Monday, August 18, 2008

UiTM: Khalid Ibrahim prefers the court

Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim prefers to go to court to defend his calls for Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) to open its door to at least 10 per cent non-Bumi students.

Simultaneously, UiTM VC Prof Ibrahim Shah says the matter would be taken to court should Khalid refuses to apologise.

Last week, about 10,000 UiTM students in Shah Alam and elsewhere staged a peaceful demonstration to protest against Khalid.

Although Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said there's nothing Khalid could do to meet his 'demand', the Menteri Besar stood by his principle that the university should change its constitution to allow non-Malay students.

Khalid has been 'bashed-up' left and right over his calls, including from non-Malay organisations for what is termed as an effort 'to stir uneasiness among the Bumiputeras'.

So, he prefers the court. Let him be...

8 comments: said...


Tan Sri Khalid is preeminently qualified as a Malay to seek redress in court to stab the back of his own race (provided always- he is a malaylah. Well, let it be a test case in court.

As Anwar said, he don't prefer to swear in the Mosque since it's not an Islamic practise, well Khalid can use his non bumi, his alligned PKR & DAP lawyers to serve him in court.

Padan muka, all the Malay who vote for him during the PRU 12. Penkianat bangsa.....

As for the non muslim, well you can realised now, how manipulative Anwar with his Pakatan Rakyat were, yesterday,Khalid instructed Jais to raid a Hotel in Glenmarie whilst supported the grand pig farming.

Aiyah.....all politician are the same....belakang kasi taruh, baru syiok...., depan sudah biasalah takda syiok.

Tan Sri Khalid said that, as long as UITM is in Selangor, he has the right to suggest anything.

(afterall, Kampung Baru in KL, also, according to him is in Selangor...,) he will reiterated that, you must be aware of your history..or Geography.

Need you to say right what.., see you in courtlah.

My Raison D'etre said...


Khalid cannot do anything on his own. It was just a suggestion anyway and perhaps, UiTM representatives (students, Academia) should just challenge him on the finer points of the institution's adherence to 100 % Bumiputra enrolment.

My opinion is that opening up (a bit, if you must) is good to spur the students further on the basis that UiTM will not be a free ride.

Perhaps I am wrong, but decades ago, Malay students used to slug it out neck to neck with the other races in fair competition.

Why have we faltered so much that we need to be so protected after half a decade of independence?

Anonymous said...

heret je dia ke mahkamah. tunggu apa lagi, prof ibrahim!

MARAHA, shah alam said...

khalid has lost his malay sensitivity every since joining the PKR. he thinks he can woo the non-malays to come and gather behind him.
wait and see till the next general elections...


khalid's head is growing bigger and bigger now.

first the babi, not uitm.

the next he will recommend is to open up pubs and disco in shah alam

sedih, sekinchan said...

saya rasa rakyat selangor sendiri pun dah mula menyesal menyokong khalid dan pakatan rakyat.

begitupun, nasi sudah menjadi bubur. apa yang patut dfibuat sekarang ialah memprotes apa jua rancangan beliau yang cuba menjatuhkan martabat orang melayu.

dia patut dihalang dari sekarang. jika dia dibiarkan berbuat sesuka hati, lambat laun sultan selangor sendiri pun akan diketepikannya

Anonymous said...

Bawak dia ke food court yang ada hidangan babi punya..

- Baby ScarFace

electrocutioner said...

Ha ha, cian pak khalid. Tak pe lah, asam garam orang yang sanggup menongkah arus. Masalahnyer, ramai yang lebih rela hanyut mengikuti arus yang semakin deras (tandanya dah dekat dengan air terjun di depan) Biarkan luncai dengan labunya, biarkan biarkan.