Friday, July 4, 2008

Why did Saiful meet Najib?

WHY? Why in the first place Saiful went to Najib's office in Putrajaya and told him about Anwar?

The deputy prime minister didnt know him at all (as he claimed in his Press conference on Thursday).

Afterall, it has never been that easy to see Najib in Putrajaya or at Mindef. Why was Saiful given the space and time, knowing he was with the PKR adviser?

There were questions of doubts hovering this issue.

If Saiful was determined enough to lodge a police report, why must he seek Najib's advise? Intriguing, isnt it?

I smell something fishy here... what about you?


Anonymous said...

Bau macam budu

Anonymous said...

Don't think it's a big deal.
It's just days before he made the police report.
Not like months ago which gave ample time to conspire, if it's a conspiracy.

If Saiful's allegations are true, being in his shoes, he would definitely need political support, especially that he's going against an influential Anwar!

The IGP turned him away. If I'm not wrong, I heard TDM turned him away too.

The link was one of Najib's PA who knew Saiful.
That's how he gets the meeting.

And the latest on Bala's SD:

Now, who's the joker all along?

1. Death threat and goes in to hiding in Turkish embassy?

2. Walked out from hiding and stated he may contest in Sanglang ADUN seat (maybe he wants to become PM of Perlis?)

3. And still no MP crossing over....

4. Made a police report of a ten year old case? With the ex IGP already charged and convicted.

5. Made a Press conference on Bala SD and Bala later retract in less than 24 hrs.

On the other hand, we just have a police report from a 23 yo. THAT'S ALL...


Saiful's is somehow almost related to Pak Lah

ShokorBotak said...

Bro Jai

Aku Bau ikan Keli masak lomak cili api lah...apa lagi..kita lihat siapa yg kenaaaaaaa..

Anonymous said...

Abah, dah2 la tu. Omei nak susu bukan ikan cicah budu hehehe

Anonymous said...

That stink is obviously coming from the a**eh*le that is the BN Govt.