Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Avril Lavigne too SEXY?

Avril Lavigne's concert, her first ever in Malaysia on August 29 will not happen. Too many protest and so many conditions.

I love music, so do others.

Saying that Avril is TOO SEXY to be allowed on stage, is an excuse to contest. If you talk about being sexy, look.... what about a few 'dangdut' singers from Indonesia who had performed in Malaysia?

To me, 'dangdut' singers sometimes may get sexier with their dances, attires and performances.

And what about a few local artistes who are dubbed as being 'sexy', too? I dont see Avril as being sexy either!

Do you watch Hindi movies on television? Most Hindi movies feature sexy dances, most of it are too revealing. I believe many Malaysians watch such movies, including those of PAS members. Any complaints so far about the sexy elements such movies carry?

During my childhood days, my late grandma (who survived another 25 years after her head was hit by a 3kg durian from 15 metres above) used to say that a woman in a fitting, tight kebaya was also sexy... uh?

Do you realise that there are sooooo many sexy things in this country?

And by the way, how do you define SEXY?


si pitak said...

bro, this is what we call double-standard. as you mentioned, hindi movies are more revealing but we still put in on air.

i dont understand it.

what about foreign male singers who had performed in the country, wearing tight and fitting jeans to the AWWW of our local girls?

Anonymous said...

if the government wants to put a ban on lavigne, they better reconsider dangdut artistes from indonesia first

linda, KL said...

why not we just let this canadian singer to perform in malaysia. the only thing is we need to tell her not to be so revealing in her performance.

susah sngat ka?

bujai said...


i somehow agree with u. let the ministry consider this point.

she got so man fans here in malaysia. we cannot be so stringent.

mail, MELAKA said...

apa la bro,

kasi can la sama avril buat show dia kat sini. kalau nak sebut hal sexy ni, banyak lagi atau ramai lagi perkara sexy yang berlaku dalam negara ini. artis kita pun apa kurangnya.

nak tanya sikit - sodomi tu kira perbuatan sexy ke?

bujai said...


aku tak berani jawab soalan kau tu. kau tanyalah yang membuat dan yang kena buat... heheheheheheeheh!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know much about what constitute sexy, but one thing I know, everything seem to lead to sex and almost everybody love sex....belakang, depan, kiri, kanan, atas, bawah!

hashim said...


Yeah,I agreed with you that Avril Lavigne is considered moderately sexy in the same league with Dayang Nurfaizah perhaps.

Well, I am aghast to note that, the Indonesian's singer AgnesMonica was given the greenlight to perform, why Avril was not. Comparatively this Agnes Monica is more revealing, can see all her bust and underwear.

What's a pity, Malaysian Censorboard comprised of people who are perhaps half blind or many too inclined in their perception of rating westerners as sexy.., wait until they see the Lebanese singers performing.

Oh good, at least for today, we skip the political issue.

BTW, I predicted that Anwar will win by a landslide and will be appointed the next PM by virtue that all MIC and MCA's MP joint Keadilan to become Manikam Belakang...syioknya....what say you?

Anonymous said...

Siapa yang kata sexy? Depa ni pervert ka?


Anonymous said...

Susahlah Avril kena ban. Macam mana dengan lagunya ? Ban jugak ?

donplaypuks® said...

No sexy please, we are Taliban.
No sex please, we are Taliban.
Cover up and Cover down, and Cover all around.
But officially taxpayer sponsored trips to Beirut to wach belly-dancing - that's ok; it's approved by Taliban

My Raison D'etre said...

Saudara, I have a suggested definition in my blog under Inappropriate behaviour. Maybe that's it?