Friday, July 11, 2008

Will Pak Lah, too, leave Umno?

Hmmmm... very, very interesting, isnt it? Najib said he was 'touched' by Pak Lah's decision to pass on the baton to him in mid-2010.

Well, time flies, bro Najib. The only question here is whether time permits you to reach your destiny. We hope Pak Lah is sincere. FULL STOP.

I would just leave it to other bloggers to comment on this melodramatic 'power transition' in process.

Lemme give you another scenario with regards to this development.

Two years from now (if the handover really takes place), Pak Lah will become an ordinary member of Umno, maybe holding positions such as advisers or chairman at government-linked companies... just like his predecessor, Dr Mahathir.

Fair enough, right? Pak Lah, too, has contributed well to the country, to Umno and regional cooperation.

Let us pray that 2 years from now, Dr Mahathir will still be healthy and very much active like what he is today.

We will have TWO FORMER PRIME MINISTERS by then. Would you like to imagine a scenario where both of them would meet up once in a while over tea of coffee, chatting in a very friendly manner and sharing views and perception about Najib's administration?

Waa haa haaa... wouldnt that be nice, right?

Another thing is that, will Pak Lah start to criticise Najib's government by then like what Dr Mahathir is doing to him now? Will Pak Lah eventually leave Umno like the rest of its presidents should he finds out that Najib doesnt reciprocate with his ways?

Hmmm.... possible? Let's see...

I am just being a bit naughty... that's all!


kenanga, sibu said...

hahahahahaha! you really make me laugh, bro. what an idea you got there.

yup! let's see what will happen when we have 2 former prime ministers attending to najib in 2010.

sengkuang johor said...

alamak! its another possibility. the trend has been set that all umno president MUST leave the party after stepping down... create trouble with the successor... and quit.

i think pak lah too will become like mahathir.

your idea is terrible but smart laaa!

si pitak said...

that will be the first time in our history that we have 2 former PM and a PM. wow! you are very imaginative, bro. not is impossible. dr m will stay healthy. hope paklah too. you think can both of them share yayasan kempimpinan perdana?

bujai said...

sorry encik pitak.

let us make believe that both of them will be at yayasan kepimpinan perdana or paklah will come up with his own yayasan.

i used to read 'si pitak' and 'si pitak jauh di rantau' during my primary school.

ShokorBotak said...

Mmmmmm... let see..
I do thing so bro.. PakLah would not share a yayasan with Tun M.
He better have his own Yayasan or be on his bot sliling around the world, ply golf and zzzzzzzzz. He d'not have time for all this. Dia sudah pencen ma.

si pitak said...

bro, i read your latest posting on one SMS from najib's secretaries. why did you RETRACT it?

bujai said...

my apology bro pitak

ada masalah sikit....

Anonymous said...

Abdullah is an old fox!

Anonymous said...

2 former PM having tea ..
MIMPI ka you !