Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bursa Malaysia buggered too!

EARLY trading on Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd has been suspended for the morning session from 9am to 12.30pm, following a computer glitch, Bernama reports. However, the derivatives market would continue to trade as usual.

Looks like so many things are being buggered of late.

Bursa Malaysia said that however, there would not be any underlying Kuala Lumpur Composite Index feed for the FKLI and OKLI trading. It said there was a multi-hardware failure in its core trading system.

Bursa Malaysia is investigating the problem and would notify the market of any update.

Meanwhile, there is no trading recorded for the three-month Kuala Lumpur Interbank Offered Rates (KLIBOR) futures contracts on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

As at 10am, KLIBOR futures has yet to pick up trade.

There was also no trading recorded for the five-year Malaysian Government Securities (MGS).

The three-month KLIBOR rate stood at 3.69 per cent.

What a dull market scenario!


Anonymous said...

better ask paklah to change our country's name to 'buggersia'

rasah, seremban

Anonymous said...


lemme suggest this. why not ask your business reporters to check how many counters (companies) are being docked under PN17 and PN4 at bursa malaysia?

the number of non-performers are increasing everyday.

this is serious. i WORK there but i cant reveal it to the Press. Up to you people to investigate.

small manager
bursa malaysia

halim d devil said...

players at the stocks are all buggers!

mr mok said...

good sign. at the rate the CI is going down, soon we will have to stop trading. even a simple glitch cant be solved!