Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boss! Our economy is heating up!

ALARMING! Our annual inflation rate notched its highest level in more than 27 years in June.

At this very moment, our leaders are busy attending to politics – who should take on who in Umno elections in December; who to sue for libel, sodomy, grafts, etc. So much so, our economy is being left to only a few experts.

It stemmed out from the 41 per cent increase in fuel prices recently and the hike in consumer goods tags.

This new figure does apply a lot of pressure on Bank Negara. Of course, the market and the public are already contemplating its respond this week on the first interest rate rise in two years.

The jump in inflation to 7.7 per cent will give another headache for the government, now facing mounting pressure over the rise in cost of living.

What to do now? Together, we shoulder the burden, right? Like it or not, we might become another Brazil should no effort is taken to overcome our heating economy.


mrasd said...

Singapura dapat kawasan perairan lagi (nak claim kawasan lebih besar)...
si bangang rais yatim patut naik gunung lepas tu terjun..
Apa ke jadah win-win situation

Me... Only Better said...

Zimbabwe more like it...they got 100 billion dollar note this week...or last week

dannalli said...

I am worried and everybody is worried. With the God given oil to the country and at the current price ( without us manipulating it), our economy shouldn't be like this. Boss! Please admit that you cannot handle it and stop playing politics. You got a nation to take care of.

capt hood said...

saya tak setuju ekonomi kita dibandingkan dengan singapura. kenapa singapura?

kita mempunyai kekuatan sendiri dalam menangani ekonomi kita. adakah kita selama ini berkiblatkan ekonomi singapura? kenapa tak peg saja RM kepada S$

pemimpin kita ni banyak buat benda karut tanpa membuat perkiraan waras mengenai masa depan rakyat dan negara

bujai said...

they are too busy fixing each other laa!!!

looks like we have to manage our own economy... at least for now

bujai said...

capt hood,
saya pun tak setuju tetapi inilah 'akidah' politik kita sekarang ini.

rene, dubai said...

yes, our economy has begun to overheat. what is zety doing about itu? oppsss... sorry, cant blame her as she only knows how to take orders

clemence, langkawi said...

we cant help but feel sorry for the rakyat who have been very supportive of the government all these while.

unfortunately, our leaders are enjoying screwing each other, letting others who are not qualified to run the economy, with the aides of foreigners.

if it goes on like this, sooner or later the economy will burst... and that will be the end of all the good jobs

bujai said...


i believe such bickerings will stop soon.

just hope we have levelheaded leaders to lead us

anak buah, KL said...

apa lagi bang bujai,

belasah je diorang tu. tau nak kaya je tapi tak tau nak bantu rakyat jadi kaya.

belasah! belasah bang!

bujai said...

anak buah,

kalau kau budak-budak lagi, elok kau skolah ajo.

kau yang kono belasah kang!

sapo kau?

bani leman, beranang said...

yooo paklah and the rest of the cabinet members!

let me warn you that this will be the last term BN holds power.

we cant take it anymore!

bani leman, beranang said...

yooo paklah and the rest of the cabinet members!

let me warn you that this will be the last term BN holds power.

we cant take it anymore!

bujai said...

bani leman,

are you a bomoh or what?

maybe you are right.

lets wait

loga, kajang said...

go to hell with the economy. we are the ones who feel the pinch, not paklah and his allies.

yeremey madei!

bujai said...


hold on to your anger, plse!

if i'm not mistaken, yeremey madei in tamil means kerbau or buffalo.

cool down, man!

tarings said...

Salams bro,

Becoming another Brazil is not such a bad idea. We can start exporting footballers by the ferry loads, if not to Europe at least to Indonesia. It's time we swamp their country for a change. Or maybe a few Ayrton Sennas or Gustavo Kuertens. With Nicol David on a hot streak, Malaysia could finally realise its sporting wet dreams.

Oppss...I was the one dreaming a wet one. And the wetness I felt was not what I thought it was. It's cold sweat.

We could and should shoulder the burden. We had been doing that for so long. But them heartbreaks and heartaches being dished out again and again by our moronic-but-too-egoistic-to-know-better leaders might break the spirit for good.

It won't be long now, before our people are the illegal ones in Vietnam and Indonesia. What a shame...