Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here comes the holy man

Ever since his appointment as a Minister at the Prime Minister's Dept, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi is becoming more 'holy', it seemed.

Taking charge of the country's Tabung Haji, Jakim and other Islamic-related activities, he is seen as much more 'cleaner' than Prime Minister Mr Clean.

He even took a bit of Ahmad Shabery Chik's (Information Minister) responsibility urging Malaysians staying overseas not to read blogs about Malaysia.

Making a statement in Jakarta, Holy Zahid said all political contents written by Malaysian bloggers are 'mere lies'. For real political news, he said they should read the official news portal.

* When he was Deputy Information Minister, he didnt do much to address this blogger thing. He was doing almost nothing then.


shastrishah said...


This is the level of our miniter's intelligence. His colleagues Ahmad Shabery Cheek engages bloggers to the point that bloggers appear on TV and hold meetings with him. See the difference? One speak withour knowing what blogs and blogging is all about, the other engages bloggers and try to have a meeting of the mind for a more civil society.


vajuvo said...

sooner or later, pm will appoint someone to look after sodomites.

jinmatasatu said...

apa yang kau marah sangat kat dia. biarlah dia buat keje dia. lagipun dia di JPM, mana la tau kot2 boleh memangku jawatan PM. kau jugak yang untung nanti

bugged said...

bugger him!

amer, michigan state university said...

bloggers should be treated as improvers to news carried out by official media. if bloggers like you, rockybru,kickdefella and others are based in the West, you guys will be rich in just a matter of months for feeding readers with additional facts and figures which official media dare not to publish. people like zahid should understand the significant of news, taking into perspective quest for balanced news coverage. on the other hand, the government, while monitoring the blogs, should take into account any good feedings, ideas and proposals as to how they can improve the administration. we are thankful to some bloggers while some are just insane!

jambangan layu said...

kenapa tiba2 makin ramai ahli politik tulis blog, termasuklah di kalangan penyokong kerajaan?

ini membuktikan rakyat lebih senang membaca daripada mendengar ceramah mereka yang adakalanya menjengkelkan!

ShokorBotak said...


Biasa ler tu..
1. dulu lain [naik motor besar]
2. sekarang lain [naik kereta besar pulak]..
3. Dulu gengstaz Anwar..
4. sekarang cakap blogs and blogging mere liar...
5. ada sesuatu macam yg tak kena aja dgn DS Zahid Hamidi nie..

Anonymous said...

Another holy cat (alim kucing) Islam Hadhari.

- Baby ScarFace


Dia pun opportunist juga.Dulu sokong Anwar,lepas tu kena tahan juga .Masok balik UMNO . Cari makan . To be holy,cari makan sendiri. Masok politik ni akan tercalit taik .

Me... Only Better said...

Alah..he is just HOLY SHIT...these umnofellas never change...instructing to do this and not do that...ingat kita ni tak de otak sendiri ke?