Saturday, August 23, 2008

So... Avril Lavigne show is on

So, Avril Lavigne will finally make it to Malaysia for her concert on August 29. After so much protest from PAS and other Islamic institutions, the Canadian singer was given a permit to perform by the Sports and Youth Ministry.

Her planned concert was met with criticism by the Islamic party last month for her 'sexy' appearance on stage.

However, many others didnt think so. With millions of fans in the country, Avril Lavigne knows what to do, as she said in a press conference back home yesterday.

Well, Avril's fans. You know you will get the best from her. Stay away from unhealthy behaviour during the show...


linda, PJ said...

luv u, avril lavigne!

i will be there too to cheer u!


Anonymous said...

what prompted the ministry to change its mind?

anyway, nothing is wrong with avril and the date chosen.

so, why make a fuss out of it?

its mere entertainment!

fatin, bangsar said...

caya la bang bujai!

jom kita tengok konsert tu sama-sama

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with the adverse mind of the islamic party leaders.

immorality is not the question here. as far as lavigne concert is concerned, no element of what was described as 'sexy' very took place.

if you look at the younger generation today, incuding in kelantan, young girls are more daring in their attire.

dont you call that sexy?

cikgu omar, tampin said...

sdr bujai,

saya sokong posting sdr mengenai avril sebelum ini.

kalau kita sifatkan penyanyi ini sebagai sexy, kita mesti gam dulu artis dangdut dari indonesia dan beberapa artis tempatan yang adakalnya lebih MENONJOL pakaian mereka.

di samping itu, kita patut minta kementerian mengkaji kemasukan filem hindi yang kebanyakannya mengandungi banyak unsur lucah.

kenapa isu avril ini jadi besar bila ia sepatutnya diperhalusi terlebih dahulu?

Anonymous said...

Avril you rock......
Malaysians you rock too.....