Thursday, July 3, 2008

Check this out, please!

Many thanks to one anon for directing me to a consumer's weblog. I was shocked!

Hope fellow bloggers, especially those with great concern for consumers' grievances, take a visit at and see for yourself.

You may be able to find ways to sort out this problems.

Most important is for us to avoid being the next victims.


Edward Skading said...

Thank you for your view and support. I appreciate it.

yau lin na said...

i hope many more will come to help out edward.

it is out duty to protect consumers like him.

who knows, we will be next after this!

ex-datuk said...

its unbelievable! i drink that brand mostly everyday... and now... yuks!

edward skading needs our support, you bloggers.

if we can get him a good lawyer, many will come forward to pin down this manufacturer.

Edward Skading said...

Hi everyone. I appreciate your support. Anyway, i got another lawyer letter today. Its posted in my blog. Thanks