Monday, July 7, 2008

Drama... drama... drama

Samy Vellu said 'a man only dies once; a coward dies many times...'.

I guess that's why we got so many cowards in politics, so many liars in business.

If the crocodile dies twice (i remember reading this book), our politicians must have many life to spare should they fumble in one.

The rally organised by the opposition in Kelana Jaya to voice out protest against the hike in oil prices was smeared by an 'almost striking' episode when a male artiste tried to pull down his jeans.

Days earlier, Balasubramanian who made 2 statutory declarations about Datuk Seri Najib's involvement in Altantuya murder case, disappeared with his wife and 3 kids. This prompted Bukit Aman to seek Interpol's assistance to locate him.

Either they went into hiding or someone was hiding them, its not important. A coward like him may as well dont show up in public again.

And then in Kuantan, Najib himself 'swear in God's name that me and wife Rosmah have nothing to do with Altantuya...'

God's name... I believe its worse than making a statutory declaration, dont you readers think so?

On the same day, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made a call to Malaysians to unite and stay focus on the nation's development programme, instead of listening to rumours and slanderous materials.

Yesterday, Tun Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog that Anwar Ibrahim was the playmaker for all political dramas in the country. While Anwar's RM100 million suit against him was still pending, the former premier said Anwar created such a scenario for his own political reasons.

A lot of drama; so many players. A good history for our next generation's future reference.

Sooner or later, we will have a porno artiste winning her first parliamentary seat... or an ex-convict for rape becoming a home minister (must he be bald?)


ShokorBotak said...

Yes Brother,
I aggred with you Bro, sooner or later, me and you will have;
1. a porno artiste or a homoo/lisbi winning he/her first parliamentary seat
2. an ex-convict for rape/sotomeee becoming a home minister or a PM.

bujai said...

shokor bro,

if we dont address it now, sooner or later we will fall bequeth to our own wrongdoings...

saperah, pasir mas said...

what different will it make if a porn-star becomes our lawmaker. at least he or she can excite the whole nation to come to the parliament!

hj yasin, keningau said...

janganlah bersumpah atas nama Allah, takut ia akan memakan diri.

shah, calgary said...

bro bujai,
i like that old saying.

it's true that we are now at a crossroads - to hell or heaven.

our leaders should stop bickering and concentrate more on efforts to elevate the rakyat's standard of living.

bickering leads us to nowhere...

si pendek said...

betul ke cakap orang tua-tua bahawa orang jahat ni umur dia panjang, yang baik berumur pendek?

tapi kalau yang dah terlalu panjang tu, eloklah dipendekkan

gondola, masai said...

entahlah. negara kita ni dah jadi huru-hara kerana politik. melayu berpecah belah, yang bukan melayu pun lebih kurang jugak. apa salahnya semua bangsa di malaysia ni bersatu untuk kepentingan bersama.

eh... macam mana nak bersatu kalau pucuk pimpinan pun bertelingkah! kan? kan? kan?

loganathan, kajang said...

samy vellu also the same la, bro.

he is a leader who doesnt take the word 'pls step down'.

he only knows how to enrich his dynasty. he is even worse than mahathir, paklah and the rest of our politicians.

he is another crocodile how has more than one life

Shakespeare said...

If you studied Shakespeare for 6 years in prison, you can be also a drama master.

si pitak said...

why not we dramatise everything. just like corporatising some bsiness entities, we dramatise them instead.
u know how to do it, right bro?

pelakonmalam said...

kita boleh cadangkan semua stesen TV di negara ini menyiarkan drama seperti ini setiap hari. kalau diikutkan, memang banyak drama ahli politik ni boleh ditayangkan. mana la tau kot ada yang dipilih sebagai drama terbaik tahun depan.... pelakonnya paklah, najib, anwar, rosmah, azizah, kuli, dr mahathir dsb. blogger pun ada bakat gak, apa!