Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bloggers are not 'Gobloks', sir!

Part 2 (final)

I dont want to discuss major issues here. I will not touch on issues pertaining to your son-in-law, the development corridors, double-tracking, who versus who in December, Samy Vellu, Scomi, Kali or other things.

I just want to say that most bloggers are those who are very close to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Please acknowledge this fact, you people up there! Dont say that you dont know names like Kadir Jasin, Ahmad Talib, Ahirudin Atan, Ibrahim Yahaya, Wong Chun Wai and others.

This people (except for Chun Wai) have had their times during their stint at New Straits Times, Business Times, Berita Harian and The Star. Some had served during Tun Razak era before moving into Dr Mahathir leadership.

The reason I brought up this matter is that, we lost the best Malay journalists who had contributed well to upbringing the entity they served and also the government-in-place then. We failed to appreciate and recognise their contribution which prompted them to shift out.

And then, we brought in a Singaporean to head an Umno-dominated newspaper. This was also another issue at that time. Didnt we have good potential MELAYU to take up that position? Just because one of two of them didnt have 'good personal record', we shoved them into a freezer.

But then, why did the government 're-employ' those with bad track record back into the Cabinet? I wont mention any names but everybody is aware of it.

Back to our good, old, senior Malay journalist, whom during Pak Lah's tenure as a foreign minister and were together on any aeroplane, sipping coffee at the same table overseas and attending to his press conference - they are now being sidelined... rpt SIDELINED!

(My apology AKJ but I think its better to point out something here). When Kadir Jasin left (or was he asked to leave) NST and managed Berita Publishing, everything was going on very smoothly. Business was good.

However, when he was 'associated' with Dr Mahathir, he began to run out of favor. Some parties tried to boot him out of the business - the only Melayu in that particular business ever since the fall of Pustaka Antara in the 80s.

And where is Jaafar Hussein, ex-managing editor of Bernama who once was so close to Pak Lah and Umno leaders. Correct me if I am wrong - he was tipped for a state seat in Melaka during the 2004 general elections but was 'screwed' by Umno, the party he upheld in his many writings.

He 'saved' so many Umno personalities when he was the country's No.1 journalist but many deserted him after 2004. Can you guess what is he doing now besides feeding his big family from his pension?

No! This people are not sour-grapes. Like Jaafar or Jef, they are Umno members, too. What differentiate them from other Umno leaders is that, their contribution to the party went unnoticed. Why? They dont have that kind of money to spend on politics... and no back-ups too! Had they received some from the party, they would definitely make good lawmakers today.

Dear Prime Minister,

We admit that some bloggers post unhealthy materials. There is no way to stop them as the cyberspace is filled-up with so many substances.

Nonetheless, good bloggers are still there although sometimes they may give you a bit of 'rude awakenings'. I remember Tun Musa Hitam (as a deputy premier) said, '...sometimes we have to be a little rude to correct something...'

'Kecil jangan disangka anak, besar jangan disangka bapak'. Some people do not get any wiser as they get old. There must be a way for the government to collaborate with bloggers in some aspects of the administration.

Let's not fall bequeth to our own foray. 'Jangan marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar'. The government does not have substantial agents to listen to the rakyat. Most senior government officials wont have a cup of teh tarik at the stalls. We dont see anymore wakil rakyat spending a little bit of their times to wade the padi fields or rubber plantation just to talk to the people, at their own will.

After 50 years of Independence, many things will not be that relevant anymore. Umno, too, will have to work hard to safeguard its relevance.

After the 12th general elections, we already noticed the trend. When the rakyat wanted some changes, they will vote for changes. It is not that Umno or Barisan Nasional are getting less popular, neither do PKR or PAS or the oppositions were shown the sign of winning.

Take a look at the world trend. For any country which has gained Independence for more than 40 years and is also moving towards becoming a fully-developed nation, the ruling party will eventually has to bow out, share power of became the opposition. Any opposition leader will eventually become the president or prime minister.

Look at Solidarity leader Lech Walesa in Poland, Kim Dae-jung in South Korea, Sheikh Hasina Wajed in Bangladesh, Helen Clark of New Zealand and Kevin Rudd of Australia. Even the Republican and Democrat have to take turn in the US.

For BN to stay relevant, it needs just the right advisers, strategy and implementation. Pak Lah may feel that he's having a strong team right now to help him in many disciplines of work but their effectiveness are yet to be determined.

Dear Prime Minister,

As I wrote in my recent posting, 'THE ROAD TO RUIN IS ALWAYS KEPT UNDER GOOD REPAIRS'.

This unhealthy political drama about Datuk Seri Najib, Datuk Seri Anwar and few others have brought about anxiety among Malaysians. When local and foreign media give such news a prominence, then there is no way to control it.

When bloggers wrote something based on 'hearsay', there must be solid sources to support it. And when the rakyat get more cyberspace-oriented, they too began to speculate and contemplate. Nothing's wrong with that as the way regular media highlights it gives them the impression that we are now too busy attending to petty matters, rather than concentrating on their woos.

