Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Automotive policy - is Proton still in favor?

Minister of International Trade and Industry Muhyiddin Yassin says the ministry is studying the 2006 National Automotive Policy (NAP) before making fresh recommendations by end of the year.

Good move, sir. We just hope that Proton will be one of the agendas. For almost 10 years now, Proton is being treated like a second-class citizen.

Sad to say that Proton, once the pride of the nation, is now losing its grip on the domestic market. Should this situation continues, it will eventually become history.

Or, will one of the fresh proposals is to permit another KIA-like operation to start in Malaysia so that it, too, can be awarded the 'national car' status?

The government should give this a deep consideration. Proton is the heart of our automobile industry. We already lost Perodua to the foreigners.

Many Proton vendors, too, (mostly Bumiputeras) have closed shop due to mistreatment of market-share and the influx of foreign spare parts.

Please find ways to relive them, will you Tan Sri?

What else do we have to let go?


raj, klang said...

bro bujai,

it was rafidah who condemned proton to what it is today. it was the former MITI minister who caused proton a lot of problems by issuing APs to her friends and giving permission to set up KIA assembly-line in malaysia.

lucky she is OUT for good!

bujai said...

mr raj,

maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong but according to dr mahathir, that's what actually happened.

nor further comment

pemilik perdana, sentul said...

muhyidin should put proton's plight high on the NAP agenda.

i hope he doesnt introduce something which can put an end to proton.

bujai said...

hi pemilik perdana,

let's hope the best for proton. if the government is really sincere in protecting the national car industry, they should be protective of it.

nordin, rawang said...

bro, i was one of proton vendors in 2003 who have to close shop and left with debts about rm2.6 million for MITI discrepancies.

like u said, the influx of foreign spare parts and the trade barriers imposed by MITI then was really SUCK to the extent that we couldnt compete with the other players in the markets.

when rafidah issued thousands of APs to foreign cars, especially KIA, it came as a bullet to our heads.

i really hope the government can help improve proton again.

bujai said...

sdr nordin

sorry to hear that. you are not the only one, i believe. there are many others.

Bung Karno said...


Before there was Proton, there were no Malay car distributors, spare part traders, car workshops and few car salesmen. The Malays could not even be employed as a workshop helper.

Non-Proton car companies provide limited opportunities to Malay businesses, even today.

Without Proton the playing field will be uneven again.

ex-proton staff said...

the government should look into the R & D aspect of proton. while other car manufacturers introduce new models every now and then, proton seemed to be very, very slow. a new model, perhaps every 1 or 2 years will augur well for proton's larger market share. of course new model needs a lot of money but when dr mahathir built proton, also with BIG money, it benefited the whole country.

bujai said...

ex-proton staff,
malaysia only spent about 4 per cent of their GDP for research and development (R & D) last year.

compared with japan, south korea, taiwan dan china whose R & D represented between 10-20 per cent of their GDP.

actually, our government should emphasis the importance of R & D in enhancing competitiveness.

proton, too, should look into this