Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taxi permits: A monopoly business

Taxi permits, anyone? The government is offering individual taxi permits again, in stages between July 15 and Oct 14, the Dewan Negara was told Tuesday.

Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister Noh Omar said the offer was bound by several conditions, one of which was that the applicant must be a Malaysian citizen aged not more than 60 years at the time of making the application.

Age limitation is another thing here. Unless a medical report gives clearance to those above 60 to drive cabbies, consider them out. This is, of course, for their safety and of the passengers, too.

So far, more than 22,000 permits were given to companies, which hired it to individuals for between RM38 and RM50 a day. At this time of the economy, many taxis are left without hirers as they cant afford to service the high daily rate.

As for the companies awarded with this permits, they only care about money.

P/S… any idea who got the most taxi permits since 2004?


cabby, seremban said...

the govt should limit issuing taxi permits to companies or cooperatives since they make good and fast money by hiring it out to individuals.

this individuals are the ones who should be given permits as they really CARI MAKAN by this mean.

if too many permits are given to companies, those who really CARI MAKAN from taxis will be deprived of their rights to earn a living.

bujai said...

dear cabby,

i totally agree with you. opportunity should be given to those who depend on taxi-driving to survive.

i used to try driving a taxi for a week to help a bed-ridden friend... it was not easy to get rm40 for the company, another rm50 for fuel and a few ringgit more as our salary.


NoCabs4me said...

M’sian taxis among worst in world

si pitak said...

boleh bagi individu tapi kena pantau. ada jugak individu pajakkan permit dan teksinya pada orang lain. macam baja subsidi gak...

bujai said...


kalau tak silap, kau ni pun tokeh teksi ke?

mana pergi teksi kau dulu?

warga emas, TTDI said...


during the 90s, some senior ministers were associated with taxi permits. there were accusations that those who held the entreprenuer and coop ministry were shareholders of various taxi corporations. i remember saujana, wiracab and few more. are the allegations true?

bujai said...

warga emas,
i did hear about it too but most are baseless. unless someone takes it to court, or at least lodge a police report, then there might be a case.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Bujai,
Who got d most taxi license in 2004?? search me, cud ask bro Nazri den, heheh..apo nak dikato... bagi lesen kat individu tapi dia pajak kata pitak, so tak pa gak koz dia dapat duit, ni bagi kat kompani sapa dapat duit..saya tengok pemamndu teksi banyak suffer bila ngan kompani tp yg individu tak le teruk sangat cuma kena rajin lebih aja.. bagi kat kompani mamat luaq negeri(jiran kita jugak) yg jadi cab driver, abis camna..


p.s. setahu saya bro, taxi driver takut jatuh sakit sbb if sakit 2 dua impact nak cover balik kena pulun lebih sumtime tak dak income.. tak silap kalo teksi rosak individu yg bawa kena repair..entah la..

Anonymous said...

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