If Malaysian 'sensible' bloggers stop writing about it, sooner or later foreigners will take over. Dont be surprise if a rubber tapper, too, can come to the blog soon to voice out his dissatisfaction over the JKKK or wakil rakyat.

We hope the government can be a bit blogger-friendly. If Pak Lah feels some bloggers are a bit overboard, he is free to take any course of action. However, as long as they dont incite racial and religious sentiment... and no slanderous postings, then they should be OK.

Malaysia is not as big as the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Indonesia or Australia where bloggers came up with unscrupulous remarks about their leaders. The way they write can easily make you feel like planting a bullet in their heads.

But we a not such. If we as Malaysians are not allowed to pen our opinion for the benefit of all, cannot give ideas as to how to improve our life and got nowhere to turn to at the heights of our problems, may as well we become 'cowboys'.

Yes, you are right. We cannot satisfy everybody (except those in the Cabinet and their machais, maybe.... ooppsss) but at least we can put an end to politics of favoritism. Irrespective of who we are close to, equality of chances must be observed. Otherwise, we dont need bloggers to say it out. The rakyat will demonstrate it, instead.

Mr Prime Minister,



orang lama, utusan said...

memang benar, sdr bujai.

ada wartawan yang seharusnya diberikan tugas penting dalam kerajaan.

wartawan penting dalam sesebuah negara membangun seperti malaysia. wartawan melayu yang berkemahiran menulis dalam bahasa inggeris makin sukar dicari, lebih-lebih lagi yang berpengalaman luas.

tidak ada gunanya menyisihkan wartawan yang selama ini memerah fikiran dan tenaga untuk parti, bangsa dan negara.

paklah kena akur dengan hakikat ini. bukan semua penulis blog adalah jenis merapu. yang baik mesti diberi perhatian.

manis21, UITM said...

i like your comment but it is too short. hope you can go on writing about what you feel about our country.

you are also quite fair in your writing

lets read more from bloggers like you

ahli pemuda umno, rompin said...

harap saudara dapat membuka minda pemimpin atasan kita.

saya tertarik dengan tulisan saudara mengenai relevan atau tidaknya BN.

memang benar, semakin kita maju, selera dan kehendak rakyat akan bertambah dan pelbagai.

tidak dapat tidak, suatu masa nanti umno mungkin terpaksa menerima hakikat bahawa mereka akan jadi pembangkang, kemudian jadi kerajaan semula dan seterusnya.

cuma kita harap paklah akan lebih peka dengan orang yang mendampinginya. bukan semuanya mampu membantu menyelesaikan masalah, malah ada yang mungkin cuba menangguk di air keruh.

si pitak said...

elok kalau blogger jenis baik ni dihimpunkan oleh paklah dalam satu jawatankuasa, misalnya JK pemantau. mereka lebih arif tentang orang bawahan dan tau kehendak mereka

orang MONCINO jugak said...

bro, lu nak jadi pm ke? gua rasa lu jadi menteri blogger je laaaa

tapi gua respek lu punya komen

azri, melbourne said...

i agree with you. as a malaysian student in australia, i do feel the urge to have my own blog so that i can tell the government how nice it is to have a country where malay journalists are internationally-recognised for their nation-building.

winston chua said...

journalists who turned bloggers are better than those who just blog to vent their anger on the government or any section of the community.

good bloggers must be perceived as a channel to assist the government in many things.

it is not proper for the prime minister to blame bloggers for what is taking place in the country right now. they are the ones who started it, not bloggers.

i sincerely hope abdullah badawi can spare his time reading good blogs as there are constructive inputs to be considered.

ShokorBotak said...


Aku rasa u lupa sesuatu dalam tulisan nie..
1. menteri2, YB2 dan bekas2 MB pun jadi bloggers, adakah mereka2 nie pun penipu [lier] dlm tulisan mereka.
2. Banyak juga wartawan/penulis2 berita yg diambil berkerja dgn menteri2 kita..sebagai contoh Tungku Sharifuddin [opps sekrg Datuk]..adakah tulisan mereka utk menteri semuanya tulisan yg gobloks..
3. Percayalah Bro, ramai pembaca dan penulis blogr nie bukannya yg tidak berpelajaran...
4. Pembaca blogr pun sama...semuanya berpelajaran..cuma mereka nie kena pandai menilai, membuat banyak bacaan dan analysis pd setiap tulisan yg dibacanya..jgn main ikut aja..


Anonymous said...


Saya setuju dengan pandngan sadara. Saudara juga mesti sedar seorang wartawan telah diketengahkan oleh TDM sebagai senator kemudian dilantik timbalan menteri dan akhir sekali sebagai menteri. Wartawan ini lupa asalusulnya, sombong bongkak sentiasa saja marah-marah blogger. pada erection oooppp election yang lepas dia calon UMNO ditendang oleh PKR di Sungai Petani. Kerana wartawan macam dia ni lah PM dan penasihat tidak suka sangat kepada bekas-bekas wartawan untuk diminta pandangan.

Bung Karno said...

You forgot to mention that when that generation of journalists were pensioned off, or simply booted out, their replacements are ... school mag editors in comparison.

Nothing personal, but they lack journalistic 'aura'.