want to elaborate more but i do salute the way dr mahathir ruled the party although he may be crude sometimes.

vote-buying were almost non an issue during tun razak, tun hussein, a little bit during dr mahathir and getting rampant now under abdullah badawi. not that abdullah is not a capable leader but he doesnt have total control of his buddies around him. i dont blame paklah either but those who became his advisers. u know what i mean.

if umno permits this vote-buying and totalitarian politics, sooner or later its members will no more respect who sits at the top, simply because he himself got there on money politics.

it is sad to note that umno will become not relevant in the next general elections if it is not able to get rid of some of its senior leaders who are worse than 'duri dalam daging'. i hope paklah can identify who they are.

bujai said...

pak veteran,

hope umno change for the better. i am a member, too but i dont feel wanted, except during elections...

bujai said...


dah terlalu banyak laporan dibuat terhadap kepincangan ini kepada ACA tetapi kenapa belum ada tindakan?

bujai said...


saya fikir bukan ACA tidak mahu bertindak tetapi kerana orang ACA sendiri pun ramai yang umno... agaknya

usin, sitiawan said...

enough la bujai. you talk too much. try la bertanding. cakap je. heheheheh!

aku boleh support dari belakang...

bujai said...


wah wah wah. nak support aku dari belakang....

tak berani le... skrg ni kena support depan-depan.


salehudin, IDAHO, US said...

en bujai,

we understand the situation in umno now. it really saddens us who study overseas on umno ticket. plse note that some umno members overseas are already loosing faith in the party. i still love the party and hope our leadership can convince us that umno is still relevant

Ahmad A Talib said...

Sdra Jai,

UMNO can only be saved by its members. If they are happy with the way things are done, there's very little that people like you and I can do. The thing is, many people outside Umno think that UMNO is the fulcrum with which this country is looked after. And they are anxious to see whether Umno is doing anything to repair or put its house in order. Everyone can talk of give feed back or criticise Umno till the cows come home; but if Umno leaders and members are not anything to cgange things for the better, what can we do? Look around and exercise your options.

Pahit Manis

GILA TALAK, tampin said...

mana ada demokrasi lagi dalam umno?

mana ada keadilan lagi dalam umno?

mana ada lagi pemimpin berjiwa rakyat dalam umno?

mana ada lagi kebebasan bersuara dalam umno?

mana ada lagi pengorbanan di dalam umno?

mana ada lagi perpaduan dalam umno?