Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Envoy ticks off S'pore 'TODAY'

HIGH Commissioner to Singapore, Datuk N Parameswaran yesterday ticked off at the republic’s tabloid, ‘Today’, for vilifying the character of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Bernama quoted the envoy as saying Singapore newspapers should treat with much more circumspection or prudence allegations or innuendoes that clearly sought to damage the character and reputation of important Malaysian personalities.

“It was personalities who determined the state of relations between Malaysia and Singapore,” he said in response to a news report published in 'Today' last Friday.

The report, headlined "Under fire - the "First Lady-in-waiting" and written by journalist Jessinta Tan, cited one A. L. Tan of Kuala Lumpur and another Agnes Teh of Penang, both as putting Rosmah in poor light. Today is Singapore's free compact newspaper under the stable of MediaCorp, a government-linked company, with a readership of about half a million daily. In a letter sent to the Editorial Director of MediaCorp Press, P. N. Balji, yesterday, a copy of which was made available to Bernama, Parameswaran said Rosmah was no ordinary person and "to attempt to establish a public opinion on her based on the sources mentioned above is surely a naughty line to take."

MY COMMENT: So much has been said about Rosmah, not only by regional newspapers but around the globe, pertaining to her statement on Altantuya’s case. Blunt and baseless personal attacks are so common these days. Electronic, print media and bloggers know what’s best in their very individual interest. I don’t support ‘Today’, neither do I stand on Rosmah’s side.

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