Saturday, August 9, 2008

Qantas blames Malaysia Airlines

Just because one of its Boeing 737s registered 95 defects after an overseas maintenance, Qantas has decided not to send two others to Malaysia for heavy maintenance work.

Seemingly to putting the blame on Malaysia Airlines maintenance standards, the Australian claimed that its first B737 sent to Malaysia last month came back with defects.

Malaysia Airlines has denied it.

This has put the airline under scrutiny over the past few weeks after a series of incidents linked to the maintenance of its planes.

Qantas says both planes will now be serviced in Australia. Good… its not fair to put the blame on others.


ex-pilot, kelana jaya said...

malaysian airlines holds one of the best maintenance records in the world.

so far, no untoward incident has ever happened to its fleet of airplanes.

i think qantas did not send any of its B737 to malaysian airlines. it may have happened somewhere else, and not in malaysia.

tina, gombak said...

malaysia airlines has denied that the 95 defects did not take place at its hangar. qantas puts the blame on malaysia airlines because it doesnt acquire such a high standard of maintenance like that of malaysian airlines.

blow them!

si pitak said...

looks like outsiders are trying to belittle and underestimate us. as a malaysian, i'm proud of malaysia airlines. the co has a good proven track record in maintenance. otherwise, we dont see many foreign carriers sending their planes to its hangar.

bujai said...

i think they are envious of our achievement as a developing nation.

by right, we should be granted that fully-developed nation already... dont u think so?

Anonymous said...

Typical of qantas to just try to pass the blame onto someone else!

But are you sure about mas having one of the best maintenance records ex-pilot? I've heard some pretty nasty stories from ex-MAS engineering staff!