Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The previous figures, please...

THE renovation for cabinet ministers' offices at Parliament House after the March 8 general elections, cost RM2.3 million, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

The direct negotiation tender (design and build) was given to Isbul Holdings Sdn Bhd, based at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.

The project also involved initial works (RM300,000), demolishing (RM25,000), build and renovate (RM670,609), furnishing (RM594,200), telephone wiring, SMATV and audio (RM258,501), electrical wiring (RM90,975), electrical wiring in souvenir room (newly built) (RM10,470), mechanical (RM38,945) and office equipment (RM311,300).

Not so much, I suppose. But what about a former Dewan Rakyat Speaker who ordered a renovation cost of RM3 million for his office, about 2 years ago? How about the rest of the ministers?

Luckily, his term as the speaker only lasted for a year…Padan muka!


Anonymous said...

previous speaker? must be ramli ngah talib. a friend who works at the parlimen said he needed more than 2m to refurbish his office.

Anonymous said...

why do you bloggers always ask for that figures and this figures?

the government has hot every reason to spend the money, including ours. so, be it!

right? kahkahkahkah!!!

Anonymous said...

tempolok jemaah menteri dan pegawai tinggi kerajaan memangnya besar.

tak cukup dengan peruntukan yang ada, dia mohon tambahan.

tak cukup dengan tambahan, mintak lagi ekstra.

dari no.1 sampai la ke bawah, semuanya sama.


- bekas budak pejabat kerajaan