Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Come back to 'home sweet home'

About 30,000 Malaysians are overstaying in the United Kingdom, says deputy High Commissionner Rustam Yahaya in London.

Bernama reports, this prompted the Malaysian High Commission to appeal for them to leave whatever they are doing there and return to Malaysia.

He was commenting on recent reports that Britain was considering expanding visa requirements to citizens from 11 more countries, including Malaysia.

Nationals from more than 100 countries, equivalent to three-quarters of the world's population, need a visa to come to the United Kingdom but following a "Visa Waiver Test" of all non-European countries, the government said there was a "strong case" to add 11 more.

At least, Malaysians know best when it comes to choosing a better place to 'overstay'. One thing for sure, they were never involved in any criminal activities, unlike some foreigners who overstayed in Malaysia.

Anyway, its time for them to come home and look out for opportunities here, rather than leaving it to others.

Normally, when we leave home for too long, some 'hantus' may take control...


Anonymous said...

Commonwealth residents I think are granted 6 months stay upon entering Britain and usually the immigration officers at the point of entry would ask for return ticket etc so as to rule out overstaying. I think the term 'overstaying' are for those people who seek employment illegally using the 6 month social visa. One can easily get a 6 month extension by just crossing over the English Channel to Europe and with the numerous no-frills airline (EasyJet, Ryan Air etc)its very easy. I for one, whenever I go to Britain would take the chance to visit other parts of Europe hence getting 6 month visa every few weeks.

- Oxford St. kebab lover

raj, cardiff said...

i dont agree with the term 'overstaying' unless it applies to illegal immigrants.

we dont have malaysians entering UK or any part of europe illegally unless their violated the 6-mnth visa

peter pant said...

just like malaysia, UK is becoming a heaven for foreigners seeking better opportunities.

however, those wanting to work or do business there should apply for special visas.

overstaying always subject them to being nabbed by the authorities and this simply will adversely affect the credibility of their countries of origin.

kevin, ampang said...

we have malaysians all over the world, studying, working and doing all sorts of businesses.

if they abide by rules and regulations, they wont have to be flushed out of the UK, US or other countries.

we dont discount the possibility there are some malaysians who entered other countries like Japan and Taiwan illegally and this has tarnished our good image.

i think the immigration of malaysia got to set up better linkages with their counterparts in these countries

bukhari, UITM perlils said...

kalau mengikut kepercayaan orang melayu, rumah kita akan dihuni hantu jika dibiarkan kosong terlalu lama.

dalam konteks tulisan abang ni, saya percaya abang maksudkan kepada peluang yang ada di dalam negara kita, betul tak?

ia jugak, kan? kalau kita asyik cari peluang di negara orang, lambat laun kekayaan yang ada di negara sendiri akan diambil orang lain pulak.

ni pun dah nampak dengan ramainya peniaga warga asing di kuala lumpur dan tempat lain.


bujai said...


memang betul telahan anda tu. sebagai penuntut IPTA yang pintar, saya harap anda akan menjadi lebih bijak pada masa depan untuk menilai segala baik-buruk yang berlaku di negara ini.

Ahmad A Talib said...


Not esy for these people to come back. They get good money, i think. And mindset may be different. In fact, many msians are leaving for one reason or other. I know one young family left to stay in Australia. Reason? "Nak bagi anak2 exposure dan sistem pendidikan pun lebih menarik..." katanya. This is a Malay family, and he had asked his cousins to join too.

SO, even if we get back those staying abroad now, there are any leaving. I suppose this can't be helped, especilly when we are all going global now.

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