Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dear Shahrir, lets do other things first!

The announcement by Domestic Trade and Consumers Affair minister Datuk Shahrir Samad that the authority will build petrol kiosks for foreign vehicles at the towns bordering Singapore and Thailand, was a good one.

But why must we build this special kiosks for them. Why not let them queue up with the locals, pay at our price and drive off? How many special kiosks do you have in mind? 100? 200? Wow... such a special treatment for foreigners!

By the way, have you every considered other dominant issues which our own people are being beseiged with now, like the unbearable spiraling prices of consumers' items, the lack of gas stations for taxis that led to massive jams along some major roads in KL, hoarding of some controlled items and the lack of supervision for the distribution of consumer's items?

Do you know that many places in the country are still out of cooking oil supply? If there is any, the price is doubled! Please go the rurals of Pahang, Terengganu, Melaka dan Kedah to find out.

Do you know how many wholesalers and retailers are adjusting to the government's guidelines on putting a price tag on their merchandise?

You dont know? Better still.

Come on la, Datuk. Let's attend to our domestic issues first. I dont think the locals will complaint if foreign vehicles are in front and at their rear at the petrol kiosks.

Aren't Malaysian the courteous lots that simply let their future to be in the hands of the government's ministers...?


sidi, JB said...

ya la. why must we pay attention to them, esp the singaporeans! let them q-up at our kiosks. afterall, they are not there at all times

bujai said...

you are right, bro sidi

listri, kluang said...

i dont understand it. why must we give special treatment for them amid rising concern over their insincerity towards us! the singaporeans are looking at us like shit and yet our leaders find a 'kiblat' in them!

tarings said...

I used to look upon Datuk Shahrir with high regards when he was out of the government, championing the people. Especially when he resigned from the Backbenchers Club when his views were deemed to be out of line with the government. Then he joined the government. Sigh...

And everybody knows where si Tiung's kiblat is. Somebody said he's implicated in this, didn't he?

Rocky's Bru said...

BNM! Bukan Bank Negara Malaysia beb, tapi macam P. Ramlee cakap -- Bodoh Nak Mampos dah ...

What Shahrir wants his two-tier pricing - one for locals and one for foreigners. Tak payah buat separate kiosk la (nak bagi projek kat kawan2 la tu).

To purchase petrol, make it compulsory for buyer to use MyKad. Yang tak de MyKad tu, assume that they are foreigners and charge them 30 pc or even 50 pc higher.
1. You save millions not having to build foreigner kiosks.

2. You get to make MyKad so damn relevant.

3. You get to stop subsidizing the foreigners and keep the prices for locals lower. .

BNM la lu Shahrir.

Anonymous said...

Inilah orang yang suka meyusukan kera di hutan. You think he bothers about our sufferings and hardships.This only makes ppl fed up with government.

dannalli said...

Yes Shahrir, lets do other things first.

Remember you told us then that only the petrol price will be increased and you have 1880 plus officers that will ensure the prices of other items will remain. See now everything has gone out of hand.

Please do other things first. For a start, when is the price of my usual 5kg pack rice that once priced at RM9.90, went as high as RM16 and now settled at RM14 be back to the original price, or close to that.

Bung Karno said...

Before being a Minister, Shahrir was brainy, now he seems to have extra brains. For the benefit of Singaporeans.

Get the foreigners to line up at the higher priced pumps in existing selected stations in the border towns. Tell them where they must go to. They have to get used to hard life just like Malaysians.

They have to mind the q if they want to fill-up. Or go empty.

The money for the aborted plan can be used for Shahrir to add another brain

Anonymous said...

Its very funny and mind boggling. The moment one becomes a minister in the BN cabinet, they go brain-dead. All those stupid and moronic excuses by BN ministers should make a good joke book.

Semi-value fan

kuchai said...

hheheheheheheh... sharir, shahrir!

there's so much more to do rather than attenting to the singaporeans.

...or do you have special links with the republic, too.... just like some of our top leaders?

anak gelang patah said...

very good laaaa!!!

first, we gave batu putih to the singaporeans.

now, we make special fuel kiosks for them.

next, we will surrrender iskandar malaysia to the republic.


bujai said...


you are not the only 1, i suppose

Anonymous said...

shahrir buat macam tu sebab paklah dah kata ok.

so, apa yang korang bising-bising sangat pasal ni?

biarlah orang singapura dapat layanan baik. lagipun, selama ini memang kita bagi mereka layanan istimewa, termasuk di iskandar johor

sup gearbox, KB said...

is it true that proton perdana and waja share the same gearbox.... for 1.6 liter engine?

baretta, pendang said...

shahrir ni memang bahalol. dah takda idea dah. tu laaa... dok ikut sangat cakap paklah tu.

bujai said...

awat yang dok marah sgt kat dia? dia cuma buat kerja. dia ada bos, bukan kerja sendiri macam masa dia jadi tokeh dobi dulu